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  • S
    I wonder during the next economic crisis if the Fed will print $250 billion a month? MMT really makes economic sense to continue on for eternity? Let make a new bill in Congress where citizens pay no taxes to government, and the Fed just prints money for roads, bridges, airports, etc?
  • a
    ( is a must for any trader. Their watchlist which covers pre-market movers is one of the best researched in the industry. I don’t start trading without reading their daily email each morning!
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    The Majority
    LOL ... news of rate hikes use to send markets down because borrowing for business would cost more. But not now ...! Now that anything bad is good.
  • T
    Someone on here yesterday said they believe the best decision they ever made was to invest in the markets (obviously this individual’s never seen a downturn! They’ve only seen this false run of the past 1 1/2 years + an extremely extended long term bull run).

    In a market of which over 40% of retail investors / traders (& even a high percentage of professional investors / traders) are HEAVILY leveraged.

    One day the bulk of the present-day market participants (of which most have little ‘real’ understanding of the markets) are gonna be slapped with a huge surprise when this “buy-every-dip” theory no longer works and the market just sinks to lows most thought never possible again.

    The market giveth and the market taketh-away; always !

    This time, the taketh-away part is gonna blow the minds of the bulk today’s market participants (when it finally arrives) …..
    ….. & it WILL arrive.

    You THINK you’ll be able to get out of the way in time.

    Doesn’t work that way.

    “Mark those words”.

    Lord only knows when that day will come but one thing’s for sure, that day WILL come.

    ….. Stay tuned
  • J
    Once again index rises and my stocks barely move still have not broke even from Feb.
  • M
    Once again, the markets tank and I lose a boatload, but will go right back to 15000 and i'll barely make anything back. Been this way since February.
  • D
    Told you guys Monday midday there would be a reversal either toward end of day or Tuesday. Nasdaq going to 21,000-23,000 before crash of epic proportions
  • J
    Seriously do not understand why people just wont give it up and take profits and buy in at a lower price. This is the natural cycle of the market, not this constant stuffing.
  • T
    The FED stock market is legally not allowed to fall more than 3% in a year now.
  • P
    First time seeing an upward spike in a very long time.
  • L
    it took 1 month nearly to gain 1000pts on the NAS and took only 4 days to crash it 1000pts. I love that old phrase "the markets go up on escalators and down on elevators"
  • D
    10 days like this one and FED can bring Nasdaq back to 10k
  • T
    When this music FINally ends, now that the last year and a half’s anomaly just kept sneak’n-in more chairs to allow the music to keep play’n, the brutal fall in the markets will be epic. 65 to 75% tumble.
    It will be an experience of which most players in today’s market have never experienced & have zero understanding of how to manage.

    Most will stare at their computers say after day, frozen, like a dear-in-headlights as all that easy money (made the last year and a half) just disappears into thin air 💨 💨.

    This market is now (100%) a Fugazi.

  • L
    Sold the rest of my portfolio. Unbelievable gains. I'm confident the Evergrande situation will offer an unbelievable bargain for blue-chip stocks next year.
  • B
    B$ Viking
    US market is in denial, chinese housing market is crashing..
  • E
    As the sports handicappers would say, "Vegas" called.
  • R
    Rage Against The Machine
    I am scared of this crazy market
  • T
    STOCKS DO GO UP FOREVER!! Who would have thought that printing money could create so much wealth for so few?
  • T
    Amazon goes to 10000 and alibaba goes to 10 dollar
  • J
    middle class and jobs continue to erode. Have and have not gap widens. That cant be good