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    Paul Thompson
    Weak market conditions means lowering of targets. This morning Goldman Sachs lowered their target from $56 down to $48. imo the first of many.
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    When a stock goes up almost 5 % on lower then normal volume ( 803k Vs 1.03Million ) you know its just insiders churning the stock covering their short etc.
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    New CCO just got another half a million worth of stock. These people throw around shares so easily I suspect this is how they pay direct officers. Yesterday Wise had to declare he owned 51,901 shares of Insmed to the SEC before being gifted another 21K of stock.
    Nice work if you can get it.
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    Short Interest out this evening shows a little covering but with 11M still short there is plenty of ammo to do whatever they care \ INSM remains a fun stock to trade
    05/13/2022 11,007,166 1,727,226 6.372742
    04/29/2022 11,295,780 921,806 12.253967
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    Can we get back to fair value of $25 this year?
    Predicts post below on the manipulation by THIS MANAGMENT to pump up the stock while the institutions cover and those that were given options were quickly given a 25% heavy volume gain to pay their taxes is indicative of this management. They are churning The institys are making money by holding NOW. because the stock doesn't have to do anything for 2-3 years while we wait for brensocatib. If it fails the Phase3 management and institys will have made their money = NO RISK TO THEM
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    \ PR this morning = Drayton Wise as Chief Commercial Officer, effective May 23, 2022\
    Revenues and market have disappointed in the last year ( regardless of covid) \ Nice topic for discussion but I bet a Nickle the BOD, Institutions at the ASM wanted change\
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    $48 for our shares today? Buy us!
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    Goldman's downgrade from target $56 to $48
    If Insmed does not show strong revenue growth for the second quarter the shorts will kill INSM.
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    -"...Insmed Incorporated (Nasdaq: INSM), a global biopharmaceutical company on a mission to transform the lives of patients with serious and rare diseases," As well as those of the hard working officers and board members who toil so tirelessly to enlarge their bank accounts... OOPS!... I meant to say enlarge the stellar pipeline of drug candidates and treatments which they will judiciously use to enrich themselves... OOPS!... there I go again... Excuuuuuse ME!
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    Institutional Holdings now fully reported
    Really not much change in ownership from the previous quarter with a few million shares bought and sold and aprx 9% institutional short position.
    New Positions 33 2,143,688
    Sold Out Positions 19 589,021
    Solid Institutional ownership.
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    Insmed afternoon ( Tues) PR = Insmed Presents New Data Across Three Pillars at American Thoracic Society 2022 International Conference, (2021 and pre-clinical data already PR, I don't see anything new ) but nice the company is pushing out PRs.
    Poster: "Reduction in Hospitalizations Following Initiation of Amikacin Liposome Inhalation Suspension: A Retrospective Cohort Study of Patients in Real-world Settings"
    Poster: "The Hospitalization Burden Among Potentially Treatment-Refractory Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Lung Disease Patients in Japan"
    Poster: "Pulmonary Exacerbations (PEx) and Hospitalizations in Commercially Insured Patients with Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis (NCFBE) Over 1- and 2-Year Follow-Up Periods"
    Posters: "Treprostinil Exerts Anti-Fibrotic Effects via the Prostanoid Receptor Subtype EP2 in Human Lung Fibroblast"; "Administration of Treprostinil to the Basolateral Surface, but Not the Apical Surface of Human Bronchial Air-Liquid Interface Epithelial Cells Induces Release of Prostaglandin E2"; and "Binding Affinity of Treprostinil to Rat Recombinant Prostanoid Receptors IP and EP2"
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    SEC documents published today on the Insmed, Inc website show insiders who recently were given options sold an amount almost certainly for tax reasons.
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    Paul Thompson
    Maybe someone can tell me why I am unable to access the Annual shareholders meeting as promised by the company. Did management address the compassionate care issue? , the Motus plan ? an update on the Brensocatib and arikayce trials ? No they are not saying a word. I've owned biotechs for many years and this is the biggest con I've ever seen, unless you think Institutions who buy an offering can then turn around and short it, because they know a lot more then us. I know , we tanked with the market but down 60% a pharma with revenues and 3 P3 trials?. 100% Institutions that sold some shares bought them back so the 3 months between reporting you cant see who did it. And yes! Congratulations to management on your "compensation' raise.
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    Some control ,Management and the Institutions
    So it appears upper management got a quarter million dollars in free shares compensation. Institutions then covered their short ( part of) and pumped up those shares 25%+ , and the profit was used to pay their taxes.
    I'll give it to them , they are using this stock as a money laundering operation.
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    Fghyujk Sdfghj
    When terry_insm called the low 19.98 or $ 13 in a market crash the spam was as expected.
    Traders do not think we have seen capitulation. I just buy what I can afford GLD and INSM.
    Crash data 1987 S&P down 35% ] 2000 down50% ] 2007 S&P down57% ] 2020 S&P down 35%
    So far the S&P is down 15.7% NBI Biotech is down almost 40% and Insmed is down aprx 55%
    I was going to put up how long it took to regain their previous status but that would be depressing.
    Those holding INSM are averaging down. Those trading are making the most. Institutional numbers due soon may change perception but we know in a market crash all it takes is one of the top 5 holders being forced to sell. Who would take $40? that train has left the station. Have a nice weekend. (
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    Six Invites Check your e-mail
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    Anyone else try to access the "fireside chat " yesterday at 7AM in Miami ? It doesnt work for me on Insmed site (replay).
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    In bioteck News that evidently thrilled thecnt Marjorie Taylor Greene, "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli who raised the price of an AIDS drug at least 5000% overnight has been released.
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    Insiders get cheap shares! LEWIS W ($812,532)SHAROKY MELVIN MD ( Bought 20k given 14.5 for $0) Flammer (CMO arikayce post below) all got "incentive shares" ! Congrats.
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    Anyone see the new short interest data shows another 100k shares and the highest short interest since 2018 when INSM share price reached $13.12?
    This is where Insmed Institutions are making money without any risk. Lewis was voted in today with 96% of the votes of Institutions and a Yes vote for more "compensation"