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  • B
    What the heck is happening? Did people all of a sudden stop with drinking sodas? Total retracement going on here. I want Consumer Offensive NOT Defensive, 👍.
  • F
    Reed's real Gingerale is going to make huge moves with Coke. I think there shelf space in Natural boutique stores like Whole Foods Trader Joe's Sprouts Natural Grocers etc is going to open up a whole new market for Coke and vice versa and get Reed's into the fountain drink market. Trader Joe's needs a cola, Reed's real Gingerale is there only brand other than Virgil's which Reed's owns. So it would be great fit to develop a Reed's Ginger Cola using Reed's Natural technology and there sugar free technology. If you go to Trader Joe's they have no colas and this idea would bring in a whole new market. REED is ticker.
  • F
    Coke is doing something with Reed's Real Gingerale at Cracker Barrel. New Fountain sales and a new market Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Natural Grocers etc. There going to get the Natural boutique market share. Cracker Barrel Reed's all you have to do is look it up.
  • b
    Guess What? COKE is recession proof and I believe they will report a great earnings tomorrow and stock rallies!!
  • F
    I don't think Coke would let anyone canabolize there sales if they weren't going to do something with them.
  • C
    what is the diference bewteen this and KO
  • S
    She Hulk
  • W
    Look at DEBTS, yikes!!!!
    Noooo thanks, stocks are all over valued!!!
  • M
    I would not short this stock.....twitter went up after their boycott.....just stop drinking is not a very good product anyway!
  • J
    Pepsi it is then if I just have to have a soda. The white flight from this product and stock is justified.
  • M
    Mama Mia
    Here are ALL the brands to NOT EVER drink again:
  • J
    After their political actions in Atlanta, I changed to Pepsi and find no taste problems but also no polical issues. They should have stuck to the drink business.
  • M
    im here from acbff, hoping coke will invest/partner/makean agreement with aurora!! thumbs up if you agree!
  • R
    Coke CEO needs to be canceled. CEO’s are about profit to share holders not politics. Coke is canceled. Warren’s gonna be upset
  • I
    I need money m8
    Cocannabis-Cola with ACBFF is the most logical partnership
  • m
    Boycott all coke cola products, Delta air, and major League baseball
  • P
    Don't drink the diabetes in a can nor give your teeth a sugar bath. This woke company will need a head shaking.
  • J
    Coca-Cola Consolidated is much more than soft drink bottling. They make, package, and deliver a variety of beverages to stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, offices, and more. They’re in your neighborhood every day, interacting with and supporting you and your community members.
  • T
    Company claims to care, yet it markets harmful sugar water to children around the world—making it a leading catalyst to childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. Now they take a far leftest political stand hurting the state and the country where they got there start and insulting half its people. I’ll be buying water at the drive and brewing tea for cookouts and family gatherings. I’ll never buy another coke product in my life.