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1. Glastonbury Festival

Jeremy Corbyn was one of the biggest draws at this year’s Glastonbury festival. He gave a high-profile speech from the main stage, so it’s no surprise he got a free ticket. But he was far from alone, with a number of other MPs accepting tickets to this year’s Glasto. Corbyn’s deputy Tom Watson received the most generous package: five tickets, including hospitality from Live Nation, that totalled £2,445. Labour’s Louise Haigh and Tory MPs Nigel Adams, Steve Brine and Damian Collins were also gifted tickets to the festival. (EFE/EPA/Nigel Roddis)

From Wimbledon to Glastonbury: Six of the gifts MPs have accepted since the election

Life as an MP can be a sometimes thankless task, particularly as a sharply divided parliament struggles to get much done and navigate Brexit. But there are some perks to the job, including a veritable feast of freebies that members of parliament have to declare.

The Register of Members’ Financial Interests was updated this week to include gifts accepted over the summer, just in time for music festivals and a host of sporting events.

Here are some of the best.