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The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (0KEF.L)

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182.48-7.86 (-4.13%)
At close: 5:10PM BST
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    That's exactly what I did. I am trading with an expert named Fedor vsevolod and with his experience and skills I can get maximum profits from my trading after 17 days of intense trading. Contact Mr Fedor vsevolod’s signals via Te
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    Price target $211. Sounds good to me.
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    At one point I added two banks to my portfolio. One was Morgan Stanley whose CEO is one of the best and I debated between PNC and USB….unfortunately I made the wrong choice on that one. When I look at PNC I still wonder why a regional bank is trading at between 180 and 200 and where the share price can logically go from here
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    What an incompetent group at PNC when you call on the 800 customer line.
    I had an issued parking ticket for Aug 29 and paid for it on the same date. When I asked their customer service agent for a payment receipt, the statement read paid on Aug 28. Such a simple procedure.
    Office hours are short and banks in small towns are being closed.

    Be careful dealing with this bank in the future.
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    What a day!
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    Bought a small community bank stock 40 years ago. It was bought up by PNC. My investment was $600.00. Today I get over $5000.00 a year in dividends. Slow and steady wins the race.
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    I believe PNC will be 150 again at some point. The question is when. Science and/or time will likely win the battle vs. the virus. But, the longer it takes, the more the underlying damage to the economy and the banks. if the virus is eliminated by Jan/Feb I think PNC thrives in 2021. If the virus continues to disrupt through the end of 2021, I think PNC drops well below 100 in 2021. Good luck longs.
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    PNC is the only bank I am holding my positions during this time. they are sitting on billions of dollars as CASH after selling Blackrock equity and in the perfect position to invest in other opportunities at rock bottom prices. Their network is very strong.
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    What does everyone think about Warren Buffett closing his position on PNC. I love PNC and planned on keeping it for many years to come, but this makes me a little nervous...
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    IF you believe in the new treatment breakthroughs and that we will have a good vaccine by end of the year, this is a great time to begin accumulating PNC (imho). 4.47% dividend, a lot of cash, and thee great one (Warren) is accumulating. I own 250 shares and will be building on it the next few weeks if nothing changes. Good luck long and strong.
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    Why is PNC struggling to rise given that it has such a strong fundamentals?
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    California Unions negotiating a 10 % wage cut . Another proof statement that yes labor costs are an issue .
    Also if the most Left Wing pro active labor State [ one of the few states that mandates a 30 minute worker break] with a far Lefty Governor can understand economics . Why can`t the UAW understand it is driving Ford toward bankruptcy even before the virus. But now with the pedal to the medal toward bankrupcy . Why didn't Ford management take drastic pay cuts ? And at the annual meeting after announcing management cuts and across the board pay cuts from anyone earning 200k to 65 k a 10% cut . Drastic cuts for 200k to the 18 million for Hackett . State UAW it is time for us to have a wage structure that allows us to profit year after year .
    Why are we waiting until Bankruptcy becomes the option to change the structure like it did last time. The Two Tier wage and lower wages is the only thing that saved Ford and let the Company profit for a few years.
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    Warren Buffett just bought a stake on this bank
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    Barron's listed several bank stocks they believe are takeover candidates in it's recent edition....Regions Financial was mentioned, it looks interesting with a 6% yield.........JMHO
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    Who is PNC going to buy with all that cash? Just an opinion and wild guess but Fifth Third bank. Great regional bank that services a lmarket in Ohio, Indiana and Florida. That’s my hope but who knows which one they’ll chose.
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    More exposure to the southern us. the growing part of America. great move. . On to 150 BOOYAH
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    people are still buying homes and refinancing, what am I missing?
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    Up $3.11 after hours. News???
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    What did I miss? Markets green. $6 shaved off the sp overnight? How do you explain that?
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    May consolidate all my other financial sector holdings into $PNC. One of the only banks that is both a conservative play and also expanding fast with the BBVA acquisition. This will be trading at $200 before you know it