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    XOM new 52 week high today. APA 10% off its high. XOM needs to spend some of that money on an acquisition and most likely will. We have to get APA's value up some how. Soo undervalued. I think the oil patch is prime for bigger players to step in and buy some of these assets..It may not be APA but M&A will become a theme soon...
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    I will not sell any of my O&G's until the system has figured out how to bring supply up to meet demand. I'm not talking about a week or during a Chinese lock down, Putin's war or even a year long recession, I mean when the world supply meets world demand and has some sort of balance. GL friends the markets are unpredictable day to day..
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    Looking for some suggestions.

    Thinking about selling my position in DNV and COP and reinvesting into some other (for me) more undervalued shale companies.

    My research leads me to the following :
    1. APA - I already have a relative big position, but see further upside
    2. OVV - Also have a decent position and their hedging has been crab, but they are removing many of these now and their forward PE is ridiculously low
    3. CPE - no position yet. Anyone having shares in them or general insight?

    Would somehow prefer to diversify a bit, but other shale companies does not seem to have huge upside as above. I am probably wrong on this, so any other suggestions are welcome!
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    Barclays has decided to maintain their Overweight rating on APA, which currently sits at a price target of $56
    Raymond James has decided to maintain their Strong Buy rating on APA, which currently sits at a price target of $75.
    Barclays downgraded its action to Overweight with a price target of $53

    Morgan Stanley has decided to maintain their Overweight rating on APA, which currently sits at a price target of $57.

    These price targets will get adjusted up as oil moves higher...
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    Anyone know why the spread between WTI and Brent is so narrow? At the moment WTI is 109.3 and Brent is 109.2. WTI is never higher than Brent, but is tonight.
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    Seen this all before. The O&G story has not changed...APA is a long term buy and hold.

    "The stock market is a device to transfer money from the impatient to the patient" WB.
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    Oil at $110 and APA at $41. Buy all day
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    The accounts receivable are out of control. Click on Financials, then Balance Sheet, then quarterly here on yahoo finance. they grew substantially in the last 2 quarters.
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    The negatives for the oil patch are all temporary.

    1) China lock down will not last much longer
    2) Inflation will eventually tame
    3) Reopening of the world will happen
    4) Supply chain will ease
    5) Midterms will be over in November
    6) Fed will eventually quit raising rates
    7) Pootin's war will be over
    8) Covid will eventually prove to be a like the flu. We will live with it.

    The positives remain strong and so does the case to be long O&G.

    1) Supply does not meet demand and won't as demand increases.
    2) Capex is not increasing and either will production.
    3) Russian O&G will be sanctioned for many more years (even after war ends)
    4) The world will get back to business and rebuilding what has been lost in the last couple years.

    I'm sure there are more to add to the list but you can see my point. As all the negatives repair themselves the positives will be in focus for years. These O&G's will continue to be flush with cash and will better their balance sheets to be the envy of American business. Just a reminder to energy investors that there is a strong wind at this sectors back. Do what you do...
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    At the annual shareholder meeting, APA said they will release flow test info on Krabdagu (300 ft oil pay zone) in May. I believe they did an unrestricted flow test... data has to be amazing... there is also a June deadline coming up with Staatsolie ... is TTE/APA negotiating for rights on adjoining block with Petronas and preparing for FID?
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    Gonna take out the 52 wk high soon. Just my opinion.
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    With the earnings at $1.92 and the latest estimate for the current quarter $2.65, I now think we are likely to test $50 this quarter. We are currently sitting near the 52-week high. I listened to the CC and later carefully read the transcript. The CEO/CFO comments made sense to me; they held back and didn’t disclose any sensitive non-public information (MNPI), especially on Rasper. Apparently MNPI affects their ability to execute buybacks. Also, inflation is a factor in their operations. Overall, I like what I see and will continue to buy stock and sell covered calls and cash secured puts.
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    A lot of volume AH on a Friday.

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    62 million loss on derivative last quarter. Does anyone know where I can invest in a derivative company. Almost all of the oil companies give then millions of dollars every quarter. Lynwood
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    So Jimmy what are you telling all on this wall? From what you post it makes no sense. A grade one student can make the same statement , it tells all nothing????????
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    Please note APA was USD 35 in mid January when oil was about USD 85 pb .

    Just saying
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    Algos selling across the board. They have no critical thinking ability. Way over done all through the O&G patch. Pick em up at a discount today. Maybe even throw a dart!
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    I guess the thing that really set me off is the attitude of the call. CEO dodging questions, easy questions that could have been answered with no liability. The fact that they did not buy back hardly any shares last quarter nor even come close to 60% of their promise to return FCF to shareholders. Instead they are going to start a new Capital expenditure program of up to 8% and then if there is anything left over at the end of the year, try to make up the 60% promise. I guess if your time horizon is 5 years thats great but too many other companies are paying back huge amounts to share holders right now. I'm afraid we will continue to lag. Now that I have sold half my shares, watch Exxon make a buyout offer of 90 bucks a share. That would be the icing on the cake to this story.
  • j
    Strategic oil reserve will be minus 180 mbo in 4 more months then what?
    Maybe maybe out 5.6 pe will help
    Revenue of 2.6b
    13 b market cap??????
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    Why do energy investors want cash back in one time payouts? It is insanity. If you want cash, sell some shares! I want these guys to use our money for asset reinvestment and balance sheet. This isn't a savings account, it is an energy investment. BCC just announced a one time special dividend of $2.50 last night. Look at the stock today an see how much that helped shareholders.