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    SA: Buy Warner Bros. Discovery At 5x 2023 FCF Ahead Of Rapid Deleveraging And Huge Long-Term Potential

    Massive worldwide distribution and reality television of Discovery with HBO, CNN, sports rights, and iconic DC brands like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman.

    Management recently confirmed 2023 FCF guidance of $3.65/share, a 20% yield at the current share price, and guided to leverage of 2.5-3.0x within 24 months.

    WBD stock is down 50%, in part because legacy WarnerMedia underperformed guidance on AT&T's watch. WarnerMedia's new owner, WBD, will succeed where AT&T failed.

    The market has also reined in WBD's valuation because of the woes of competitor Netflix, which is down 70%, broadly calling into question the value of direct-to-consumer offerings.
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    Two of Jeff Zucker’s management team have exited from CNN. Meredith Artley and Andrew Morse, a longtime CNN digital lead who ran CNN+. Artley was "frustrated" in the wake of shakeups at the company as part of WarnerMedia's merger with Discovery. Hopefully just the beginning for CNN’s house cleaning of their personnel.
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    Someone posted earlier about WBD coming up with an app similar to Pluto TV. FYI, Pluto TV already has a CNN channel in Pluto TV. WBD could probably derive more benefit by having additional channels in Pluto TV. WBD could quickly see substantial revenue from older content that would not likely see much use, anyway, in its SVOD apps.
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    Warner Bros. Discovery (NASDAQ:WBD) chief David Zaslav added some valuable detail to the company's plans to realize billions of dollars in merger synergies via a new company focus memo sent to staffers, Variety reports.

    For "near-term priorities," Zaslav says the company would pursue the promised $3 billion in synergy savings through a "focus on financial opportunities."

    “As we build this new company, we need to be guided by data and insights to understand what’s working and what’s not,” Zaslav says, according to the report. “It’s also important that we work more collaboratively across businesses so that we’re able to be strategic in our decision-making and best serve consumers across all platforms."

    That means a dedicated team. The company has "hand-selected a broad group" of peers already working on solutions, led by Chief Transformation Officer Simon Robinson.

    Among the near-term priorities Zaslav lays out: "Invest in our creative engines" ("we will invest boldly, but also smartly in what we put on screens, big and small"); "Establish a new WBD culture"; "Outperform at the U.S. ad sales upfront" (coming on Wednesday in New York); "Work toward one streaming platform"; "Reinforce CNN's critical role in the world"; and the aforementioned "focus on financial opportunities," which suggests more restructuring ahead beyond already announced cost cutting (notably the speedy shuttering of CNN+).
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    CEOs of AT&T and discovery are doing a presentation today according to their website on discovery. Hopefully they will share some positive news
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    The new play since they can't deny the greatness of WBD, is they are trying to scare people into thinking we will have a bad next couple of quarters... not going to happen people. This management doesn't need more than a month to figure out synergies enough to cover bottom line costs of the transaction. If you look at the presentation now available, they plan on activating rapid de-leveraging right away.. they would only do that if they had more than enough to accomplish. Underestimating this stock will be many people biggest mistake this year.
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    WBD CEO gets it whereas AT&T CEO had no clue. This should be you're main reason to hold and buy more.
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    wbd will be a stock when people looking for flight to safety. and huge growth.
    you cannot replicate wbd content. huge moat.
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    I want to share some good news to many of you here. I bought 1000 shares today. Go WBD !
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    Steve F
    CNN has to go. No ifs ands or buts about it. Don't believe me ? fine, maybe you'll believe Forbes.

    Mark Joyella Senior Contributor: March 29, 2022

    Fox News Channel was the only cable news network to make year-over-year ratings gains in the first quarter of 2022, finishing the quarter in first place and marking 81 consecutive quarters as the most-watched network in all of basic cable. FNC’s competitors, CNN and MSNBC, both suffered steep ratings declines compared to the same period one year ago.

    In prime time, Fox News finished the quarter with an average total audience of 2.554 million viewers, up 3% from 2021, according to ratings data compiled by Nielsen. MSNBC finished the quarter in second place with an average total audience of 1.205 million viewers—down 46%, while CNN finished third with an average total audience of less than a million viewers: 857,000 viewers, down a staggering 56% from 2021.

    After that horrific performance, they had the audacity to think people would be willing to pay for CNN+
    In case you didn't know, that venture only lasted about one month before they pulled the plug.

    Sell CNN
    Hold TBS & TNT
    What I like most about TBS & TNT, is that they have movies on VOD that are 100% uncut.
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    I kept my spinoff shares and have increased my WBD holdings significantly since. I have confidence that WBD will outperform when this sell off is over based on a positive future outlook and a strong set of assets. My target is $40/share by year end.
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    They are going to play with this until combined earnings come in 3 months, this will be a winner, there are no hard numbers so they jump on it till they run the last hesitant T owner out, I will wait it out, no hurry
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    netflix announces layoff.....warner/discovery need to strike faster and roll out new content/new markets faster with its much better content.....
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    I think a significant cause of WBD price being depressed is the income investors of T selling their WBD shares and buying back T or other income investments. This hasn't been mentioned here to the degree it deserves. It makes sense that the majority of T investors are selling their WBD shares. T ceased being a growth investment years ago and practically all T investors were invested for the dividend. Now they find themselves with shares of a non-dividend paying growth company. Certainly some like myself are keeping WBD for its terrific potential, but the majority are selling. This selling pressure is likely from over 50% of the float. This is huge and will likely keep WBD depressed for months. Nobody really knows for sure how much the "T" overhang is affecting WBD and how long it will last. What do you think?
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    wbd is much better assets/content than paramount, noflix and kids stream disney! WBD needs to pick up speed with roll out in international mkts
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    According to the Wall Street Journal...A new media mogul tearing up Hollywood...Zaz is not patient ! Gotta love this guy!....Me
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    Joel---I think you are correct. I myself am still holding my legacy shares and have actually almost doubled my position and will continue buying at this level whenever I get additional cash to throw at it. I'm mostly a value investor (especially oils) but I really like the prospects here. May take a year and better market conditions to unlock this thing. My sense is that most of the players that inherited shares have already washed out..not all yet though, but we're getting close. The street is scrambling right now trying to get portfolios realigned and we are flying under the radar. That will change----Good Luck.....Me
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    Bought 1200 @ $17,35
    It might bounce back to $18/19 this week
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    We’re at it bc it was just the worst timing for the spin-off, markets get slammed and T stockholders just threw out the baby with the bath water.

    In a cleansing moment of clarity this will go back at a more descent price