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    I know QORVO does not sell directly to consumers and has ZERO visibility. For the last few weeks, I have been asking anyone I see with a smartphone if they ever heard of QORVO not one of over 100 has any idea the company exists or what it does. I would think with the importance of this company they should have at least a little visibility.
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    Added today.
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    The eight 2022 top chip picks from Goldmann Sachs include Qorvo.

    Analyst Toshiya Hari revealed Monday in a new research note eight names in the chip space that are top picks for the investment bank: Advanced Micro Devices, Marvell, Analog Devices, Teradyne, Impinj, Micron, ON Semiconductor and Qorvo.
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    Lots of good news for QRVO in QCOM’s presentation today at CES today!
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    Maybe it's because of BoA forecast price? If yes, everything will grow before earnings and our poor stock will go down or stay in flat. It will be very unpleasant.
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    Today on a talk by suppliers to power amplifier manufacturers I heard the demand for substrates has been very high and is expected to remain high
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    Should have known some BS was in the works when, a few days ago, the semis were up and QRVO was down a few bucks. Gonna tell me the big boys don't know things in advance? Righhht lol
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    Barron's mentions: The publication dives headfirst into the semiconductor sector to start off the new year. The PHLX Semiconductor Index is noted to have almost doubled the gain of the Nasdaq Composite in 2021, but is now trading at 7.9X projected sales, which is double the historical 10-year average. After crunching the numbers on semi stocks, Micron Technology (MU), Amkor Technology (NASDAQ:AMKR), Qorvo (NASDAQ:QRVO), Skyworks Solutions (NASDAQ:SWKS), Intel (INTC), Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM), Microchip (NASDAQ:MCHP), NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ:NXPI) and Applied Materials (NASDAQ:AMAT) are called out as some of the most attractive picks.
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    Today on CNBC one of the analysts said QORVO is a possible takeover NO name & No price IMHO anything under $250. 00 per share would be considered and that is dirt cheap over the long term.
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    Why is it falling again? This is a stock of suffering.
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    From today's news

    Tech giants such as Apple and Samsung have been keen to keep their handset production lines om Vietnam running during the Christmas period, offering incentives such as higher wages to workers willing to stay at assembly lines.
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    From Morningstar
    Skyworks and Qorvo Appear Undervalued Even if The Risk of
    Apple's RF Development Is Real
    Analyst Note Brian Colello, CPA, Sector Director, 16 Dec 2021
    We maintain our fair value estimates of $210 for narrow moat Skyworks and $190 for no moat Qorvo
    after Bloomberg reported that Apple is hiring engineers for an office in Irvine, California to develop
    wireless chips which might displace radio frequency, or RF, chips supplied by firms such as Skyworks
    and Qorvo. Apple made up 30% of Qorvo's revenue in fiscal 2021 and 59% of Skyworks' sales in fiscal
    2021, so it would be a crushing blow if Apple were to entirely abandon either RF supplier. However,
    Apple's wireless development plans aren't a clear-cut sign to us that either Skyworks or Qorvo are on
    the chopping block- certainly not in the near term but perhaps not in the long term either.
    Apple acquired Intel's smartphone modem business in July 2019 and is likely still investing here to
    eventually displace Qualcomm's 5G modems—Qualcomm believes its share of modem business at
    Apple will drop to only 20% in 2023. Yet Apple is still reliant on Qualcomm's millimeter wave RF content
    in iPhones today, so if Apple were to invest in RF, we would surmise that Apple might want to displace
    this content first and foremost. We doubt that Apple and Qualcomm are friendly business partners,
    based on their years of prior litigation. We think one reasonable scenario might be if Apple were to
    develop mmWave RF parts but leave more traditional, sub-6 GHz RF parts to Skyworks and Qorvo. Our
    valuations for both firms do not imply massive share gains in mmWave RF, which is an area where
    Qualcomm has a clear edge today.
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    Make sure to read or listen to the Barclay conference yesterday. Very bullish and IMHO a double in 5 years.
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    SA had a note about the Global foundries earnings report which mentioned QORVO is a customer of GFS and is part of the reason why they had good earnings. Take advantage, study, and BUY QORVO now IMHO in five years a double.
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    SiC semiconductor goes into electric cars charging stations which proves less resistance at higher voltages. GaN semiconductors again for more electric cars, phones and laptops. GaN would be also used in communications. This is the only reason I buy Qorvo.
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    Why is our stock behaving like a dead man? The Christmas rally has begun, a double bottom has been drawn, let's grow!!
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    Garsh, my post was deleted.
    It said today's price was right where it was a year ago on Nov. 23rd.
    Then the price dropped another $3 to $151.
    Worms in the woodwork at Qorvo?
    That Qcom statement that Qcom is the company of the future,
    a "platform" company no less, apparently scared the rocket fuel right out of
    from under Qorvo. Will Qorvo need six months to prove it is a survivor again.
    It was a survivor at $1 billion but not at $4 billion??? Strange how a company
    holds onto its "image."
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    Divakar Reddy
    Why qrvo Down afternoon hours?
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    So it seems investors think QORVO will be bringing bad long-term news to the Barclay conference. We all know about supply chain problems but the stock acts like the future will not be anything like the past. Growing revenue, profits, cash flow, and stock buybacks. Based on what QORVO has done and said in all its past conference calls including the last quarter IMHO QORVO will double in 5 years. Time will tell.
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    Extremely oversold. If I had an opportunity to buy more I would do it without hasitation.