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McEwen Mining Inc. (0JZT.L)

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  • E
    Elon's left testicle
    How you likin that RS now?
  • D
    If Los Azules is so rich and payback is so fast why are there no interested buyers.
    What is Rob not telling us?

    He turned mux into a copper company. I hate to say it but looks like Rob lost his golden touch. Probably lucked out with Goldcorp.
  • G
    I had 2000 shares at 1.04$. Now I have 200 at 10.40$ and a loss of 98%. What is happening, does any body know?
  • R
    After the split tomorrow, prediction Rob will issue more stock to raise money within 90 days.
  • S
    1:10 REVERSE SPLIT COMING tomorrow 7/26/22. Be ready for some action after the split. Might be able to scrape a few dollars off the table in the confusion...

    TIP: You should set a DAILY calendar reminder to check for SPLITS - stock you already own or stocks you may want to own.
  • r
    Reverse split isn’t showing yet it says I own 10800 shares at 0.00 which isn’t right it didn’t revert yet in my account so I assume reverse split is happening now
  • R
    Not looking forward to seeing the next earnings.I think it’s going to be the worst yet.We need a $2500 gold price and 30 dollar silver if there is any hope of survival for this company.Total disaster this has become.
  • j
    This company needs a fresh look over . Someone neutral who has no direct skin in the game who can evaluate the assets true economic potential . Ian Ball would be an excellent choice . He has a good historical view having been involved while Rob was putting together the company.
  • N
    See all of you soon at $23 levels 🌊⬆️
  • N
    From my personal point of view, I see that what happened is best for the company. First, the tax will be reduced compared to the number of shares and their price, and the ease of tracking the volume. Secondly, the wave of rise will start from today 🙏🏻
  • M
    short increase mux by 1,130 %
  • R
    Thanks again ROB and MANAGEMENT TEAM for destroying shareholder value, to your credit you did say that a reverse stock split would be the final Nail in the coffin for Mux, boy where you right.
  • J
    Jeffrey F
    Just to but this RS in perspective, If one bought shares at $2 prior to the split, MUX will need to rise to $20 just to break even. Ain't going to happen folks. Now if one had loaded up at .35 some money could be made.
  • N
    Nothing is impossible 💡
  • N
    They work hard, a company that has been in operation for more than 30 years. We will definitely wait for the surprise ⬆️🙏🏻
  • C
    Maybe I should have doubled up when this was .33. before split and this run?
    This is just moving with pms right? It is easier for funds to buy and hold, but volume says its normal retail?
    Any thoughts?
  • D
    Pass-through financing: 12/31/2020= 7.67M shares for $9.82M USD.
    03/02/2022= 14.5M shares for $15.1M USD.

    And McEwen Copper spin-off valuation is based on 17.5M shares priced at $10 USD, with 5.5M shares already sold, 2.5M shares still up for sale, and the remaining 9.5M shares owned by MUX (us). So, "our" McEwen Copper shares are worth $95M USD on paper, and our gold mining assets have been explored and developed to the tune of $24.92M USD in exchange for 22.17M shares (out of 474.28M shares outstanding. (That's around 4.1% of shares outstanding.)

    All this math suggests Rob McEwen is doing a VERY good job of securing exploration and development money (=high risk) at a VERY low cost to existing investors. In fact, it indicates deep-pocketed investors value the company at around $1Billion USD, or slightly north of $2 USD/ share. Most of that money was Rob's, who sunk $40M USD into McEwen copper

    Bottom line: if you think Rob's doing a bad job, you should really think again.
  • e
    The reverse split hurts as it reduces the shares we will receive in MUX copper. That has been my hope for getting anywhere near break even. Of course they needed to do this to maintain their listing, but I had hoped MUX copper shares would be issued first. This just adds insult to injury.
  • C
    kiss of death. Reverse split and price reversion back below a buck. watch. Taking a tax loss here.