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    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
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    KTOS releases very impressive and informative information, this morning!
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    I wonder if the low volume sell side daytraders have enough sense and vision to be keeping some of those shares for a longer term real gain? IMO at these levels, it would be quite advantageous!
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    According to the same paperwork, as of August 25, 2021, the Air Wolf has flown a total of 83 hours. According to FAA records, another MQM-178 Firejet was given a civil registration of N501YM in March of this year. This aircraft has a similar serial number, which could suggest another Air Wolf prototype in development.
    In September 2021, Kratos confirmed to The War Zone that the Air Wolf had successfully deployed Aerovironment’s Switchblade-series loitering munition, which are designed first to be launched from a pneumatic tube by an operator on the ground. Kratos Unmanned Systems Division President Steve Fendley also noted at that time that Kratos had been issued contracts to provide the Air Wolf drone to several unidentified customers.
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    Mr. Fendley concluded, "The DoD has reported consistently, especially in the last several months, that runway independence and the ability to operate from multiple non-large base locations is a critical enabler for our military's successful operations in the most critical enemy threat scenarios. The DoD has also reported consistently that large quantities or a mass of CCAs are the game-changer for success in the wargames and threat analyses. Other characteristics/capabilities which are significant enablers for mission success in these engagements/missions include a level of survivability through signature, speed, and maneuverability, plus range and endurance in substantial excess of today's fighters, and finally, affordability based on both the mass analyses and cost trade conflict equation. Kratos' systems have been designed specifically in response to each of these fundamentals, all which support the wargame analysis keys to success."
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    The more I’ve considered this co and stock, I’m beginning to think this will be one of those that dawdles around the 11-16 pps for a number of years (as it has now) (the spike to $35 was a one off apparently) - but once the significant catalyst occurs (THE mother of all govt contracts), this will catch up and pass Raytheon, etc.
    If you plan to live some longer, and can be patient keep and add. (It will likely be bot out or merge after the mother…)
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    From Defense News: The Air Force’s array of 48 fighter squadrons and nine attack squadrons are today being asked to do the work of 60 squadrons, the head of Air Combat Command said Wednesday.

    I have no sympathy. Combat drones are the solution, but the Air Force is dragging it’s feet.
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    From Defense News: The U.S. Air Force is likely to hold a competition in 2024 for autonomous drone wingmen that would team up with manned fighters such as the F-35, Secretary Frank Kendall said Wednesday.

    I believe someone on this board had expected this, but not me.

    It looks like they are slowing things down to let the big three aerospace corporations to catch up.
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    Mike Fink
    KTOS is a much better company now than the last time it was selling at these prices.
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    From BreakingDefense: Boeing, which was one of the companies initially chosen for flight demonstrations, is no longer a participant in Skyborg, but could re-engage in future procure efforts, White said. Its MQ-28 Ghost Bat — formerly known as the Airpower Teaming System — was engaged in tests in Australia for its flagship customer, the Royal Australian Air Force, and schedule conflicts prevented Boeing from being able to provide a test aircraft for Skyborg.
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    Ticker symbol ILUS is also worth a look. They are into EVs, Drones, Urban Mining. the Metaverse, UAVs, and also hold patented firefighting / safety technology. The are profitable and growing at an incredible pace. See Yahoo Finance for details and news.
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    Larger than normal turnover of shares the past couple days. Just an observation!
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    Oversold, will be picking up a few more shares.
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    Long term investment by dollar cost averaging over time, is my not so secret way to wealth management 😊
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    BTW all the recent selling has been on lite volume. Just a sign of a generally weak market atmosphere. Not company specific, in my knowledgeable opinion 😊
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    have held this for 3 years...this stock looked promising but no one seems interested..seems a good buyout target at this price
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    May be directly related to today's KTOS news Yahoo News.
    SAN DIEGO , Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: KTOS), a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced today that it has been named a finalist in Halldale Group’s 2022 Military Simulation and Training Awards. The award nomination reinforces Kratos’ leadership in the application of advanced immersive technologies to enhance military training.
    U.S. Army approves order for thousands of Microsoft combat goggles
    LONDON — The U.S. Army has approved an order to buy thousands of HoloLens combat goggles made by Microsoft — years after employees of the tech giant demanded the company cancel its contract with the military.
    The order for 5,000 goggles was initially placed in March 2021 but had been put on hold over concerns about their performance. Army spokesman Jamal Beck said that Douglas Bush, assistant secretary for acquisition, has now “cleared the Army to begin accepting” the new technology.

    The augmented reality goggles, a customized version of the HoloLens goggles, give the user a “heads-up display” — meaning that a hologram is placed over their environment, giving them more information about what they can already see.

    The Army expects to spend around $21.9 billion on the goggles over the next 10 years. A final test on the goggles is not expected until October, but Bush said: “The Army remains confident that the program will succeed.”

    Soldiers in the woods at Fort Pickett wearing IVAS prototypes.
    Soldiers in the woods at Fort Pickett wearing IVAS prototypes. (Courtney Bacon/U.S. Army via Reuters)
    The HoloLens goggles are commercially available and go for $3,500 per set. The goggles are used in a number of industries, including health care, and are used by NASA.
    Microsoft and the Army brokered the original deal in 2018 for $480 million. Months later in 2019, a group of Microsoft employees called on the company to cancel the contract, as the technology would be designed “to help people kill.” In a letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and President Brad Smith, workers said the company had failed to inform the engineers of “the intent of the software they are building.”

    “We are alarmed that Microsoft is working to provide weapons technology to the U.S. Military, helping one country’s government ‘increase lethality’ using tools we built,” the workers wrote in the letter. “We did not sign up to develop weapons, and we demand a say in how our work is used.”

    Smith replied in a blog post saying that the company believes in “the strong defense of the United States” and that it wants the people “who defend it to have access to the nation’s best technology.”
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    Trump, D
    Is this ready to SOAR?