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HKSE - HKSE Delayed price. Currency in HKD
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26,235.80+274.77 (+1.06%)
At close: 4:09PM HKT
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  • T
    Toxic Joe
    US investments in China being withdrawn...Good Luck!
  • A
    with the recent doldrums in Asian markets, especially China & HongKong stocks,
    well, there's so many negative news about them. For me, it's an opportunity to buy.
    US starts to get worried as China had started selling some percentage of USD Bonds holdings.
    Time has come for USD no longer dominates the dollar markets soon.
    Nothing stays forever, even wealth.
  • L
    Started a small position in a US ETF of the top HK holdings. No ADR non-sense. Seeing China's GDP growth, their market will recover massively.
  • A
    HK all the best !!! I already exited all my position after the National Security Law is imposed. I know things will get nasty.
  • A
    wow, another bloodshed day, down nearly 1000 points again, good.
    All the foreign funds are rushing for the exit doors now, they are killing
    each other, where would they put their funds? Your guess is as good as mine.
    Oh, come on, we know all these games in the early 90s till now, the foreign
    funds will always come back to Asia, this is where the money is.
    Buy at dips if you have holding power. Disregard all those nasty news about
    delistings, bans & enforements, this is their Top Man games, not ours.
    Just a simple thoughts here - can America afford another ban on usage of
    iPhone in Hong Kong? it's already ban in China, does US really wants to play
    tough? US should start thinking where's the world biggest consumers' markets?
    It's no longer in US consumers' market, look at your debt clock, at USD30
    trillion now, do you think American citizens still have the buying power?
    Talk with a level heads, know what's important to retain country's & world's
    economy and not be stubborn nor snobbish, we all know how deep your pockets
    are. Learn to be humble.
  • A
    US markets never go down. Why invest in HSI. SPY will be gone to moon. Will it go to mars?
  • D
    This Chinese scam was long overdue for correction but never imagined that it will go back 3 years in time
  • F
    This is a good cleanup for Asian markets, especially Hong Kong, no more free
    money for big boys. Investing is about long term, not like a jackpot machine
    for you to spin. Never think when you're big you call the the shots, wrong,
    you obey, no matter big, how famous, how rich, how influencial you may be.
    The rules are there to protect investors, regardless big or small timers,
    this is a good lesson for those big boys, never bite the hand that feed you
    from young. Keep it up State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR).
  • B
    The rich get Richer because the poor thinks that every opportunity is a scam Especially investing in stock exchange, real estate, gold, cryptos.
  • A
    How come S&P 500 and NASDAQ going up vs Hang Seng Indez going down.
  • b
    Ignore the haters. Bitcoin goes up...Bitcoin goes down. It's the way it is and always has been. Two years ago, people were bad-mouthing it when it dropped to 4000. A year ago, people were panicking when it dropped to 9000. Now people are losing their minds when it dropped to 30000. See a pattern here? That’s why it very good to have a professional who guides you on your trade and management your investments .. @Kanielnolasco12 does not encourage failure. Even if you do they compensate you. I was able to grow my coin from 2 BTC to 8 BTC with their strategies on the Telegram platform. He a highly recommended professional
  • S
    Spanked! Looking forward to the effect on the USA indexes!
  • V
    1810.HK up 4.28% today in Honk Kong. Sell AAPL buy Xiaomi. Sell land in Cupertino CA., buy land in Haidian District of Beijing.
  • A
    why bother about what the FED is saying, planning etc, why investors are
    worried whenever the FED talks, the US comments. We had live comfortably
    in our last 10 years or so in Asia. Life had been better, personal wealth
    appreciated in small or big. Than suddenly one fine day, Covid-19 appears,
    and all the rubbish news starts coming out. Accusations here & there, but
    most accused is HongKong & China, why?
    US may have the biggest and so called number one economy as named by
    those who were US friendly countries, but in real terms, aren't they in debts?
    Debt clock is USD30 Trillion? And the world didn't even blink an eye, just
    because everyone believes, US economy, income is far more greater than
    the debt figure. Who said so? Can those figures be documented?
    Since the US always likes to call her unfriendlies as "pirates" "copies",
    what makes us think that US comes clean with the rest of the world?
    Time to start rethinking, it's the 21st century era now, wake up.
    Be neutral, have balance thoughts, we are not robots.
  • o
    For now China is still kinda famous but soon the people who are interested in buying this stock are probably only doing this to earn some quick money and not to use this as an investment for long term and living of this investment
  • A
    The HKEX has forcibly stop the trading of 0282.HK Next Digital of the ONLY Pro-Democracy newspaper Apple Daily for 7 days. This proves that HK market is not a free market anymore and is going to be influence by the communist China.
  • A
    Google Facebook and Twitter is planning to move out of HK due to the disputable Data Privacy Act after the National Security Law. Foreign investment are leaving HK.
  • A
    The amount of short-selling in Hang Seng Index is fantastic, even their local citizens don't trust
    their own economy. Their local analysis keeps sending negative signals to the public, I am an avid
    investor in HongKong markets for 10 years or more, there are lots of hidden value companies
    which lots of analysis doesn't do coverage at all, which is good for me, less negative news.
    Just a reminder, you're Asian Chinese, should support your own local companies & talents,
    not looking to the west. We've been spooked before, from the 90s till now, 21st century &
    it's funny, asians still believe the west?
    Do you think the USD will dominate the markets anymore?
    US debt's clock is at 28 trillion and still adding, she owes China 1 over trillion in debt,
    think about what if China recalls this debt? Don't say it won't happen, most analysts, for years,
    have been telling the public, it won't happen. Better rephrase that.
    it's happening right now.
  • R
    Left shoulder 2018... head... right shoulder today+ ready to go up for the inverse h&s....time for U.S market to come down.
  • F
    China should also ban iPhone platform usage in HongKong as like they did
    in China. Afterall, there are many other brands that can perform well or even
    better than iPhone.
    Why must Asia used US technology? isn't US calling most Asian products as
    pirates & harmful softwares?