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Capricorn (Dec22/Jan20)

Your financial situation will be fair for the first five months of 2014. You’ll get a job offer in late January, but there will be considerable strings attached. Chances are you will be working for a stern manager who finds fault in everything you do. Unfortunately, you may have to accept this opportunity, just as a means to pay the bills. Keep your chin up. By the time July arrives, an inheritance, dividend, or insurance settlement will dramatically improve your financial situation or your romantic or business partner could strike it rich and you’ll benefit from their good fortune. You could even win a handsome prize in a lottery or contest. Remember that this unearned income won’t last forever. It will keep you afloat while you’re looking for a good job. A good career opportunity will arrive in late September. You’ll face some stiff competition, so be sure to get an influential friend to write a helpful reference for you. Opportunities connected with banking, retail and hospitality are worth investigating.

Your financial horoscope for 2014

Find out what 2014 has in store for you and your cash. Provided by Russell Grant Horoscopes