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  • J
    God this thing has been pure dead money, despite unanimous agreement that it is undervalued and due to break out. Why do I always buy these stocks....?
  • D
    So, is SWKS beating their Dec guidance? Any side bets?
  • P
    2022 is for the undervalued stock like SWKS to shine. Be patient and hold tight!
  • Ф
    J.O. you are right. SWKS and QRVO - both are good.
    And now I have chosen SWKS for making money, and nothing more. What can i say more?
    Reduce of Apple addiction?
    1) whether they need to do this - we do not know.
    2) whether they will do it - we do not know.
    3) even if it is necessary and will be - it will take more than one year ...
    4) the fact that Apple is evil and will try to kill them - again, this is a big question and we are unlikely to find out the truth.
    globally, their accounting figures tell us about the upcoming growth. it is also supported by the digitalization of everything and everything will only get better in the future.
    so a rise in prices for SWKS is inevitable, but we will also lose money on all kinds of "news" from "bloomberg"))
    so let's create anti-bloomberg news here))
  • D
    Good article from Seeking Alpha:

    Skyworks, RF, Apple, And The Cirrus Logic Model
  • P
    Value is king in 2022, I have a feeling Skyworks will start moving again upwards and real quick! Maybe next week?
  • M
    At last! It’s back to my buying price! 👍🥂🎉
  • Ф
    Chairman, CEO and President - recently sold a lot of shares (about 4,5M usd) for ~$150. What does that mean?
  • T
    Correction was OVERDONE !
  • Ф
    Prices SWKS and QRVO move in the same way.
    QRVO profit and revenue grows better.
    And i like both and can bet on both companies.
    170-190 shoild be very close...
  • Ф
    Looks like it's gone through the bottom and now it's way up to 170-180 in short time, but after earning report maybe. And 190-200 in the middle time
  • s
    This could be good news for SWKS:

    Apple iPhone Sales Are Stronger Than Expected, Says Morgan Stanley
    11:58 AM ET 12/22/21 | Dow Jones

    Apple's December quarter iPhone sales are more robust than the Street had anticipated, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty asserts in a new research note -- and that could set up a positive earnings surprise.
    Huberty finds that Apple (ticker: AAPL) iPhone lead times are contracting to more-normalized levels in late December, "further evidence" that iPhone production is above expectations. Huberty adds that she has come across "a handful of data points" suggesting that component availability in the last month is improving.

    Huberty asserts that iPhone build rates in the December quarter "remain stable" at an 82 million-unit quarterly rate. She notes that Apple is seeing improving supply for both power-management chips and camera modules, parts that had recently been in short supply. She also says iPhone builds in the month are likely to be flat to slightly down from November, stronger than the historical pattern of a more significant month-over-month decline.

    The analyst also notes that lead times for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models as of Tuesday were down to 2 days, from 20 days one month ago.

    Huberty concedes that "some investors may view this lead-time contraction as a sign of slowing demand," but counters that there is considerable strength in major markets, with China posting iPhone shipment growth of 46% year-over-year for the quarter through November. "While we don't have enough data to definitively say that iPhone will exit the December quarter in supply/demand balance, we do believe that iPhone production is surprising to the upside."

