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    ⭐ Top Bullish Charts | January 2022 💰💵📈
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    Let's hope that Dish does NOT merge with DirecTV. AT&T has a major stake in DirecTV and it still appears that they are controlling it. AT&T destroyed the once mighty DirecTV. If this merger happens, we are all doomed.
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    Trump, D
    Great entry price imo.
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    ASFAND nasar
    Gonna be best 5G play. they partnered with Helium for people to put 5G unit on their homes and earn passive income, they working with Amazon to create Aws and 5G main stream for business. super bullish
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    Why did dish tank in October?
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    Dish up $1.12
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    TEAMrep YourDeal
    DISH is reported to be preparing for a fresh round of RFPs/RFIs, this time targeted at fiber and other support for networks. DISH's advantage and disadvantage stems from the same fact: DISH starts out building its network from the ground up. The is a momentous task requiring large up-front investments before the company's own network turns a dime. However, DISH has far fewer legacy contraints on what to build. They can use the more efficient and estimated 40% cheaper stand-alone 5G New Radio, 5G NR, approach to help bridge the gap between the mobile startup and entrenched competitors. DISH can also target the sweet spots that fit its own evolving capabilities, thus achieving more direct ROI.
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    Dish and Direct talks of combining
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    Bud Fox
    Dish received upgrades at $60, up from his $50 target earlier and 49.4% higher from its closing level on Tuesday. Never bet against Charlie
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    TEAMrep YourDeal
    DISH hopes to take advantage of building of the core 5G New Radio mobile network from the ground up. Similar to Rakuten, Japan, DiSH plans to build a 'cloud-native' network that uses edge/distributed network resources such as content and applications servers that are connected together using low-latency fiber-optic and gigabit wireless. The network is then fanned out to smallcells or 5G Home gNodeB/eNb routers and subscriber units. Rakuten is using Intel 86 architecture servers rather than the dedicated server hardware that is typically found in mobile networks. These generic type servers run 5G software based server stacks. The advantage is that this approach has the potential to reduce the cost of the base station and content/applications servers while providing longer term use since the software can be upgraded up to multiple times before hardware becomes that much better as to justify replacement. Since there is a point at which improvement of performance at the base stations becomes small compared to adding edge/distributed content and applications servers to locations closer to end users, this architectural approach shifts the performance gains closer to it being a market-driven rather than hardware upgrade driven set of priorities. That leads to reductions in deployment and operating costs estimated at between 1/4 to 2/3rds less than competitors who must deal with a large installed base of infrastructure. It also provides much greater flexibility and strategic benefits such as the ability to partner with content, gaming, social network and other applications providers. DISH might, for example, partner with NetFlix or other content provider to connect to their core network as a virtual network host that serves not just DiSH's customers but those subscribed to competitors networks. It will come down to a case-by-case ROI basis whether that makes sense for both the content/apps providers and DISH...a competition where the cost advantage of the new 5G network architecture may win in the competitive market place.
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    Keep in mind: last summer, when the price tumbled this low, Charlie Ergen was buying with both fists.... and that was before final approval for Dish to operate as the nation’s #4 carrier.
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    ok I'm new to the stock. Amazon will be cloud sharing with dish. Does that mean Amazon will be buying Dish
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    How did DISH improve earnings with fewer subscribers? I'm interested in buying but hestitate when I read that they have lost subscribers two quarters in a row.
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    Thinking of buying some shares, any opinions of their future?
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    Satellite is dead, long live streaming. SLING is hands down the best streaming service out there - fast, great user interface. They haven't done their packages properly though. They should switch to a higher granularity of a-la-carte choosing of channels.

    DISH is progressing towards being an Internet Service Provider and streaming over it, but this will take a year before we see any offerings for their 5G delivery, and then it will be only in major markets to start.

    I think DISH will survive all this, but it will be rough going over the next year. They really need to ensure 5G rollout, and they need to do something to make SLING more attractive to streamers, they got a jump start on competition and it really IS the best one out there, but they need to fix the package offerings to optimize revenue from it.
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    TEAMrep YourDeal
    DISH is up today on a Raymond James upgrade to double buy rating (strong buy) with a 12-month price target of 42:
    Dish +4.5% pre-market; Raymond James says Buy in double upgrade
    Aug. 26, 2019 9:05 AM ET| About: DISH Network Corporation (DISH)|By: SA Eli Hoffmann, SA News Editor
    Raymond James double upgrades Dish Networks (NASDAQ:DISH) to Strong Buy from Market Perform.

    $44 price target implies 42% upside.

    Says it's an "opportune time" to buy DISH following a recent pullback. Firm likes Dish whether it stays pay TV only or expands into 4G wireless.

    SA authors are bullish on DISH, giving it a 3.67/5 rating.

    DISH +5.9% pre-market to $32.87.

    Obviously, RJ investment analyst likes what the company has planned once the merger side-deal goes through.

    My Investment Thesis

    Dish will benefit in the first 1-3-year period from the higher sales, subscribers, cross-selling, and improved brand recognition because of the MVNO deal with New T-Mobile once its marriage with Sprint is consummated. The longer-term prospects for building 5G networks, growing mobile and broadband services market share will challenge and costly. However, the bulk of the financial constraints because of additional capital needed and risks of venturing into the mobile and other business areas will not start until 2-3 years after the deal kicks off. In the meantime, DISH will have a good chance to ride on the coattails of NewTM.
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    TEAMrep YourDeal
    Rakuten, the Japanese company that is building a large scale cloud-forward, Open RAN (radio access network), announced on April 8 the launch of their 5G NR network. DISH is closely modeling their efforts. The advantage of the cloud-centric approach is that it uses Open-RAN (O-RAN) standards to design the hardware of the network using general purpose servers, network routers, applications and media servers, while the software is modular, open sourced. Parts of mobile RAN are different from the IT/Internet cloud service platform. And individual operators can use different network management, billing, Big Data, and advertising software. However, because the core functionality is modular, virtualized and open, the new cloud-centric approach leads to less reliance on sole-sourced vendors and limited choices of system management and maintenance. The approach theoretically leads to a 40% lower cost compared to the multiple standards used by operators up until now. Incumbent operators must support legacy network hardware, software and back office systems and cannot take advantage of cloud-centric O-RAN without a long transition process. That gives the greenfield (clean sheet of paper) operators a competitive advantage so long as they can fill up their network to pay for it.

    Rakuten’s CTO says that they have seen the 40% projected lower cost of building the network. He says the cost of maintenance and management will beat the 40% expectation.
    The launch, which Rakuten had delayed a few months, is good news for DISH. Rakuten is going through the problems of being early to deploy O-RAN which DISH can directly benefit. DISH has not announced details on their deployments. They have indicated that many of their suppliers will be the same as Rakuten’s.
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    Nokia rolled out 63 private network in 1Q, cant wait when DISH starts to slice they network, DISH is made for business.. No legacy customers, all new gear, cloud etc.. BIG money coming..
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    The Cardano deal is MHUGE for DISH and ADA.

    Cardano gets millions of users onboarded seamlessly. Dish gets complete, secure, robust, decentralized enterprise-scale infrastructure for identity and the ability to monetize new offerings to its customers AND others across the globe, should they want to expand/scale some services that far.

    There is zero downside to either.
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    DISH is currently undervalued.
    I am accumulating.
    This thing will be in the 60's and everyone will say they wish they
    had bought when it was depressed.

    Why in the 60's ?


    Just watch the earnings in the next 3 quarterly reports. You will see it unfold before your very eyes.

    Then you'll say: I had a chance 3 months ago, but didn't act.