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    Has anyone noticed that it moves closely with Nasdaq futures?
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    I've been losing on a spread bet I placed on a Broker's website, even though on the FTSE 100 live chart on here, (I'm aware of 15m delay) the points went up and beyond my point bet to take profit that I'd set. On their website and in my account, I watched the live FTSE 100. On their website, between the times of 8.00 am and 8.40 the FTSE 100 never went above more than 6,893 or 6,894, but on here it went up to 6,899, so I wasn't going into profit. I called them and they said that their website is thei adjusted figure as per a contract with the FTSE 100, so, i.o.w., they admitted it was 'rigged' and was not a correct, real reflection of the live index: it was fiddled. I'm furious. How the hell are they allowed to defraud people like this?
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    Still too high!
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    Crashing and no where to go but down...
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    Fyi. Not suggeting to sell positions you have, but if you have some cash to invest and a couple of years investment horizon, look at the shift happening in the global nuclear / uranium sector!

    10y lifespan extension on all the 32 900MW French reactors

    Yesterday: French regulator approves 50-year operation of 900 MWe reactors : Regulation & Safety - World Nuclear News:


    French nuclear regulator ASN has completed a generic review to extend the lifespan of 32 reactors of the 900 MW fleet for 10 years beyond the initially planned 40 years!

    Today France has 56 operational reactors, 1 in construction and in 2020 EDF was officially asked to study the constrruction of 6 new EPR's

    This is big and in line with "Programmation pluriannuelle de l'energie (PPE)" of November 2018!

    - each license extension = additional uranium demand negotiation that wasn't anticipated before. Because no western utility took the risk of having uranium supply contracts beyond their operational license!!;
    - demand for uranium is price inelastic
    - France is not the only country extending the license of msny reactors (USA, Canada, Russia,...)
    - China, India and other countries are building reactors massively

    --> Cameco, URNM etf, URA etf, HURA etf, Uranium Participation,...


    $SPY $TSLA
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    C'mon baby. Lets go to 7k
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    my daughter just started investing and wants to buy some ftse, I said look at a 20
    year chart vs s/p or the dow. I then asked her why would she want to an index thats performed so poorly and have the foreign risk associated with it ?? She looked up the charts and called me to say she almost gagged at its gross under performance. So I say to all of you....why would you? Ill wait for a replay
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    Bullish. Target 7k
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    What shall I do? Eye if you contact bury st edmunds hospital where I've just been for the past 1 month they managed to hack 160000s pounds threw my mails and analystics on my phone if your going to take something at least come to my location and bring me something back for a change
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    FAST drop in the past 30 minutes. Some piece of news yahoo isn't putting on the front page?
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    Keep in mind UK government does not have the funds or will to prop up the stock market like US
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    Premium test
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    I listened to the bears and went to cash in 2015 when the Dow hovered around 18000. It’s now 29000 six years later. I’m not listening to any more bear stories. I’m in and staying in until the market actually does pullback 10-20%. I’ll still be ahead.
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    Can't understand why the ftse is ecstatic about the events in the USA? You'd think everything is fixed with the UK, the way it's rallied!
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    British economy forecast to contract 17% in first quarter,yet the FTSE goes up...
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    $^GSPC conversation
    Shiller P/E is 33+ on the S&P500. This market is WAY overvalued.

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    ===================== CMPY (Comepay Inc.) Alert Price: $1.34 Float: 4.947M Website | Recent News ======================== Members, Earlier today we promised to deliver you a bottom'd out alert with tons of upside potential. Please turn
    ===================== CMPY (Comepay Inc.) Alert Price: $1.34 Float: 4.947M Website | Recent News ======================== Members, Earlier today we promised to deliver you a bottom'd out alert with tons of upside potential. Please turn