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    Yes, Blackrock, Blackstone could easily make IIPR a private company.
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    The average dividend yield for equity REITs is right around 4.3%. However, this is not your average REIT. The $280 high was driven by growth prospects which unfortunately drove the yield way down. We all knew growth rate was going to slow, causing price to fall and yield to increase. BTW, I am long about 1100 with average cost per share around $45 giving me a yield around 12%. It was a pain to lose $150k on paper, but I love to DRIP at the yield. Growth will continue, but more than likely because of M&A down the road as the industry consolidates eventually. Biggest question now is does the market still want this to be a growth play, or high yield play?
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    I believe IIPR will continue to be a growth play with a continuation of positive trends in earnings, revenue, cash flow and dividends. If it were not for Blue Orca, class action law suit, inflation, rising interest rates, Covid 19, Ukraine war, margin calls, fear of pending recession, IIRP would be selling for one 200 dollars. It's a cattle drive to the slaughter house and we are the cattle.
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    Cramer is ...well...only on CNBC as entertainment - Jon Stewart nailed him years ago when he recommended buying Bear Stearns.....7 weeks before it collapsed....based on his "intuition."
    See for a laugh:
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    A large amount of investors are pricing IIPR based on future yields relative to current inflation. At this point, based how they're evaluating the projected dividend increase, the price would be $110 - $130. However, once this 8.5% inflation goes back to a normalized rate (2%-3%) the stock price would spike (based on current shares) to around $210 - $240 as of today's earnings for a steady state.

    The bigger question is when we think inflation will normalize. As a diamond hand, I'll gladly add at these prices and DRIP incremental shares.

    Thanks for listening to my rant, and I'll happily engage in meaningful discussions if anyone would like.
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    Last night on Mad Money Jim Cramer talked about IIPR and his concern was exactly the same as mine. He noted that IIPR was the victim of a hit piece by a short seller which Cramer said he found pretty convincing. He said that the short seller had concerns about IIPR’s largest tenant and now so does he. He said that he called the company to discuss this issue and they did not call him back. Cramer said that it is therefore “not worth trying to be a hero and not worth ever, ever not calling me back.” This issue of tenant credit worthiness was I sold my shares after the hit piece. Management seems scared to address this topic. I have not seen them take this issue head on.
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    Kevin Football
    So will the rising mortgage rates crush this company?
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    Mike Jones
    I took the opportunity to invest some of my gains from IIPR short position into the MSO's. I started buying TCNNF, CURLF, GTBIF and TLRY. Any advice on weights or others I should include?
  • g
    Read through the Fool article and he comes out about where most people do - class actions brought after an activist allegations of misrepresentations are often costly, but just bumps in the road. Are weed growers having trouble now with high interest rates? Sure. Are REITs having difficulty now? Sure. Risk is inherent in this industry….but I don’t believe fraud allegations will hold up in court - but they will cause volatility….my opinion:
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    unless we have a 1930s style depression Marijuana will cont to grow And not just grow but grow parabolicly Which leads me to believe iipr can grow its dividend at a 30 percent rate
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    Marco A
    In my humble opinion the problem stays in interest rate. If the interest rate are growing the value of our dividends and the value of long term leasing contracts decreases. Would be interesting ti know if the contracts are fixed or the amount that the companies pay to us Is linked to interest rates and inflaction.

    Further more I m worried about the rising interest rates Will not calm down inflaction, because if you check statistic bearou, what Is increasing more in price Is Energy price.

    Increase in prices that we are faceing, in my opinion, does not came from inflation (increase of Money supply) but for variation in market due to Russia war.

    So, at the end of the day, I think that we have to Hope for a ready war resolution.

    I Belive that the geopoplitical aim of the war Is to weak the european-russian relations (and It has been achived) and to stop gas supply projects from the Scandinavian Sea (North stream 2).

    So, It would be wise to find a pace agreement as soon as Is possibile.

    Because, if you check the rublo/dollar Exchange rate, you Will find that rublo Is higher on dollar compared to before the war. The whole strategy of sanctioning the Russia, Is a strategy that does not work against a developer, well connected, resourcefull country as Russia. Restricting treads with Russia Will Just produce a sort of protetionistic enviroment that Will strenghten Russia economy.

