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Before: The view from the house

Before the project got underway, this was the backyard space, complete with overgrown tree, redundant swing and various curved beds.

Lots of potential and space, fortunately!

Credits: homify / Jane Harries Garden Designs

A Towcester family's spectacular garden makeover

Another day, another glorious makeover that show us how fantastic the end result can be should you make use of the right tools, thinking cap and, of course, professionals. And this transformation project comes to us from Jane Harries Garden Designs in Towcester.

Presented with a backyard garden that required a restyle, Jane Harris immediately got to work. Forced to remove a couple of trees for being too big, along with a child's swing and a small terrace which faced north, the project continued. The lawn was reshaped to allow for larger, simpler borders and a more informal planting, giving it a more romantic feel with a swing seat instead of the swing.  

A water feature and bed near the house helped to make the transition between house and garden more natural, making the terrace the focal point. In addition, shade planting and a bird feeder will be the focus for winter views from the conservatory.