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Create a cleaning schedule template.

We know that adulthood is filled with tasks that don't really seem all that appealing and it's doubtful that drawing up a cleaning planner is something to get excited about, but trust us when we say that it is VERY enjoyable. Having an easy to remember house cleaning schedule will allow anyone to stay on top of all those niggly jobs that seem to pile up over the course of a year and then take a gargantuan amount of time to complete.

We've created a breakdown of household chores that will make daily, weekly and less frequent tasks so much easier to remember.

Credits: homify / Window Cleaning Services Crewe

Window cleaning advice that really works

The household chores never seem to end but one task that is so easy to put off, maybe even forever, is window cleaning. If you aren't something of a glazing expert, there will be a huge number of questions that arise from tackling window grime including, but not limited to what to clean windows with, how to clean a window and how to clean windows inside. You see why this is such a mission now, don't you?

While you could simply hire a professional cleaning team to take care of your windows for you, hold off, as we have a wealth of tips and tricks that can and will make washing your own windows an absolute piece of cake and when you see the results, you'll know that a little elbow grease was worth it! You know that you want a stream of restorative sunlight to pour through all of your windows, from those in your bedroom through to the living room, so come with us now and find out how you can get that gleaming look in a flash.