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An open-plan delight

One of the most important features of any small home is to incorporate open-plan areas where possible, exactly like this living room which blends in beautifully with the dining corner and kitchen. 

Can’t you already see yourself stretched out on that sofa, or moving from corner to corner while hosting an elegant soiree with a few friends? 

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Credits: homify / ITALIC DECOR

​A world of elegance in a teeny tiny house

We’re off to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, for today’s homify 360° gem. And since this city is known for its centuries-old architecture and rich culture, it just makes sense that it should also flaunt some considerable interior design spaces, right? 

That is exactly what we are about to discover, thanks to this picture-perfect design by Italic Decor, professional interior design firm. The project that they’re sharing with us is not only a supreme inspiration for beauty, but also a firm reminder that small living spaces can still look fabulously elegant and practical – it all depends on your furnishings, the colour palettes, your choice of materials and finishes, and whether or not you commit to bringing the outdoors inside (via windows that invite in natural lighting, glass doors offering garden views, etc.).

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