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  • COSTCO RISES! & the talmudic talisman rig everything to the downside - Trump: "We will rid this plain of this phony air bank staffed by the demon seed." Breaking: Sharfman-Geldenberg
  • FED weighed in no rate hike - What is the demonic kazarian mafia's manipulative phony narrative for today? Why r these goons holding back the DOW?
  • Ever remembering the ticker as being so lifeless, static, manipulated with only great skies ahead?
  • Friends readers please understand once that we are living a new era where markets are simply manipulated by central banks, that new form of manipulation came to stay until the end of civilization, in conclusion, forget the economic data, forget the Trump plan, forget the world economic growth, forget the GDP, forget the quarterly results of the companies, in fact none of that matters, we must understand that the market is manipulated by the FED and the market maker, does not exist in the universe A force that dares to confront them, have absolute power over the markets, the FED can buy all the shares of the world at any price because it has the power to create false money like magic infinitely.

    The media only serve to frighten the small investor and keep us away from the rises in the markets, the media serve the privileged groups.

    I insist, any downturn in the markets is an OPPORTUNITY to buy stocks, the Fed has the power to manipulate the market until the end of civilization, there is no force in the universe that can against the Fed.

    Forget the HUGE amount of negative articles that day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year publish the media to stay away from the market and do not participate in the rise of the indices.

    Yahoo finance has a decade posting articles that predict a market collapse, started doing so when the Dow Jones was at 7,000 points and today is above 21,000 points, you have lost more than 14,000 points of rises to hear what yahoo finance publishes .

  • With quantum computing, D-Wave tech, u rubes out there & zhlubs (myself included) do not really get how this thing is rigged by HFTs with full complicity of the fair and balanced SEC - It is a high crime - BTW: This in-equality is part of the demonic SWAMP that will be dis-mantled - Believe Me!
  • Raymond: "let the president do his job" you wrote. THAT is exactly the problem, he IS NOT doing that.
    The GOP had over 8 years to draw up a plan to replace ObamaCare. Trump said he would do that on Day One. Did not happen.
    The GOP had promised a huge TAX CUT plan. Now after four months. Where is it?
    Trump spoke that he aa the "great negotiator" ...he only really worked/ reached out to his BASE. Thus nothing was worked out.
    Look at our industrial sector of the economy. Jobs from major corporations are still being CUT. Note: Ford Motor.
    Every speech Trump makes has ( all about "Me" in it) nothing about ALL Americans. What is he doing for the average American?
  • Hope this sloppy dirty mess sorry excuse for a President gets his act together.
  • Listen up! World leaders are meeting today about invading and bombing North Korea. 100 F16s two aircraft carriers and two B1 bombers are in the area. Might be time to sell stocks
  • DOW very gay and non committal not so nice thank you to those that gave all
  • Is we winning?
  • Manipulation + fake money, manipulation + fake money, manipulation + fake money, manipulation + fake money ... until the end of time.

    Long life to the manipulation of the markets and the impression of false money ... an applause for the manipulators of the market ... we are a flock of sheep that we can only believe everything that the mass media say to us by orders of the Privileged groups (rich).
  • CORRECTION is the biggest scam - The biggest hi-jack of the Phoenix- Phonetic- Phonecian-Phonics manipulated demon of Tyre's playbook - The BLESSING moves forward, always - The thieves have planted these trip wires to keep ur mind stiltified - Filthy lying goons all kabbalah based
    Ask yourself why is a CORRECTION necessary, why? Because some satanic ghoul said so?
  • 99% of usa's male prostitutes are veterans....... do you support the veterans?
  • LOL - Reptiles going along with some Saturnian equinox numerology today? Feeling demonic and s=destructive? Christ says " The best is always yet to come" These ghouls adn demons love to steal through phony algoreithums and calibrations - so daft, so apparent!
  • As long as I continue reading so many users talk and repeat about a market crash I can rest easy because the result will be an increase of the indices, my way of investing is very simple, you just have to go against the opinion of the masses.
  • Sell this relief rally as nothing is making new highs just a bounce. Next week it will go lower.
  • Kim John Un: I will destroy America
    Trump: No way, I will not let that happen as long as I am the president. I will do that myself. Another foreigner taking away our jobs
  • Breaking Brussells - Trump: "I have ordered US Marshal's to seize SEC records and computers " We have intelligence from professional investors that their investments are not being reflected in stock ticker." Enochian satanic mathematics, alogoreithums, kazarian mafia interfacing with dark luciferian forces (no problem for Christ and his children) - "We will prosecute these Madoff-eque trollops who daily steal the people's earnings." 4 mins ago SF Chronicle/Miami Herald - Shapiro-Gesundenstein.
  • In an important medium of communication an expert today said that he did not trust the rise of the indices, I confess that I love reading these idiots called "experts" because they are always wrong, consequently, the indices will continue to rise.

    I still rely on the HUGE manipulative power of the Fed and the market maker, there is no force on the planet that can counteract its manipulation of the market.