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Mobile TeleSystems Public Joint Stock Company (0K22.L)

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  • B
    Hey all. Looking to start a position here and diversify with a stable, high dividend stock. My question is being they are a Russian company is there any fees, taxes, or hidden expenses associated with owning it? For example would there be any foreign withholding taxes or possibly any charges by my Broker per share or anything like that? Thanks
  • R
    Attractive drop today, although moved with underlying.
  • R
    Looks like the ADR has corrected to the underlying price. MTSS at 307, 74.85 rubles to the dollar, 2 shares per ADR gets to 8.20, little to no premium. May be a chance to jump in and turn a buck if premium returns. Not a bad bet with US printing money and oil up, although I wouldnt bet on ruble vs dollar under nearly any conditions. With T low and beat up un the space and no dividend in sight until July without a special payout, not looking to take a long term position though, dont want to get tied up without a divy closer. Might have .30 on the fence, but want to see another couple momentum drops before I load up this early. Would like to see this opportunity March.
  • J
    That ER means the current divvy is too high. Maybe now mostly priced in over last day or so.
  • A
    A 7 handle on this stock is to good to pass up. They are AT &T, Verizon, and T mobile combined. And we think our telecommunication industry is over consolidated. What is MBT. Over 90% market share, 15% Div. Hoping it hangs in the $7's Monday so I can load up.
  • R
    Richie Rich
    Wasn't expecting that nice dividend... Just noticed it :-)
  • n
    Are you getting Rouble dividends from mbt bought with dollars? Anyone getting dollar dividends?
  • J
    Question, perhaps someone can help. Are these dividends ordinary or qualified? Are you taxed at the ordinary income rate or capital gains rate ? Thanks
  • O
    This stock doesn’t move, the div is the growth… so just capture below 9 and ur good to eternity
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  • m
    Ugly chart been years sitting around 9
  • G
    Too close to $10 not to recover that level as fundamentals support higher sp.
  • J
    According to Paulo Santos, the ADRs (MBT) are trading at a premium (6.9%) to underlying Russian stock.
  • B
    Is the div really 12%
  • T
    good volume today
  • C
    MTS just bought a large data center in Moscow. I am not sure why this is not shown in the news on this site. They are getting into cloud computing, data center and are already in banking. It is incredible how cheap this is-- especially relative to US companies in the telecom sector.
  • L
    $100,000 invested in MBT yields approximately $8,800 per year. To get the same $8,800 yield from the S&P 500, you need to invest approximately $585,000. The US is drowning in exponentially increasing debt and perpetual multi-$trillion budget deficits as far as the eye can see. Russia has the lowest debt to GDP of any major country and maintains an almost balanced budget. Where would you invest your money?
  • T
    T Long
    Can anyone explain the ADR fees? TD Ameritrade doesn't give me much info on them... Just a little icon that says they are typically 1-3 cents per share. Is that an annual fee? Is it just paid out of the dividends?
  • S
    7.5% dividend for simply holding this for the next 6 weeks. Amazing. I own 12,000 MBT shares. Also, the World Cup in Russia should provide some positive free publicity on a global basis for Russian companies over the next 2 months.
  • E
    Edward Horton
    Invested in OGZPY and MBT today, purchased thousands of shares in these two quality companies that pay beautiful dividends and will be around forever