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  • P
    Pro Portfolio Manager
    Fantastic 4th quarter, very strong full year, great guidance, this is well above expectations on every count!
  • N
    Any advice please? I bought this for earnings. Should I sell at open or wait until before close to maximize profits?
  • a
    Serious question. What justifies their P/E being over 45 ? I wouldn't think this is a huge growth industry. I mean, everyone is already required to pay taxes and there are tons of accounting software packages. What am I missing?
  • E
    Investing in Binary Options Now Is Very Cool, Especially
    With The Current, Rise In The Market.
  • K
    The sell off today, is not rational, moving the tax deadline will only drive traffic to intuit websites for a longer period. Revenues will not be lost but moved out 90 days. Intuit will surely move down on market sell offs due to the virus, but today's sell off makes no sense. Intuit is going to be fine in time
  • E
    I first bought Intuit stock when it was at 24. I bought it because of TurboTax--which I have been using since before it was called that (early 1980s). There were years when our taxes were quite complex (two cull-time jobs, two rental properties, side business teaching piano, active trader, Etsy business...) and TurboTax made it easy. Can't for the life of me understand why anyone would pay someone else to do their taxes!

    Also cannot understand why professional portfolio managers don't like Intuit! I've gone back and forth using professional portfolio managers and investing by myself three times. The first thing they have always done is sell my Intuit stock! Until this year, it was ALWAYS my highest returning stock (I usually have between 30 and 50 different stocks).

    Betting this year was a fluke and buying more now.
  • K
    Party Time!!!! Intuit was worth $800 a share 4 months ago, going to have to think what it worth today. The March to $800 continues!!
  • W
    Breaking Intuit news: Four INTU price target increases on the wires so far this morning: Barclay's, Jeffries, JP Morgan & Piper Sandler ~ whose analysts were all congratulating Intuit in the conference call. Two robust price target increases were from JP Morgan [$530 to $630] & Piper [$498 to $621]. I would normally not be posting this until 0715; but I am already loaded to the gills with INTU so I will share the wealth. Big of me, eh? LOL
  • K
    Intuit is going to crush full year guidance, strange they did not raise. Somebody is trying to keep shares down, but won't last long.
  • A
    Does anyone already have history on reasons INTU has moved significantly lower in the past? I mean long term downward trends. Mainly if market driven vs results driven. Thinking interest rate hikes type stuff. Cuz i believe it moves a lot with the market for some reason. Thanks!
  • K
    I have never seen any acquisition thrive like Credit Karma has in the Intuit Ecosystem. There seems to be a multiplying effect with with combining these two assets into one platform. After listening to the conference call, it appears that Management is looking for more deals to unleash this potential. Looking forward to some exciting acquisitions in the next 12 months.
  • S
    You all should watch Patriot act's new episode on Netflix about intuit. Fundamental investors will get a sense of what kind of company they are dealing with!
  • K
    Outstanding Earnings! If this were November 2021 INTU, would be at $1,000.
  • V
    Mailchimp confirmed, what a vision to merge the marketing platform into Its portfolio
  • R
    Intuit valuation is fairly high here and insider sales #$%$ the market but are just normal for this kind of security. It is impossible to time anything with INTU and so just hold on as the business model is super. There is good support in the mid 260's
  • K
    Intuit gets new $645, price target! Still way below my $800, price target!
  • K
    Considering we are on the mist of a once in a lifetume pandemic, small business continue to get crushed and we have tens of millions unemployed, 14% revenue gain is pretty, pretty good.
  • K
    Intuit + Credit Karma = Fintech Beast! this is just the beginning of a incredible future for the Intuit Platform they are going to add so many verticals your head is going spin all the way around. Intuit just might be the best Fintech in the World! The reason is the DATA they got the DATA!
  • L
    Logical Investor
    With triple the number of people filling taxes this year using turbo tax compared to last year... $335 is an easy target for this stock. can't wait to see this explode next week.