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Top 10 most Instagrammed botanical gardens in the world

Two gardens in the UK - Kew Gardens and the Garden of Eden – are among the most Instagrammed botanical gardens around the world.

These days, the ‘Instagrammability’ of a destination is becoming an important factor when selecting the next ‘must-see’ location, with many turning to the photo app to seek out their next hotspot. And now, a new study conducted by garden furniture specialists has analysed the number of times botanic gardens across the globe have been shared on Instagram, using correlating hashtags to track the amount of posts per location.

So what tops the list? The most 'Instagrammed’ garden' with a staggering 919,879 posts, is Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The nature park consists of three main locations surrounding the Marina Bay, offering breathtaking waterfront views.

In second place is the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew with 622,176 posts. The UNESCO World Heritage houses over 50,000 different species of plant. And in third place is Keukenhof in Lisse, The Netherlands, boasting the 3rd highest number of hashtagged posts.

Take a look at the full top 10.