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Treasury Yield 5 Years (^FVX)

ICE Futures - ICE Futures Real-time price. Currency in USD
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2.8200-0.0680 (-2.35%)
As of 02:59PM EDT. Market open.
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    MIRO S
    where does yahoo hide the 2 year treasury yields...see 5 yr, 10yr and 30 yr...
  • H
    We're sensing panic selling on treasury market is about to begin.
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    Just bought $100,000 on the 5yr note
  • j
    All you T Bill fans - what is the Yahoo symbol for the 2 year treasury yield?
  • A
    Breadth is coming out of the markets, that is why Russell2000 is already breaking down on its trend. Once inflation goes beyond a 3-4% increase in a 12 month period, it become self-perpetuating. People are realizing that if they haven't gotten a raise of 7% of more in the past 10 months, then they actually got a pay CUT, because the cash they receive is now worth 7% less. The goods and service price increases are broad-based. And rents and (while the Fed continues to kick the can down the road for 10 months of saying it is transitory) and labor costs are starting to kick in. This, right now, may be the most mismanaged inflation policy in 44 years. Definitely, the Fed is far behind the curve in interest rate increases. They will need to raise quite hard and fast in order to get back on track with Taylor's Rule.
  • C
    Why is here so unusually weird
  • T
    Where do you buy this ?
  • A
    Lumber price is up significantly (from $319 pre-pandemic to $503 now). That is a +57% increase. Now wages are going up too, and lumber and homes and gasoline and natural gas and water and fences are going up too. This will require higher wages which will further drive cost of goods up and services up. Gold is well over $1800 per oz. Soon, interest rates will climb and that will drive people to buy big ticket items like cars and refrigerators, etc, because they know that if they don't buy them now, the prices will be 30% higher in a few months. The Fed always messes this up, and will need to work very hard (very high and rapid interest rate hikes to break this cycle of inflation). There has been way too much M2 money supply and that is the cause (too much money supply chasing not enough useful places to put it to use). Inflation will only get worse if the Fed continues to kick the can further down the road.
  • R
    Yield curve inversion when?
  • G
    Greg B
    Two and five year still showing an inversion all week. The Fed controls this ...they are the lender of last resort for these government bonds. Are they subtly pushing for a recession.? They are unwinding QE into this inversion by over selling longer term paper.
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  • E
    Guys, what’s the symbol for 2 years yeld?
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    Fercris Hart
    GSE Bummertime Blues
    Eight Years on in a Conservatorship imposed in Defiance of the 5th Amendment, the US Government continues to Steal Profits from Shareholders without Just Com...
  • B
    Does anyone know symbols for 1 year Treasury and 2 year Treasury Note which works in Yahoo Finance?