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    time to buy. back up the truck people. either one of two things are going to happen in the future. either the price is going to go up considerably on future earnings, or the company is going to be sold by TK for close to book value. spot tanker prices have gone up considerably since last quarter. Suez Max and afro Max tankers are chartering for 15 to 20 thousand a day.
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    this year to date the number of Suezmax, Afromax, and VLCC tankers recycled is double the total for the entire years of 2019, and 2020. Many future orders for new builds have been cancelled. More good news..
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    When oil prices drop quickly, don't oil traders buy up the cheap oil and store it on tanker ships which is great for tanker companies. Contango?
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    12.02 TNK 10,70 + 2.6% on day. I put this down to today's Bloomberg's TV interview of JPMorgan's oil analyst,
    whose name (not certain) is Patek (?). Interviewed by Jonathan Ferro, Liz Abramovich. Really worth listening to.
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    Just read the tank reports published on the 15th of November. Suez Max and Afro Max tankers are down $1,000 a day for both of them. They are still at 17,000 and 18000 respectively per day. From what I've read and understand in the recent past, tnk only needs to make $8,000 a day to break even. I know that is what the costs are for operating each tanker, but that leaves 9 to $10,000 per tanker profit, to pay overhead, and should be a nice chunk left over for net profit. The fossil fuel companies can see the writing on the wall, and they will be pumping out vast quantities of crude oil, and needing to ship and store it in the upcoming years. They have to make hay while the sun is still Shining. My belief is that there will be less and less oil tankers being produced in the upcoming years, because no one wants to be stuck with ships that will be obsolete. That will drive the price of shipping and storage even higher. Anyway just based on the rates today tanker stocks should be higher not lower. Good luck everyone long. I will buy the dips.
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    11.26.2021 - TNK USD 11.66 - (down 4 %) - on a post Thanksgiving day - is not a day on which to comment - when a virulent variant of Covid19 - Omnicom - is announced.
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    Earnings much better than expected. Significantly lower loss than analyst consensus. Debt to equity @ 39%, which is great. A spree of refinanced sale/leasebacks for annual interest savings of $11M. Cash and equivalents @ $209M. Both TNK and EURN reporting today included CEO commentary to the effect that “the worst is now clearly over” and positive fundamentals/green shoots, including:

    1, OPEC cuts unwinding by .4M BPD
    2. Increased scrapping
    3. A virtually-zero tanker order book for the first time since 2009
    4. Decreasing Covid / increased vaccination rates worldwide expended to result in demand surge
    5. Record high coal and natural gas sparking a return to lower cost oil
    6. Normal winter seasonality, with of course is positive for demand

