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Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (0IBD.L)

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22.63-0.45 (-1.96%)
At close: 06:45PM BST

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  • J
    I sold all my shares. Not because I wanted to because financial reasons. I hope to be back soon. However, because I sold Monday is bound to be green. You're welcome. :)
  • d
    No choice now but to hold for 1-2 years. If I sold now I'd lose 60k. Sure don't like being in this boat but it's the boat Sinkey built for me.
  • M
    Management has only had control of this company for six months. 6 billion of debt retired. They cut costs, redundant positions, etc., with a vengeance! Took a 100 million spend on Catwoman as a tax write off instead of putting out a so so direct to HBO movie. Brilliant move to get 50 million in debt from The CW off their books. I could go on and on. We're just fighting macroeconomics trends. Take advantage of it. The tide will turn and when it does this will be a much better company than it was in April 2022.
  • W
    What ever
    Don't buy don't sell. Hold.
  • A
    It's still dropping. Didn't someone say $12.80 was a concrete floor?
  • D
    I have complete confidence in Powell. The man who failed to respond in time to prevent inflation will now almost certainly go too far in raising interest rates.
  • d
    What happened to the "ROCK SOLID BASE" that supposedly formed at 13!!!!!!!!!
  • R
    Warner Bros. Discovery is trading very cheaply.
    In this article, I will explore 3 different ways to value Warner Bros. Discovery stock.
    The relative multiple comparison indicates a $42.9 target price.
    The sum-of-the-parts valuation implies $24.60 as fair.
    The residual earnings model calculates a $27.51 target.
  • d
    Someone check my math. If you buy 1000 shares for 12.00 that is 12,000. The Jan. 23, 12.50 calls are selling for 1.48 so that is 1480 collected for writing the calls and another 500 in cap gain to the 12.50 mark, assuming the stock gets there and is called away. The return is 1980 which is 16.5%.
  • B
    Both hands!
  • S
    Do you miss me yet?
  • M
    I'm accumulating in the morning. Time to lower my cost basis. Someday, I LL look back and think I can't believe I got that stock at 12 and change.
  • L
    Come on cheetah! Come back and let’s get another “oils” speech as all the “oils” implode today!!! Let’s goooo.
  • K
    WBD is now starting to out preform in the group of streamers
  • B
    not sure how much more FJB America can take
  • J
    Such potential in this one. I'm stupefied as to why it's dropping.
  • s
    52 week lows in and more to come this week
  • K
    Vector Vest shows intrinsic value of this stock to be $17.53 so as long as you paid less then that you did not get ripped off and it should recover and be profitable if you hang in there

    Tip Ranks believes this will go to $25.00 at least and probably higher in the future

    If you check to see the incredible amount of content that this company now has in it's arsenal and archives it is amazing that wall street values this as it does at P/E of about 11 and book value below 1.0 - a value stock pickers dream !

    Contrast that will all the market zombies running after stocks such as Tesla and willing to pay a P/E of over 100 based on hopes and dreams and momentum

    What is wrong with this picture is what the stock market has become - a gambling casino instead of an investment vehicle
  • J
    Seth Klarman bought 18 million shares. That’s all you need to know