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Campbell Soup Company (0HST.L)

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33.58-12.21 (-26.66%)
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  • R
    Good earnings. Good management. Just buy a few shares at this price and hold.
  • a
    CPB will do stocks buy back soon ..Very profitable company ,stock should be $80/sh
  • R
    Beautiful stock!!!
  • G
    so far i made enough on cpb to buy 8 cans of soup, provided they are on sale. not bad, folks. plus i get paid that nice dividend. hey, beats a CD paying 0.1 %
  • J
    New Poster Here caught up in gamestop stock like everyone else was looking at other winning stocks today saw Cambell's as a big winner probably a lot of you might be surprised like me to see it move. Campbell's BG Foods, Hormel , Conagra, Kellogg's , Kraft Heinz all up today on a 665 point Dow Down day. Three reasons we might be seeing the surge is 1) Food, Healthcare (not insurance or Biotech) but Hospitals, drugs, surgeries are not as economically sensitive as tech and are the last things generally to be cut back in a bad economy so cash flow stays pretty constant. 2) people may be looking for income. All the above mentioned stocks at least pay a 2% dividend or higher BG Foods is around 6% and Campbell's just under 3% which is pretty good in an economy that is forcing rates down so government can loan more money at cheaper rates so CDs and savings get you nothing not even enough to cover living expense increases 3) There is lots of short interest in many of these old stable, big cap dividend paying companies. Many holders are retirees who will hold no matter what as a result whether the market is ups at new highs or takes tumbles like today. to short the shares has a very low margin and they can all get a decent move if they miss or beat their earnings expectations every quarter so if they miss a short can generally get a couple of quick bucks but not the worry of a short squeeze if they miss and if they have to hold the maintenance is low unlike what we have been seeing in Gamestop AMC Cruise Ships, Airlines and Rental Car companies over the last nine months. Plus with the low turn over most brokerage companies can lend short shares out without fears of usually having a big run in the shares (unless there is a buyout and short cover spike) so they can easily get them for their clients. I trade through etrade and in the research area under fundamentals , if I am reading it correctly as of the end of last quarter or the last update on the etrade under fundamentals it shows the short interest in Campbell's to be 12.56% though this number could be different by now I am not sure how current that number is if it is as of the last 15 day update, last quarter, or last year's annual update, BG foods was 30%.. With all the hawking going on with short bashing some people may be looking for higher shorted companies to look at. BG Foods BGS had three massive spikes. Don't know if 12% is considered a lot but for what some on the site call an old stable food company it seems like a lot. However, Campbell's has a lot going for it. Good Management, fairly consistent earnings, pays a nice dividend and has weathered many many economic downturns and is still going. I bought a few as a defense against a market downturn but there are other reasons to buy it. Good luck everyone.
  • A
    CPB is undervalued.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Campbell Soup is up 4.98% to 48.90
  • R
    3 days ago the tdameritrade profile of CPB showed short interest as 147% of the float as of 12/31/2020. This may have accounted for the significant bounce. Somehow the short interest now shows as roughly 12% of float as of 1/15/2021. Not sure that's possible...
  • a
    take profit as you could.... u may not have this price in the near 5 years..... trade smart.
  • S
    Sunshine Design
    Will buy as often as I can. Still looking terrific
  • C
    I think it was buy on the rumor sell o. The news of Grant Hill being added to the board of directors. He’s going to show them a few things .
  • P
    bought more today
  • s
    Target Lowered by Deutsche Bank Hold USD 52 » USD 50
  • D
    Whats moving CPB? Usually very little action but last two days up $2 plus each day
  • S
    Sunshine Design
    Keep buying. Nice drop for investors
  • R
    This company has such a solid financial sheet. ~8 P/E ~5 EPS. Wow.
  • S
    Sunshine Design
    Waking up I see. Not much time to get in cheap.
  • j
    Looks like the soup is spoiled. This T&RD is going lower. Sellers are in total control. What a joke this stock is!
  • S
    If CPB was called "Campbell Snack Company", the P/E would be double what it is today...
  • T
    Sold 80percent of my position. Will come back when this is in the 30s. Only holding GIS and khc. K and CAG