    OK…time now for us to start seeing forward-looking Mr. Market to reflect positively on TNK stock price (for a change).
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    TNK - 12.01.2021 - USD 10,64/share. I remained positive.
    Or, was it just hopeful ?
    Patience may be a virtue, but not for this long - 5 years long, down and out ?
    The crude oil shipping environment has been simply dreadful for TNK.
    It may return.
    When ? is unanswerable - the way pessimists jerk this stock around.
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    This litany of black swans swooping on TNK (USD 13.60 on 11.15.21) cannot go on and on without one of the black swans deciding it's had enough:
    Covid restrictions; COP26 - first time fossil fuels mentioned in a (watered-down) Agreement;
    Russian oil curtailments; Opec oil production limitations; TNK quarterly earnings losses; ecologists; ESG;
    bank financing restrictions towards coal, fossil fuel investments; US/China trade quotas.
    Will fossil fuel subsidies be the next black swan to swoop ?
    Even if it does, some other black swans in the litany are going to vanish - over time.
    I've only written the up for posterity's sake.
    Stay positive.
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    Today's trades and low volume indicate strong earnings, or a surprise anouncment. Lightened my load by 25% just in case. Good luck to all long TNK and TK investors!!!
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    Give me 12.50 and watch what I do. I dare you mistress market!!
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    TNK USD 13.85 - 10.25.2021
    The United Nations, slowly but surely since the first real Climate Conference at Rio de Janeiro, has spun its own yarn as to when the world will end in catastrophe.
    Yes, the UN's Chairmen claimed and claim still the world is headed for catastrophe unless we ( who is "we" ?) take drastic measures to contain "it" NOW.
    All 195 nations, binding the glue of the UN, have unanimously committed to "accepting" spewing out 0 - ZERO - CO2 emissions from fossil fuels (oil, gas, wood, methane) by 2050.
    In other words, the United Nations said, and maintains that we human beings are responsible for the current warming of Mother Earth, and nothing else is ?
    The profession of climatologist MUST be the goal of really intelligent youngsters today.
    Because, there are very few of such extraordinary knowledge to be so called.
    And, the UN knows that, because climatologists don't exist in its midst to have formulated such daft ideas as to say human beings are responsible for warming climate change.
    The United Nations, ecologists, Greens and bought-in politicians the world over, except in developing nations such as the PRoC and Russia (ha! - ha! - ha!) have ideologically instilled in the minds of people, that the world will end in 100 years' time, unless the economic world adheres to the UN diktat of sledge-hammering the need for fossil fuels by 2050, and spend trillions (up to tens of them) of euros mainly avoiding DoomsDay.
    Nothing is further from the truth with these alarmist "theories" because no one from Al Gore onwards has proved that human beings are the cause of global warming.
    How often have we heard defensive arguments in favour of the Sun, and its little (!) spots behaving on climate ? Where was climate "warming" in the period 2000 to 2015, when the UN stated it would increase. ? It did not. Warmth actually declined, only to resume in 2016 ...
    Enough of this bilge about humans behaving badly for 200 years and causing today's problems. What about the advances made for humans in the same time frame ? Huge, Huge, Huge.

    So, according to the UN and all these COPs, there will be no more fossil-fuelled anything in 2050. Brilliant. What happens if alternative energy supplies don't catch up with the ready availability of oil, gas, etc ?

    Which leads me to my question, after the UN has in-conveniently eradicated the world's needs to be conveniently heated by cheaper oil, gas and coal:

    Could crude oil tankers transport hydrogen ?
    Is hydrogen needed to be transported ?
    Can hydrogen be "carefully" transported ?

    What other future cargoes could modern crude oil vessels be easily converted to transport ?

    Water ?

    I believe TNK's stock price is constantly under the cosh, because we - the people - are under the assumption that fossil fuels WILL be replaced by UN diktat, and countries financing this utopian, mad, on-drugs general acceptance of the UN. Yes - the United Nations - political decisions overweighing climatologists.
    Is that brilliant of us to accept such dogma ?
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Teekay Tankers is down 6.10% to 10.78
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    My prediction. Turning point for TK. Going to invest in new businesses and try to earn a few bucks from TNK for however long they can. Don't expect the purchase of new tankers or fleet renewal anytime soon.
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    Could our friends @Yahoo! please stop posting their comment that TNK is up 2.58%, or down 2.58% vs. its prior closing price ?
    The stock price posts those results based on an algorithm a human being must have dreamed up.
    By observation, the price never deviates by more, nor less than those percentages - day-in, day-out. For years ! Something is not right in the land of computerised stock dealing to be so constant as with TNK's opening stock prices. Yes - I am suspicious.
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    new to tankers ... what is best tanker to buy ?
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    TNK pre-mkt on 10.15.21 up 8,50% to USD 14,42.
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    Monday should be fun!

    Lots of articles this weekend — TradeWinds, Reuters, Lloyd’s List — about dramatic jump in tank rates, increasing oil prices and demand, and OPEC increasing output soon.

    May be getting around that time — to make some popcorn 🍿 and sit back and enjoy the show! 😂
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    TK Parent selling TGP for $17 share. This will have a huge impact on TNK in some way. Not sure what TK will do with all the cash it receives. If they want to stay a diversified tanker company, they will do something with it. Big changes coming I think.
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    There we go again ! Today 10.27.21
    TNK "down" 2.58% since prior close.
    Day in and day out - same statement.