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Bionano Genomics, Inc. (0A4K.L)

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    16.5 million shares traded today almosr 2X average daily volume. BNGO generating a lot of interest now especially after all the 31 Doctors/researchers from North American &Europe showing the actual superior results of of BNGO Saphyr System's genomic hype just real results and facts from honest people. New orders for Saphyr Systems are already coming in for 2022.....BNGO technology is the best.
  • r
    After hour volume is almost a million shares. It is a good sign for tomorrows trading.
  • J
    This is a good company with a great product. It’s dropping because of the horrific market conditions right now. Don’t let these guys bashing it affect any of your decisions. They are simply shorting the stock and hope you sell. Wait for it to find a bottom and load up…
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    Saphyr BioNano System - Bionano Genomics
    A Contract Award Notice
    Find a Tender
    Contract (Goods)
    not specified
    18 Jan 2022
    not specified
    saphyr bionano system
    precision equipment
    bionano genomics
    laboratory and optical equipment
    Northern Ireland: Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

    Geochart for 1 buyers and 1 suppliers Belfast Health & Social Care TrustBionano Genomics

    Leaflet | Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under ODbL.
    1 buyer
    Belfast Health & Social Care Trust
    1 supplier
    Bionano Genomics
    Saphyr BioNano System - Bionano Genomics

    Award Detail
    1 Bionano Genomics (London)
    Saphyr BioNano System - Bionano Genomics
    Reference: 001518-2022-dac-1
    Value: £300,000
    Award Criteria
    price _
    CPV Codes
    38000000 - Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses)
    Legal Justification
    No other reasonable alternative exists for this procurement as this service is essential to patient care and service delivery. This is a highly specialised element of the service, this system is capable of analysing genomes of the complexity and size of the human genome providing the required diagnostic utility. A tender process has been delayed due to Covid19 and available resources, this procurement is required to cover the interim period until that process can be completed. A replacement in the short-term is not a reasonable alternative as it would require extensive and robust validation and verification work that would result in significant disruption and disproportionate technical difficulties that would significantly impact on patient care and the Trusts ability to deliver services. The absence of competition is not a result of the artificial narrowing of the parameters of the procurement.
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    Interest rates and inflation will be digested by the market very soon in my opinion.
    This is a technology that will change the way we understand the world.
  • P
    Great buying opportunity right now, money will return here very soon and it will rocket.
  • R
    Going to 3….and then $15 in 2022. Load up or be left out.
  • C
    I smell fear! So many stocks oversold and rebounded.
    Futures are down. Is it possible that it hits 1.50 tomorrow.
    If so i will continue to average down.
    Im just making money in the near future, NO BRAINER AT THIS LEVEL!
    I figure by mid summer i will sell half and keep the other half for free.
    Maybe a short term option contract? to go with my shares i buy tomorrow.
  • M
    Going long means going long. For those of you who dont understand that and think BNGO is going to $1.50 or below. I hope you are right. Consolidating, moving money around so I can buy as much as I can afford when it reaches that level. I just hope it doesn't fly before the tax refund arrives. They are my TTs not yours.
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    Higher highs upon us
  • p
    Did anyone see that someone just bought 664,000 shares at $2.05 in AH🙏🏻👏👍
  • G
    I bought more shares of BNGO today my average pps is even lower now. Markets are doing the big dipper dance today. BNGO's now well proven advanced genomic Saphyr System is still even more a Strong Buy at this bargain price Strong Buy
  • J
    Just  my epinion
    Tomorrow's FED talk nerves holding market, tech here.
    However, interest rates mean less to companies, like BNGO, with huge cash hoards and positive earnings potential going forward.
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    BUYERS, this opportunity is not going to last forever!!! Build your position right now )not financial advice).
    BNGO is the TSLA of genomics!!!
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    Illumina could buy this for a song, and fit it in like a missing puzzle piece versus their one size fits everyone that has a month, a large wallet, and is OK missing a lot of information.
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    SAN DIEGO, Jan. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bionano Genomics, Inc. (BNGO), pioneer of optical genome mapping (OGM) solutions on the Saphyr® system and provider of NxClinical™, the leading software solutions for visualization, interpretation and reporting of genomic data, today announced the publication of a study that described the use of OGM to identify rare human genomic structural variants (SVs) as predisposition factors associated with severe COVID-19, highlighting the potential role of SVs in the pathogenesis of COVID-19 severity.
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    The good news is that it can only fall another $2.00.
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    With so much positive news coming out confirming BNGO's now well proven advanced Saphyr Sytem genomic advantages for testing and research with much more deeper clearer insights as well faster more accurate readings at lower costs..........these shady froogy-legged shorteez will soon easily turn the dribble of negative posters into fans of BNGO cheerleaders posting Strong Buy $10-$14 like so many analysts are saying right now today. Buying on the dips and holding BNGO because it's a good investment. 2022 will be a good year BNGO and me too. Just look at the volume going higher
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    “Our software company is bridging a lot of genomic data type challenges, which results in best possible insights for research. Now imagine OGM data being added to existing insights. No way to miss that for big pharma and clinical research. #OGM $BNGO Adoption is a no brainer IMO”.
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    Just picked more BNGO shares again......per share costs even lower now. The consensus for BNGO 2022 is still $10-$14 by several analysts and this market correction will get over it's self. There is a lot of pent up demand for BNGO Saphyr System technology now to help save lives and for research too.
    BNGO is good investment for the near future.....2022