    So, even if i own a decente amount of iipr stock, and i Will not sell them because i m not a smart enough investor, we have to realize that actually, the value of the stock Is decreased and hardly we Will see valuea that It had Just few months ago.
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    These large institutions did not forget to do their homework before investing millions $ for IIPR shares.

    Top Institutional Holders

    Holder Shares Date Reported % Out Value
    Blackrock Inc. 4,292,781 Dec 30, 2021 15.57% 1,128,615,052
    Vanguard Group, Inc. (The) 3,809,378 Dec 30, 2021 13.82% 1,001,523,569
    State Street Corporation 1,278,642 Dec 30, 2021 4.64% 336,167,768
    Zimmer Partners, LP 775,000 Dec 30, 2021 2.81% 203,755,250
    AdvisorShares Investments, LLC 516,401 Dec 30, 2021 1.87% 135,766,986
    Northern Trust Corporation 336,195 Dec 30, 2021 1.22% 88,389,027
    Nuveen Asset Management 308,210 Dec 30, 2021 1.12% 81,031,491
    Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc. 285,444 Dec 30, 2021 1.04% 75,046,082
    Bank Of New York Mellon Corporation 265,484 Dec 30, 2021 0.96% 69,798,398
    Massachusetts Financial Services Co. 243,072 Dec 30, 2021 0.88% 63,906,059
    Top Mutual Fund Holders

    Holder Shares Date Reported % Out Value
    iShares Core S&P Smallcap ETF 1,683,267 Jan 30, 2022 6.11% 333,606,686
    Vanguard Specialized-Real Estate Index Fund 1,142,188 Jan 30, 2022 4.14% 226,370,239
    Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund 679,916 Dec 30, 2021 2.47% 178,756,715
    Vanguard Small-Cap Index Fund 602,531 Dec 30, 2021 2.19% 158,411,425
    iShares Russell 2000 ETF 541,583 Jan 30, 2022 1.96% 107,336,334
    AdvisorShares Trust-AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF 413,556 Feb 27, 2022 1.50% 77,938,763
    Vanguard Small-Cap Growth Index Fund 375,561 Dec 30, 2021 1.36% 98,738,742
    Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund 320,471 Dec 30, 2021 1.16% 84,255,030
    iShares S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth ETF 276,711 Jan 30, 2022 1.00% 54,841,353
    Vanguard Tax Managed Fund-Small Cap Fund 210,700 Dec 30, 2021 0.76% 55,395,137

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    IIPR has raised its dividend almost every quarter the past two years. Like Booze and Cigs, The Ol' Mary Jane is probably recession proof. A few more points of yield and I'm a buyer. That said, this market is no longer sane or logical. I expect the beatings to continue.
  • K
    This is a real steal here, but I guess average investors don’t understand numbers. I’m going to have to pick up more shares just on the principle of the thing
  • R
    At this share price, it makes sense for a private equity group to take this company private. That would be sad for stockholders like me who will miss out on the upside potential!
  • G
    I’ve been in around $55 and certainly still remain long on IIPR. But it feels like this has gone down every calendar trading day this year. Certainly testing my resolve as an investor. Never would have thought this would happen like this.
  • a
    I dont blame people for their fear this is what these sell offs are designed to do Imo stay diversified have some self confidence and you will survive the bear we are 210 days into this downturn I just dont believe bear mkts last forever
  • G
    Besides the unreasonable downturn of iipr after the sham blue orca reports, the second worst thing to happen to iipr is the people who have filled this board. It’s unbearable to come on here anymore. Looking forward to seeing the folks who have been on here for years come back after the price increase and the raft goes away. Until then.. best of luck everyone.
  • a
    bear mkts dont last forever if your diversified enough no one stock will brk you The worst case scenario most or your stocks will make you money in the future bull mkt And the ones that dont make it can always be sold and written off of the profits you make on the stocks who came back and made u money
  • S
    Fair price>? 20 PE and 5% dividend?
    I am surmising $12 might be a stable price for this company now. But I will hold back buying more until macro situation in economy shapes up a bit.