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1. Ceramic tiles.

Yes! Ceramic tiles are no longer just for bathrooms and kitchens, as they are now being printed in such a myriad of different patterns, including wood-effect, that every room in your home can use them to beautiful effect. When you add into the mix the fact that they are consistently cost-effective, easy to lay and gorgeous when finished and you have a great option to give serious consideration to. You might even find that your budget could stretch to underfloor heating too!

Credits: homify / Equipe Ceramicas

The Top 3 cost-effective flooring options for your home

We all seem to get so caught up decorating our homes that we can easily overlook one critical area; the floor! Imagine the horror of spending the lion share of your budget on paint and wallpaper, only to discover that you have a shoestring amount left for finishing your flooring! Well, we have some great ideas for you today that should work, regardless of a small budget! From kitchens through to bathrooms, your home needs sturdy and cost-effective flooring that is practical and easy to maintain, which is why we took a look at all the favourite materials being used by budget-savvy interior designers right now. Come and take a look and see which if these Top 3 options could work well for you!