    Huberty projects iPhone revenue for the December quarter of $72.9 billion, well ahead of the Street consensus forecast of $67 billion. Overall Street consensus calls for $118.6 billion in sales for the holiday quarter, with earnings of $1.89 a share; Huberty is projecting sales of $122.2 billion and earnings $1.97 a share
  • H
    2022 CES – Skyworks Automotive Solutions
    High voltage systems drive the electric vehicle revolution. The motors, chargers, and batteries all operate at 400 volts or higher. New technologies, such as...
    High voltage systems drive the electric vehicle revolution. The motors, chargers, and batteries all operate at 400 volts or higher. New technologies, such as...
  • P
    Piper 'skeptical' of Apple bringing wireless chip development in house
    Piper Sandler analyst Harsh Kumar is viewing with a "skeptical eye" Bloomberg's report of Apple (AAPL) bringing wireless chip development in house. Radio frequency "requires a ton of experience from a design and handling standpoint, as characteristics can vary significantly," Kumar tells investors in a research note. The analyst interprets the job postings on Apple's website to be more related to transceiver deign and system architecture. Kumar says dealing with complex RF technologies would require a "great level of understanding and many more job functions than currently posted." He does not believe it is fundamentally possible to enter the market with such few resources for at least a decade. The news "seems to be a lot more smoke than anything tangible," contends Kumar, who believes this is not a threat to the RF players Skyworks Solutions (SWKS) and Qorvo (QRVO). This could be a play by Apple to "peel off the Qualcomm (QCOM) business down the line," or it could be a situation that Broadcom and Apple "have decided to refocus their relationship in the future only on certain products," he adds.
  • L
    From The Motley Fool on 12-26-21:
    "A report cited by Taiwanese publication DigiTimes points out that Apple could sell over 300 million iPhones in 2022, a huge increase over this year's estimated iPhone shipments of 240 million units."
  • D
    Duke Silver
    Kind of scratching my head on this. I understand aapl dumping intc as the processor is a much higher cost component. Does anyone know what aapl spent in start up costs to take out intc chips? And can it make sense to take on the production of $25 to $35 parts. And what will their costs be to accomplish this and what’s the payback period for that investment?

    This feels like some old fashion measuring to show swks whose is bigger. Maybe pricing. Maybe a buy out? Would aapl benefit from the slab division technology in addition to the swks fab abilities?

    I have difficulty believing aapl is going in house on such small dollar parts.

    Aapl is nearly 120x swks market cap. They could issue stock to buy at 33B without anyone noticing.
  • L
    * From the QRVO message board:
    "We maintain our fair value estimates of $210 for narrow moat Skyworks and $190 for no moat Qorvo
    after Bloomberg reported that Apple is hiring engineers for an office in Irvine, California to develop
    wireless chips which might displace radio frequency, or RF, chips supplied by firms such as Skyworks
    and Qorvo. Apple made up 30% of Qorvo's revenue in fiscal 2021 and 59% of Skyworks' sales in fiscal
    2021, so it would be a crushing blow if Apple were to entirely abandon either RF supplier. However,
    Apple's wireless development plans aren't a clear-cut sign to us that either Skyworks or Qorvo are on
    the chopping block- certainly not in the near term but perhaps not in the long term either.
    Apple acquired Intel's smartphone modem business in July 2019 and is likely still investing here to
    eventually displace Qualcomm's 5G modems—Qualcomm believes its share of modem business at
    Apple will drop to only 20% in 2023. Yet Apple is still reliant on Qualcomm's millimeter wave RF content
    in iPhones today, so if Apple were to invest in RF, we would surmise that Apple might want to displace
    this content first and foremost. We doubt that Apple and Qualcomm are friendly business partners,
    based on their years of prior litigation. We think one reasonable scenario might be if Apple were to
    develop mmWave RF parts but leave more traditional, sub-6 GHz RF parts to Skyworks and Qorvo. Our
    valuations for both firms do not imply massive share gains in mmWave RF, which is an area where
    Qualcomm has a clear edge today."
  • D
    Was this a year of the dog? I don't think so, SWKS stock had really horrible year.

    If you invested $10,000 on Jan 1, that investment would now be worth an amazing $10,465 right now.

    Compare that with, for example, NVDA

    a $10,000 there would be worth $22,580 right now.

    How about QQQ,

    $10.000 -> $13,006

    etc, etc.

    SWKS investors didn't even keep up with the 6% inflation.

    Why is that? Who suckered you in?

    Lawrence, are you livid? Does your Thorazine meds help at all?
  • j
    Amazing. So AAPL will be making its own RF chips and do it within 3 yrs. I didn't realize the technology was so easy to develop. I'm sure it will be far superior than the current suppliers because they're apple right. So INTC should be able to make 1 NM, no problem. Yeah right. This is a gross over reaction. Another issue will be what do they build the architecture on? I presume they won't be allowed to just copy what they're getting.
  • C
    Does Apple want to destroy every supplier, every competitor, every app that doesn't want to pay them 30% of revenue, every car company ... They ruined Fitbit, Nokia, Blackberry and so many other promising and more innovative companies, There is something unsettling about Apple's direction. It has too much money and is doing serious damage.