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Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (0981.HK)

HKSE - HKSE Delayed price. Currency in HKD
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18.180-0.300 (-1.62%)
At close: 04:08PM HKT
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    Arthur Miller
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    0981.HK looks like it is about to drop. Be careful guys. I have been reading ( and their stocks have been doing way better.
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    Generic Name
    SMICY and SIUIF holders may find this useful.

    I was able to journal my SMICY ADS holding to the HK-listed (0981.HKG) stock to the rate of 1-to-5 by calling my broker's trade desk directly. You most likely cannot trade SMICY or SIUIF at all on North American brokerages. It's not so much your broker that's at fault; the stock has simply been removed from OTCMX as per delisting regulations and the exchange will reject all trades involving the aforementioned stocks. You can either hold on to your shares, wait for the restrictions to be lifted, and hope that SMICY/SIUIF get relisted, or journal them to get the equivalent 0981 shares. I was explained that I can sell/purchase additional 0981 shares by contacting the trade desk directly.
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    I need money
    If anyone is interested, Shanghai’s price now is 87CNY, equivalent to 96HKD.

    Shanghai’s IPO price is 27.46CNY, equivalent to 30HKD.
    Mainland China’s investors are moving from HK to Shanghai’s, that’s why HK’s price is dropping. But give it time, when the world wakes up to this news, I expect HK’s SMIC to explode and match the price of Shanghai’s. Everyone wants a piece of SMIC and only mainland Chinese can trade in SSE hence the only other viable option is HK’s (not sure of SMICY but hopefully SMICY too)
  • c
    22~23 hkd should be baseline. adding more at every dip. betting for 2~3 yrs. I believe they will have firm position at least in chinese world. and the share price will reflect it for sure.
  • H
    For your information only. I wrote Fidelity and got the following response. “Our international trading team can help you convert the shares to the Hong Kong security which would allow you to trade it. The process does take some time, but it can be done. You will want to reach out to our international trading team at (800)544-2976.”
  • S
    My Stocks show zero value - TD Customer Service has no idea what to do.
    Whats the best course of action now?
  • J
    SMIC's A stock IPO is a success, part of the reason is investors pulled money from H stock to buy A stock in a rush. Later on they will find out the TTM gap is too high between them. Eventually they will buy back H stock for better value. So the price will converge, which means H stock (0981.HK) will go up. Below is from an analyst:
    "From a valuation perspective, on July 16, SMIC's stock market earnings ratio (TTM) was 77.4 times, while the A stock market earnings ratio (TTM) had reached 294 times."
    "The market is concerned that due to the large gap between SMIC's A/H, it may affect its future stock price performance. "As A/H investors converge, A/H stock prices will also converge. When people go high and water flows low, the gravity of the price will cause the valuation gap between A/H shares of the same company to narrow. The most typical case is the case of PetroChina that year." Zhao Wei told reporters from Caijing."
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    buying more at every dip. it's gonna soar long term. like a few hundreds.
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    Has everybody found a way to liquidate? Mine still stuck with Etrade, they don’t take any responsibility for jumping the gun.
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    I hope the price of this stock go up significantly over the next couple of years. With the trade war fear between China and US, China is determined to invest heavily in this industry and this company is the leading one. From the old press release, they are already working with some local governments on some projects. This industry is of strategic importance to China's central government, and if they decide to do something, they literally pour resources into it. It is actually one of the benefits of a central government system.
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    I've invested heavily into SMIC HK. SMIC is the only way for China to be able to survive from this trade war and their tech industry heavily depends on SMIC esp Huawei. Huawei bought 1 year worth of chipsfrom TSMI so I would give SMIC about 1 year for them to bring some results. I am planning to leave it for about a year or two, as the company needs time. Given that TSMC has factories in China, I would say Chinese govt would reach out to them in anyway to help SMIC to gain some knowledge adv.
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    Confirmed: "China will give a five-year tax break to its home-grown semiconductor makers and software developers in a bid to bolster the industries as the trade war shifts to an assault on Chinese technology." 5/22
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    Hello, I don’t believe this. I hold this share through E*TRADE. I used to have adr, now converted to hk shares. But with the new executive order, I can’t trade. They said I could transfer hk shares to another brokerage. Does anyone know any offshore brokerage which can help with this? Many thanks!!!
  • A
    Bought 0981 in Sept 2020 at 19.10, paid off my patience of waiting and believe
    in this company. Thank you. Although new and small in size but able to keep up
    with the big boys. Easily HKD30 when the markets recover strongly.