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Tour Ben Shephard's beautiful garden at his London home

There's a reason why Ben Shephard's garden is admired by many. Good Morning Britain and Tipping Point presenter Ben shares his London home with his wife Annie Perks and their two sons, Jack and Sam, and often shares photos and videos of the beautiful garden. But, as Ben himself has said, the work is all down to his wife Annie ('Mrs S').

What we really love about the garden is how it's been zoned off to create separate rooms. The glorious lawn area boasts beautiful flowers, vegetable beds and an apple tree. The couple have not only grown apples but tomatoes, peppers and aubergines too, and are reaping the benefits of the 'grow your own' movement. 'Is there anything more satisfying than getting produce from the garden and eating it? Delicious!.' said Ben in October last year as he devoured a red apple from his apple tree.

The garden also boasts a relaxing seating area and a gin bench, which Ben proudly built himself, then there’s a wonderful gravel walkway framed by arches – perfect for climbing roses. Towards the back is another patch of lawn for the kids to play games, and adjacent to this is a garden shed.

Take a full tour of Ben and Annie's wonderful garden...