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  • i'm still having trouble that 36% of the population still believe in this guy. boy are they going to be shocked when the end comes.
  • DOW is in gay retreat
  • Why is the DOW so gay and fickle - There is record foreign investment and jobs are up up up?
  • This stock market isn't going to have corrections anymore. It is now safe to put your whole egg in it.
  • Now what knda bs do they have line up today?
  • Democrats are great in making investors suffer.
  • is the stock market always this irrational?
  • FED - FAKE BANK - no gold - air paper bank needs to be exposed
  • DOW very gay very cowardly like AAPL
  • DOW very gay cowardly to day - now what is the problem? Why so weak gay unmanly!
  • Attention because tomorrow begins the biggest media circus on the planet, the world's biggest manipulative theater begins, the results season begins and 75% of the companies are going to overcome the ridiculous estimates of analysts (idiots) who only act as puppets of the Circus, it is another simple excuse for the indices to continue increasing.

    It is important to remember that any regression of the indices is really an opportunity to enter the market, on Tuesday the Dow Jones index near 11:00 am under 130 pts in only 15 minutes, at that moment entered the Fed and showed us A hollow of its enormous power of manipulation and began to buy shares in complicity with the market maker, gentlemen this market is manipulated and it is impossible that they let it go down significantly, we are in the biggest BUBBLE of all time but this time the FED owns A weapon far more powerful than the atomic bomb, it is about the power to print fake money to infinity, there is no force in the universe that can against the Fed.

    In fact tomorrow is not important to know the numbers of the banks, it does not matter that the numbers are good or bad, the truth is that to keep going up, all they have to say is that everything is wonderful, that the moon is eaten with bread and That everything is going to be okay, that discourse for fools will be sufficient for the indices to continue increasing.
  • Day one! hahahaha!
  • very weak very gay very too dependent on alien Yellen and fake bank FED - these r aliens to America no relevance no mandate - FAKE BANK
  • Good evening, this week begins the biggest media show on the planet and the biggest theater in the world, a true media circus, begins the season of business results and no matter what companies say the indexes will continue to increase, more than 75% of companies They will overcome the ridiculous estimates of the analysts (idiots) and the indexes will continue to increase, companies will give the same speech for fools who use every quarter, say everything is wonderful, everything is perfect, business is excellent and Indices will continue to increase.

    The false money that the Fed has printed for a decade without any support prevents a significant decline in the indices, all that printed money is given to companies to buy their own shares, so it is IMPOSSIBLE to go down.

    The only thing that on the planet can do significantly back indices is a war of COINS between the great powers of the world, that is, the US economy and in the world, other armed wars, invasions, missile launches, etc. ... all this does not affect the indexes because the Fed will continue to print money and will give it to companies to acquire their own shares, it is IMPOSSIBLE to go down.

    The small investor who does not understand something so simple and real as everything said before should be dedicated to another office.
  • Why the gay retreat in the DOW?
  • Perfect formula to raise the indexes artificially:

    False money + manipulation + media complicity = increase of indices
  • Great jobs numbers, great record foreign investment, and the talmudic mathematicians telling us now its earning season - bad!
  • The bullish move today makes no sense at all. Actually, the bullish move the past 8 years doesn't either......
  • Seems like the reptiles are slowly easing back into TECH -