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Wall shelves with drawers.

Though the shelving in the picture here doesn't actually have drawers, the design would be easy to upgrade, with some rattan or wicker drawer inserts and what a common sense solution to hiding toiletries, medicines and all the things that look so unsightly when out on show in a bathroom. 

It's easy to forget that shelving would be useful in a bathroom, as vanity units tend to be snuck under sinks, but in reality, wall shelves can be a very handsome addition to these practical spaces. Plus, candles and essential oils could be displayed and burnt on them, for a really pleasing and relaxing ambience.

Credits: homify / The Lady Builder

The wonder of wall shelves explained

Wall shelves. Few inventions have ever been simple, yet effective as good old wall shelves. They look great, add a wealth of functionality, storage and practicality to any space and can become a seriously stylish addition to any interior design scheme, if chosen well. 

Wall mounted shelves come in a myriad of guises and there's an option for absolutely everyone and every budget. From purse-friendly IKEA wall shelves, through to professionally designed bespoke carpentry that makes inspired use of wall alcoves and niches, it's never ben easier to up a home's storage potential and let's not overlook how attractive effective shelving can be to potential property buyers! 

Off the peg shelving can start from just .50 for exceptionally basic designs and stretch all the way into the thousands, depending on who installs them and where, but selecting the right style and placement is the first port of call, which this guide is going to simplify.