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1. Grey living room ideas: Choose your grey paint wisely

No two greys are the same! So, before you grab that first can of paint at the hardware/paint store, as a professional to assist you.

1. Ask for a flat paint: Not semi-gloss, not high-gloss – you want a flat grey paint for your walls. Otherwise, any beautiful grey hue you splash onto the wall will look like industrial metal. Although flat white wall paint is usually avoided (it shows off smudges and fingerprints much too easily), a flat grey actually helps to hide such flaws. 

2. Opt for a creamy trim for your walls: Stark white will look much too jarring. And Pebble Grey way too dark. So, pick a hue like White Dove for that perfect in-between hue that will work with both light and dark-grey walls. 

3. Include lots of light sources: Both artificial- and natural light is required to make a grey room look and feel less cold. So, even if your grey living room has a marvellous window to brag about, still bring in table lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps, etc. 

Remember: grey is the colour of shadow. And putting in just an overhead fixture will cast only more shadows. Layered lighting keeps your grey living room light and flattering.

Credits: homify / Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​Working with colour: Grey living room ideas

Magnolia may have been a hit in the 1980s, but grey is undoubtedly the colour of choice for this millennium (so far, at least). And it’s not that difficult to see why!

Even though grey is primarily known as a ‘cool’ colour (technically it falls within the spectrum of ‘neutral’ tones, but whatever), it can be warmed up quite easily. Just blend it with hot tones in the form of furniture and/or décor, and there you go! 

On the other hand, a lot of people quite like that cool look that grey and its multitude of hues offer, using it to great effect for an elegant interior space, including modern living rooms, contemporary dining rooms, rustic bedrooms, etc. 

And speaking of the various grey hues, think about how each shade is capable of creating a different look, feel and style. And how that manages to filter into the entire living room and change its ambience. Modern schemes tend to call for cooler, darker, dramatic charcoals or near-blacks, while vintage and classic-inspired styles have a natural affinity with warmer blue and green-toned greys.

So, if you’re one of those people who deem a grey living room as a headache, have no fear. Just scroll ahead for our fabulous grey living room ideas...