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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (0LCV.L)

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45.50+6.03 (+15.28%)
At close: 3:06PM BST
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  • B
    4 months of consolidation on the largest most advanced semiconductor company on the planet in a time where demand, profitability, and expansion have never been higher. A forward PE of only 25 in an industry with an average PE of around 32/33. Their superior tech, worldwide expansion, coupled with the shortage has only fueled the fire for their growth. They continually raise guidance leading into ERs and still beat expectations regularly. A breakout is immanent. Only question is how big will it be.
  • L
    I believe tsmc is a great company with many contracts with companies like Apple and a great long term investment also. Bought at 72 and I am still going to hold !
  • O
    So earnings are up 11%, yay... so the stock drops > 5-6%? WTH??? What logic would you need to use to understand this precipitous drop? Lots of stocks are red today, but < 1% as a rule... Investing seems to get more and more unpredictable, I swear!!
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    TSMC (TWSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today announced its net revenue for June 2021: On a consolidated basis, revenue for June 2021 was approximately NT$148.47 billion, an increase of 32.1 percent from May 2021 and an increase of 22.8 percent from June 2020. Revenue for January through June 2021 totaled NT$734.56 billion, an increase of 18.2 percent compared to the same period in 2020.
  • G
    apple wants tsm to make more iphone chips, so apple stock goes up, tsm stock goes down.
  • D

    Thomas Caulfield, CEO of GlobalFoundries, shot down reports that Intel was in talks to buy the company in a $30B deal.
  • S
    Just made a video on why TSM is an good opportunity:
    -growth company with dividends
    -making laptop processors for Qualcomm
    -making 5nm or 3nm for Intel
    -apple m1 chips, Nvidia and AMD
    -largest fab in the world
    Is TSMC an opportunity?
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    Nice consolidation taking place. Can't wait for it to break out. The best semiconductor company I. the world with all the major players depending on them. All with a forward PE of less than 25!
  • D
    TSM 2H21 is going to be Awesome. Not only did TSM just have a record month revenue (june), 2Q21 is a record quarter, and 1H21 is a record half.

    More exciting than that, TSM statistically has an 18% increase in 2H revenue.
  • C
    Colonel Klink
    This is a $140 stock, any day of the week....what gives ?

    Nice to see it stay above $120, time to move above $130...
  • b
    It’s bs guess who is going to fill that worldwide shortage tsm
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    Home Tek
    According to sources, Intel will purchase all of TSMC's 3nm production capacity.
    J.P. Morgan, China Renaissance, and Credit Suisse coincidentally pointed out that TSMC's advanced process is flourishing and has become a necessary partner for international chip makers.
    With the boost in demand for high-speed computing, TSMC's 5nm capacity will be higher than expected, and 3nm will surpass 5nm to become the mainstream process.
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    Colonel Klink
    Chips are in high demand, this is a $140 stock....just a matter of time to climb back where it was.
  • N
    looking for an entry point on this stock...108?? the medium long term future is green
  • D
    TSMC 2Q21 Results - Earnings Conference and Conference Call

    Tonight at 10:30 PM Pacific.
  • A
    Sold all! Lost a lot! but I am happier now. This is going nowhere. It is not USA company so the stock will not do well. I better go and invest in other usa companies and I already start see my stocks in green. I bought this loser at 135. The last 2 Qs were amazing but the stock keep going down.. I can not keep up with this none sense. F anyone who stole my money (some of you) but I will get them back from other normal stocks.
  • G
    more chip they make, and more money they make ===> lower stock price.
  • H
    I have been going through some crypto assets especially on Ethereum, bitcoin cash and ripple because I wish to begin investing on these crypto assets can anyone please let me know which is best to invest in and also what the profit margin looks like?
  • J
    Tsm is a "manufacturing stock", l repeat, "manufacturing stock" like Boeing.
    l shall explain more at appropriate time. Actually it is common sense.
    Investment vs share speculation is another thing. Remember don't use "speculative mentality = quick money, to invest".
    Want quick money go buy speculative stocks. Don't get this basic logic wrong.