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    I have opened a position here. While I think $MCHP is a better play for this particular cycle, this company seems to be better positioned long-term and cheaper than ADI + Maxim.
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    This is a supply chain issue and nothing more.
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    Just a correction. Great company/overpriced. PE of over 50x vs TSM at 28x.
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    Yeah, what's going on?
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    This is going up on rumors that Samsung will acquire NXPI. Given the price of NVDA and the hurdles with regulatory approval and now with each country sees semi as strategic industry, hard to see Europe have Korea take one of their prized strategic possession. But that doesn't mean share price may stop going up as Prince once said you need to dance until fed's music is on.
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    Dee Z. Nutts
    Let me get this strait. The Chief Finacial Officer sold more than half his stake for 32 million.
    Yea...Ill pass...(for now)
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    reading between the lines - with ceo selling big chunk signals to the market that Samsung is not buying NXPI. when semis crash, this will go to QCOM offer price of $127
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    NXPI got hit due to Malaysia COVID, and it’s manufactures there affected.
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    NXPI hits new high at $223.35!
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    The SEC should investigate these insider sells. ZERO chance the CFO sells that many shares (nearly all of them) direct without knowing something considered insider information. The CEO....still a lot of shares but a small percentage of his holdings
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    Anybody else see this?
    "After unsuccessfully appealing a verdict, Intel will fork over $2 billion to VLSI Technology LLC. 💸 🔥

    In March, jurors found Intel guilty of patent infringement. The two violations cost $1.5 billion and $675 million, and they’ll be awarded to NXP Semiconductors (owner of VLSI).

    Intel attempted to toss the jury verdict, claiming the jury “was tainted by erroneous jury instructions and evidentiary rulings.” Intel’s strategy was unsuccessful. According to Intel, the verdict is the second-largest jury ruling in a patent case. The other three-largest verdicts were ultimately vacated.

    The company has been engaged in a legal campaign with VLSI. In April, a jury ruled in Intel’s favor regarding a separate infringement suit.

    Unfortunately for Intel, the company will be writing a big check in its near-future. 👎"
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    Chips and Media are up on the news of Samsung Electronics' acquisition of NXP.

    Chips and Media in the KOSDAQ market are trading at 8210 won, up 1680 points, 1180 won, 16.79 percent higher than the day before at 9:07 am.

    According to media reports, Samsung Electronics is considering the acquisition of NXP, a global automotive semiconductor company.

    Samsung Electronics has put the battlefield sector as a future food source, and has been working on a very large semiconductor company since last year. As a result, NXP, one of the world's top semiconductor companies, has been ranked as the most likely buyer. When M & A takes place, it is expected to reach a maximum of 50 trillion won.

    Samsung Electronics said, "There is nothing to confirm for this M & A."

    Chips and Media is a semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) specialist that performs certain functions by being embedded in semiconductor chips. NXP is a client company.
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    High Cirrus
    The deal will be approved 10 minutes after I throw in the towel and sell my NXPI shares. Guaranteed.
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    scmp changed wording in their website on the issue. I think the following is actually true: “While the antitrust issue has been resolved, the sources say timing is not clear on when Mofcom/SAMR will make the announcement, which may depend on other factors including progress in ongoing negotiations with Washington over outstanding trade issues.”
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    An interesting Chinese article. A Chinese angle, more interesting than all the articles you can find on US medias.
    Use Google translate unless you are fluent in Chinese.
    This is supportive in my opinion for the approval.
    Would probably buy some more tomorrow
      7月20日,距离高通(Qualcomm)以470亿美元收购荷兰芯片制造商恩智浦半导体 (NXPSemiconductors)的交易获准最后时限,还有5天。在特朗普政府叫停博通的恶意并购之后,高通仍深陷中美两国政府贸易战的两难境地。   今年4月,中国政府推迟批准这一交易。之前,这家美国芯片制造商已经获得了全球9家监管机构中8家的批准来完成此项收购。随后在一份声明中,高通表示已经与恩智浦将协
      7月20日,距离高通(Qualcomm)以470亿美元收购荷兰芯片制造商恩智浦半导体 (NXPSemiconductors)的交易获准最后时限,还有5天。在特朗普政府叫停博通的恶意并购之后,高通仍深陷中美两国政府贸易战的两难境地。   今年4月,中国政府推迟批准这一交易。之前,这家美国芯片制造商已经获得了全球9家监管机构中8家的批准来完成此项收购。随后在一份声明中,高通表示已经与恩智浦将协
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    From Clemmer interview in Dutch NRC newspaper: "If we suffer form a dip in chip manufacturing, it's because of China, not because of declining smart phone sales; that's not really a surprise. That's why Qualcomm wanted to buy us: more opportunities ... not just in phones, but also in cars and the internet of things ....[in response to lower expectations from ASML and Intel:] Investors shouldn't confuse NXP's strategy with negative sentiments in other areas of chip manufacturing, thinks Clemmer. "We sell to markets that are growing, no matter what happens." [On China:] "Half of our sales are in China. Luckily the trade war doesn't affect us because we are Dutch. We are not being penalized as U.S. companies are."
    Chipindustrie: De chipindustrie zit in een dip, de autoverkopen dalen. Niet zo raar dat NXP-baas, Rick Clemmer, voorzichtig is over 2019.
    Chipindustrie: De chipindustrie zit in een dip, de autoverkopen dalen. Niet zo raar dat NXP-baas, Rick Clemmer, voorzichtig is over 2019.
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    Cramer ob CNBC: "I think that's a pretty compelling argument," Cramer said. "Let's not forget that while NXP is a $95 stock, Qualcomm was willing to pay $127.50 per share for the whole enchilada. In other words, the folks who run Qualcomm — real smart people — thought NXP was worth $32 more than where it's currently trading."
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    How credible is the article from seekingalpha

    "A revenue valuation model computes that NXPI should be valued around $124-138. An earnings model suggests that NXPI should be valued around $110-146.

    Along with a free cash flow model of $110-127, the combined $110-146 target price range would indicate that NXPI at $95 is seriously undervalued."
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    I have stated my prediction last week. This deal will be held hostage by the Chinese for a while. In the mean time, it will be played by the street with news and upgrading, downgrading. Just play with it. Get in when they push price down and get out when you are happy with the gain. Eventually, I predict that it will get approved. Good luck to all.
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    By Mathieu Rosemain, Michel Rose and Foo Yun Chee

    PARIS/BRUSSELS (Reuters) -The European Union is considering creating a semiconductor alliance including STMicroelectronics, NXP, Infineon and ASML to cut dependence on foreign chipmakers amid a global supply chain crunch, four EU officials said.

    The plan, which is at a very preliminary stage, may include a pan-European scheme known as an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI), which allows EU governments to pump in funding under easier state aid rules, and companies to work together on the entire project, the sources said.

    It would complement or come as an alternative to a possible foreign-funded factory, with the aim to double the EU's market share in semiconductors to 20% by 2030, a target set out by European internal market chief Thierry Breton.

    The EU Commissioner, who is seeking to persuade a leading chipmaker to site a major fabrication plant in the bloc, is due to meet Intel(INTC) CEO Pat Gelsinger on Friday. He will also hold a video conference with Maria Marced, President of TSMC Europe.