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Kitchen essentials for the colder months.

Let's start with those burly basics that always come in handy, shall we?

1. Onions and shallots. 
Onions enjoy a long growing season, so while they won't be ready for harvesting until summer, if you plant enough now, you can stock up for the whole year ahead! Look for strong varieties, as that way, you won't need to use too much to get all the delicious flavour in your cooking!

2. Garlic
Just like onions, which it is kin to, garlic is easy to grow but takes a while and won't be ready for use until next summer, but what a treat to have your own, ready to pluck in the garden! Once planted, it will need little ongoing care.

3. Spring onions.
Spring onions are wonderful, as they grow fairly quickly and make a delicious accompaniment to winter salads. They are also useful in soups, which we all know are a staple of winter lunches!

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The Top 10 vegetables to grow this winter

The future looks green and we are all being encouraged to live in a more sustainable, eco-friendly and responsible way, which is why we feel sure that a few of you have allotments or at least window growing boxes in place already! If you do, congratulations! Professional gardeners the world over are saluting your fantastic efforts to grow your own food, but do you know what you should be planting for the cooler months? We do! 

Come with us now, to discover all the wholesome treats that you should be growing this winter, to keep your kitchen fully stocked and your family fit and healthy!