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Arlington Asset Investment Corp. (0HHT.L)

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    pinot noirist
    Earnings out and they are OK. Quick summary: blah blah blah no dividends for commoners!
  • B
    Fast Eddie is correct again. “They” effectively own this company! The deck is stacked and you will never vote them out as this is nothing more than a Candy Store for Rock and the small, tight circle of FBR BANDITS.

    Only hope - liquidate via litigation or a forced sale!!
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    Crazy Horse
    AAIC is on the rise.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    AAIC is up 5.14% to 4.09
  • T
    no dividend common stock, vote them out
  • p
    pinot noirist
    No dividend likely at this point because I don 't believe they had any actual earnings. A REIT must pay out 90% of earnings.
  • B
    Sorry for being MIA guys. I am still totally PO’d at this Den of Thieves who enrich themselves at shareholders expense while masquerading as a real company.

    Edward is so correct as usual. You have to make taxable profits to be subject to the distribution requirements. In the past these thieves would pay phony dividends from their losses where were simply a return of your capital (a fake dividend)!

    Anxious to see how much they’ve lost this quarter while using your capital to prop up the stock price and calling it accretive!!!
  • J
    Why isn't This Fund Holding its price, It pays a great dividend but can't hold its Stock Price. Can someone Explain?
  • G
    The Executive Compensation table for 2017 shows Eric F. Billings, the Executive Chairman receiving $3,072,617 in Incentive Plan, Stock Awards and other compensation. Likewise, J.Rock Tonkel, Jr., Chief Executive Officer and President received $3,072,438. My question is with the dividend being cut from .55 to .375 per sh/quarter, and the stock price falling into the mid tens, how does management justify their large compensation? Also there is $139.00 of cash per share, a very very large amount of funds for this C Corporation to be holding, Why can't management award some of these funds to the deserving shareholders instead of awarding themselves with increasingly high compensations?
  • J
    I think Everyone would feel better about this stock if it could hold its stock price. It not and the Board needs to be paid based on performance. I think they need to show stock holders they have skin in the game. they need to set up a target price above where we are at today with at least a 5 to 10 percent increase per quarter.
  • E
    "Turning to our actual results for the quarter, we reported GAAP net income of $0.52 per share and core operating income of $0.32 per share. " ---From their earnings call.

    Gee, I'm almost impressed. If they can keep this up, they could actually fund their dividend and have money to invest.
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    Pacer 2001
    Dude what happen to AI? I been out a few years but didnt this use to be $20 stock? I would like to invest some especially since they were able to raise some capital over the last few months but seems alarming... why cant management just leave things simple. They try to oversmart themselves adding bets to interest rates when all we want is income through leverage.
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    Changing ticker from "AI" to "AAIC"....with no explanation why. There are costs in doing so. Trying to hide past?
  • p
    pinot noirist
    I can breath easier now that the $.55 has been declared. Who knows, maybe one day we'll see an increase.

  • A
    Arlington Asset Investment declares $0.225 dividend
  • H
    Is anybody having an issues receiving the dividend payout?
  • A
    Arlington Asset Investment BV rises in July; shares jump 8.1%
    Aug. 6, 2019 5:45 PM ET|About: Arlington Asset Investment ... (AI)|By: Liz Kiesche, SA News Editor
    Arlington Asset Investment (NYSE:AI) Q2 core operating income of 23 cent per share falls short of the average analyst estimate of 24 cents and fell from 32 cents in Q1.
    Q2 economic net interest income of $12.3M declined from $14.1M in Q1.
    Book value per common share of $7.80 at June 30, 2019 fell from $8.70 at March 31, 2019. Book value rises to ~$8.10 at July 31, 2019.
    Arlington Asset Investment surged 8.1% in after-hours trading.
    Increased prepayment speed expectations and a continued flat interest rate curve reduced returns on levered agency mortgage-backed security investments, President and CEO J. Rock Tonkel Jr. said.
    "To the extent that current market expectations of Federal Reserve interest rate cuts materialize, future investment returns on levered agency MBS may improve, benefitting the company's earnings profile," Tonkel added.
    The company shifted more of its agency MBS investment portfolio exposure towards lower coupon securities that carry lower premiums as well as reduced prepayment risk, a process it's continued in Q3.
    Conference call on Aug. 7 at 9:00 AM ET.
    Previously: Arlington Asset Investment EPS misses by $0.01, misses on net interest income (Aug. 6)
  • D
    hopefully this stock will gain momentum soon. but still making it with dividends help so far
  • p
    pinot noirist
    Arlington Asset Investment Corp. Declares Second Quarter 2020 Dividends on Preferred Stock and Provides Update on Common Stock Dividend.

    Well, perhaps after a few quarters paying only the preferred we'll see a small dividend for us poor bag holders with common shares. I'm not holding my breath, mind you, but it would be nice.
  • R
    people panic because of dividend cuts, and sell. Lets face it your here because the dividend pays more than a bank so why panic if your here long term