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PPL Corporation (0KEJ.L)

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    Value Line dated 11/12/21

    "In recent months, the equity has been trading in a narrow range, which reflects the almost certain dividend reduction. PPL is targeting a payout ratio of 60%-65%. The stock is untimely, and we advise investors to stay on the sidelines until there is more clarity about the disbursement."

    They have a projected dividend cut to 3.4%. and a 3-5 year price projection of $20-$30. Also, they have an "Industry Rank: Electric Utility (East) - 94 (of 97)".
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    Are you guys starting to see the big picture yet? $.36/ SH in the weakest quarter of the yeae..We extinguished debt for the quarter, so this was not a full quarter at the lower debt levels...We still are going to buy back $500M more in stock..Narrasett should add $.23/ share per quarter to earning..So I now think it will be $2.4/ share...For arguments say .625% payout ratio this would. leave us with a $1.5/share divi.. So cut about $.04/per quarter but we don't have to deal with the insanity that comes from operating in the UK. All USA..
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    Where is the electricity coming from for all these electric vehicles ?
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    “On November 4, PPL is projected to report (3rd quarter) earnings of $0.35 per share, which would represent a year-over-year decline of 39.66%.”

    “Within the past 30 days, our consensus EPS projection remained stagnant. PPL is currently sporting a Zacks Rank of #5 (Strong Sell).”

    “Looking at its valuation, PPL is holding a Forward P/E ratio of 24.58. For comparison, its industry has an average Forward P/E of 18.61, which means PPL is trading at a premium to the group.”
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    Scott I own PPl and worried about a big dividend cut. Pro's have 2022 earnings at $1.59. Is your $2.40 a dream? Hope the Pro's up their numbers.
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    Mariner Pacific
    Sell-off is comical... Once the share buyback kicks in, $30 for starters, then onward and upward
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    Mariner Pacific
    Seriously, there's just one post in the last 9 days? This stock is breaking out today and there's no conjecture or conversation about it?
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    They’ll likely do a divy cut and buy back shares
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    Anyone out there who thinks the current quaterly dividend is sustainable? Chances are that future earnings over the next couple years will be lower than the current payout. I think we may be looking at a cut.
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    Anyone who purchased stock in PPL 5 years ago had a total return of 15% (includes price + dividend). Anyone who purchased a S&P 500 index Fund 5 years ago would have had a 98.6% increase in the share price. That doesn’t include dividends which were around 2% each year (so tack on another 10% to that total).
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    JD R
    Lot of talk here about a divvie cut but price keeps creeping up. Has to be a reason(s) why.
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    Power Power Light(PPL) joins Electric Highway Coalition to made up of 17 electric companies to establish charging stations up and down the Atlantic coast, to Midwest , and southern states to begin with. This will be crushing competition for the likes of Blink, Chargepoint. It was a matter of time.
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    PPL recently acquired natural gas assets from National Grid in RI. Are there any plans to buy the gas assets from NG in NYC area? Looks like National Grid has declared natural gas to be a "dirty" fuel and is, apparently, looking to focus on their electric business.
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    Over the last few years this has been very frustrating to watch. I read the reports and I listen to every call and u hear alot of things being communicated but the share price has not improved or even got to where I bought it years and years ago. Even with all the dividends I am still at a loss. My confidence has really dropped and I am worried about the future of the dividend. Not the company itself, as I am not questioning that but many people rely on that dividend. Since the share price has been consistently in this range if a cut were to happen it wouldn't be pretty unless it's just a small amount. I am believing that they know that their shareholders have been frustrated and that they work to keep the dividend the same. Buy backs are nice but people favor the dividend over buyback. Especially when you have no capital gains year after year. If you did get in at $26 good for you then you are actually ahead. Good luck!
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    The real money is going to be made in natural gas and uranium those are the two commodities that spin the turbines required to make all the electricity to recharge these millions of cars that are seem to be coming on the market my biggest holdings has just merged it was Cabot oil and gas the symbol is still the same they’re going to be a powerhouse 50% oil 50% natural gas in they are on hedged come January 1 the symbol is COG .
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    Yo yo !
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    Their sale of the UK business suddenly looks really smart at the moment.
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    ex div date?
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    $4.76 billion in cash. Interesting.
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    Began selling my position on each rally. 24,000 shares down, 6000 yet to go. Buying oil& gas companies much better chance for increasing dividends and share price growth. Have owned PPL for 11 years, but I’m not risking the dividend cut which is sure to happen. The market has already priced in the cut.