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  • M
    As a dexcom user and comparing the new alternatives and discussing with my doc’s, I will be sticking with dexcom.
  • d
    3 powerful competitors are now on the scene .

    With unlimited capital .

    Abbot .

    Medtronic .

    Senseonics .

    All competing for market share .
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    Falling Squirrel
    My daughter started using the Omnipod 5 insulin pump yesterday. We are ten hours in and I haven't recieved a single alert from her Dexcom G6 because the Omnipod 5 has kept her in range the entire time. I couldn't ask for a better start to using this hybrid system. When users start getting reduced A1c readings at their quarterly Endocrynologist appointments.... well, lets just wait and see. Now if we could just get some G7 news in the near future. The integration of her G6 with the omnipod 5 was so easy but it sill still be great to get the new features of the G7.
  • d
    Dxcm overpriced ,
    Over valued .

    Mutual fund Redemption expect continued selling .

    Expect high volatility .
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    Analyst Forecast
    According to 24 analysts, the average rating for DXCM stock is "Buy." The 12-month stock price forecast is 538.36, which is an increase of 652.85% from the latest price.
    Price Target
    (652.85% upside)
    Analyst Consensus: Buy
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    I think dave likes to see his posts a lot (15 out of the previous 17 posts)
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    Libre 3 just got FDA approval, but it cannot be integrated with neither omnipod 5 nor tandem control IQ.
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    Dexcom VP of Finance said "No Comment" (@ 1PM today) regarding Bloomberg article which apparently the market took as confirmation of the accuracy of the article and to mean that YES, Dexcom and Insulet are in talks for Dexcom to acquire Insulet. Wells Fargo analyst has ventured the acquisition price in the ballpark of $20B.
    Based on price movement, Dexcom shareholders do not appear to think this is good for them while apparently Insulet shareholders this think is great.
    If Dexcom meant to convey something other than "confirmation", this would have been an ideal time to shut down the speculation. However if Dexcom and Insulet actually ARE in talks for an acquisition (even if such talks do not yield a final deal), I think it would be illegal for Dexcom to actually deny this. Hence, "No Comment" ends up being an assumed "Confirmation". For better or worse.
  • d
    I can't believe FUND managers are still buying long ?

    Bad earnings report coming due .

    Share price moves below $40.00 .
  • b
    Libre #3 can u spell closed loop? Only thing that matters going forward. Integration means multiplication of revenue ThreeHorsemen DXCM/PODD/TNDM
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    Gomez Addams
    Rumor this. Rumor that. Green Day. Red day. Just ignore the noise. G7 will reignite the growth. GLTA longs.
  • C
    What's with this drop?
  • b
    i am a type 1 who uses both DXCM sensor and PODD pump. Closed loop system will be a game changer for all. As good as each product is individually there will be exponential benefits to all users once the closed loop system is implemented. Hopefully DXCM pays a reasonable price. Batman and Robin for sure
  • L
    Thanks, I'll check them out.Thanks for the tip!Thanks for the update!
  • W
    I thought DXCM was to begin trading at the split price on Friday, June 10. It traded all day at the pre-split price. If they changed the date, you would think they would have put out a notice regarding this.
  • d
    If the Nasdaq average was down today rather up 300 points ,

    Dexcom would be trading at $60.00 .

    Dxcm would be trading at $60.00
    A share .
  • d
    And fund / portfolio managers are well aware of this .

    That's why the share price isn't $650.00 anymore .

    Or post split $170 .00

    This is my point .

    Think twice before you go long

    In this stock ,
    Right now .
    At this price . .

    I would wait .

    It may go lower .

    The price may get cut in half again .

    Or even more .

    I've seen it happen many times in the past with these Nasdaq Stocks .
  • d
    Yes cgm's are great .

    But there still are low cost alternatives .

    I can go into any drug store in America and buy

    A testing kit that will last 30 days for me ,
    And cost about $35.00 bucks .
  • t
    theres no crying in baseball
    Wow! Some kind of volume in dxcm today with selling pressure all day long. Must be the wording and reading between the lines on the press release regarding the rumored takeover of podd.
  • d
    High p .e. 140 .

    Cgm's just don't bring in gobs of cash for the companies that make them

    Great medical device .

    But I'm expecting margin destruction .

    4 players in the market now .