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Synlogic, Inc. (0A8U.L)

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  • C
    C. Craig
    I hope someone will participate in the company conference call this morning and ask why the company just started a third multi-year drug trial before they have a product that can be sold. The mis-management has already devalued the earlier shareholders with two huge treasury stock sales last year. Those funds should be used to get at least one product to market and not be spent on new expensive trials. Also, ask if the board of directors has cut management salaries until a product produces some revenue.
    I have a doctor's appointment at 8:30, or I'd be on that call like a duck on a Junebug.
  • M
    fast track authorization only gets us a 5 cent bounce, wow
  • C
    C. Craig
    Spend spend spend with trials dragging on and on and the merry management salaries unchecked. This is a boat anchor of a failed investment. The board of directors could not care less about the shareholders they are paid to protect from mismanagement.
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    C. Craig
    (Mis-)Management has driven this company stock into the ground. Do other shareholders ruined by this debacle want to demand substantial management salary cuts until a marketable product starts to produce revenue? The management owns very little of the stock so it seems they could care less if they ruin the shareholders they have duped. Clearly, the board of directors is not doing its duty to look out for shareholder interests. We need to demand a reduction in expenses until this company has a proven product.
  • t
    I think this is a great stock to get into biotech on the cheap with serious growth potential. They have been working on Synthetic Biotic medicines to treat rare gut disorders. This stuff probably won't be super lucrative, but they are laying the ground work for money medicines for treatments of diabetes and obesity. They also have a cancer drug in clinical trials for the treatment of tumors. If that trial goes well, I would expect a bump in the price. On the downside they are burning cash like it's going out of style, but that is to be expected for a relatively new company developing medicines that hasn't brought anything to market. It looks like a great management team, CEO, and Board, despite the lack of revenue. They seem to be controlling costs relative to other companies in this sector.

    The other thing I like about this company is the location and connections. They are in Cambridge, MA, close to major educational institutions that they need for talent and collaboration, e.g. they just partnered with MIT and won a 1m DOD grant to study battle fatigue (Chug Jug anyone?). They are also partnered with Gingko Bioworks, would love to own (not publicly traded), a cell programming company out of Boston that has a significant position in SYBX, 6.3m shares.

    Ram Selvaraju with H.C. Wainwright, an analyst with solid returns in this sector rates it a buy with a target price of $13.

    If you want a comparable at this price point, check out GNCA.

    Disclosure: I have a small position in SYBX and no position in GNCA.
  • A
    SYBX//undervalued//Interesting Yahoo Finance does not show the latest news//News came out at 2:57 yesterday//only one hour before market closed//Had a pop then dropped back//AH it started to go back up//Expecting once news really gets out//SYBX can and should surpass $10//Just my opinion//1.1 billion is 400 million more then what KODK was supposed to get//SYBX and Ginkgo work together//SYBX will benefit from the 1.1 billion//That is why the PR included SYBX even though GINKGO is the company getting the loan//
  • M
    huge volume already resting for now news will get absorbed in an hour building a base in low 3 area healthy before run to 5
  • M
    Does anyone know why the 15% increase today
  • J
    It looks like the old "buy the rumor and sell the news" game plan is going on here. Unfortunately, given the unexplained increase in stock price the previous 3 trading days, a good number of people had some insider knowledge that the rest of us didn't.
  • M
    Mohi Uddin
    Synology have 3 drugs on clinical is going sky rocket to $8
  • C
    C. Craig
    Why would a silent company's stock price plunge 9% less than two days before reporting earnings? Does Anyone else think there is insider trading going on here? The stock is already down 60% from where I bought it at $5. That's after the (mis)management throttled the existing shareholders last year by diluting share value 300% issuing/selling treasury shares, printing money in effect for their benefit.
  • n
    I wont be surprised if it opens up north of 5 on Friday. Looks a solid team and a niche pipeline and collaboration partners
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    C. Craig
    There is something seriously wrong in this company. Analysts have been rating it highly but it's tumbled well below a crisis point. About the time I bought it a year ago #$%$05), it had some earnings and those two new drugs in trials. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the projections for at least the first one to come to market in the first half of this year? Now it seems the company has it scheduled for phase 3 in the second half of this year. Meanwhile, the (mis)management team destroyed the existing shareholders last year by of treasury stock on the market, tripling shares outstanding, diluting future earns two hundred percent. With positive announcements about the trials, the stock should be going up. Instead, it has plummeted. Today, (1/21/22) it's below fire sale and looks more like it's about to declare bad news and go under. Notice the only people benefiting from this stock are the (mis)management team making high salaries. Have they told their friends about some trouble causing them to sell? Something is seriously wrong with Synlogic.Less
  • f
    "Granted US Patent to treat diseases that benefit from reduced gut inflammation including but not limited to Celiacs Disease, Crohn's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis" 07/12/2022 Bezinga
  • A
    I don't know if I'll ever make money with this stock ,but the science is exciting.Harnessing the micro biome to improve metabolic diseases and enhance immune-oncology is a wonderful platform . Publication in Nature attests to their scientific rigor. I'm sure its a long term hold and I hope they get enough funding to see this through
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    Eric M W
    --Analyst Actions: Jones Trading Starts Synlogic at Buy With $15 Price Target
    8:29 AM ET, 03/18/2021 - MT Newswires
    08:29 AM EDT, 03/18/2021 (MT Newswires) -- (MT Newswires covers equity, commodity and economic research from major banks and research firms in North America, Asia and Europe. Research providers may contact us here:

    Price: 4.5500, Change: +0.37, Percent Change: +8.85
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    C. Craig
    The way large blocks of stock have been sold repeatedly the closer this company comes to reporting its earnings and financials (tomorrow), it's extremely likely insider trading or leaks to large shareholders is/are behind the dramatic decline. If management reports bad news as this activity would indicate, the SEC needs to be looking into the company's management's activities. Their dumping 10 Million shares on the market a month or so ago without notice to existing shareholders dramatically diluted future earnings of existing shareholders at that time. The poor share performance and that dilution indicates the management team is looking out for themselves and not the shareholders.
    Who else sees this?