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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (0LCV.L)

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    BTW…In case you missed it, TSMC increased their 2021 revenue to 24% YOY, meaning US$59.13B (2020 was US$47.68B).

    Most Amazing part of that news, means 21Q4 revenue will be 41.5% greater than 20Q4.
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    They had some interesting insights about TSM on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    TODAY we have VINDICATION!!!
    The whining that has been done by PSYCH-WARFARE operatives that are working for the organized short forces looking to tank the PPS of this and other chip sector related stocks should drop off significantly.

    It has been a very rough ride for 3 primary 5G stocks that should be soaring right now, they were all at their highs back in February, but they have been methodically walked down and their shareholders have been harassed, by person or persons looking to undermine shareholders confidence and sadly... IT WORKED on a lot of people. even people that truly believed in where this stock or other chip sector are going.

    QCOM put a floor under their PPS on Tuesday evening announcing a10 BILLION share buyback, which I and other shareholders are very thankful for, I'm a bit more fortunate than some, having started purchasing of QCOM, TSM & MU since early2019 and then adding to them since then, the loss of profits on these since February has been substantial and the only thing that kept me in these positions is the belief that 5G is going to revolutionize the world and it's going to require CHIPS!!! LOT'S OF CHIPS!!!

    Over a half a trillion dollars is being spent by chip fabricators, they see the same future that we do and have put their money on the table, I'm not saying that it's going to smooth sailing from here on, but I do believe the future is evident and most of the games are over for now, ASML's earnings report showed the demand for their chip manufacturing equipment, chips are getting faster and smaller, autos are using thousands of chips, every device, or appliance that we use every day is going to get faster & smarter, so the bottom line is that... MOORE'S LAW... is alive and well, so enjoy the ride, it's going to last for years!!!

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    TSM is the best indicator for chip sector guys!
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    3Q21 will be record revenue quarter, Sep. 2021 will be record revenue month. Data released tonight at 10:30 PM Pacific.
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    This should fly today...
    - earnings beat
    - increased forecast
    - announced new fab in Japan
    - talks with EU
    Let's fly together... I'm ready!
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    The group upgraded its revenue forecast for the end of the year and now expects sales to grow 24% in 2021.

    TSMC plans to invest $100 billion to increase production in the next few years, and announced the building of a new plant in Japan.
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    Nice Friday Uptick Close
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    Semiconductor sector is hot! Don't let the intermittent pullbacks sway your positions. Global semiconductor sales are up big. Up 30% yoy and over 3% month to month, according to SIA. Just about all semiconductor and equipment companies are offering strong guidance going forward with no indication of weakness anytime soon. Most claiming they see the shortage lasting through 2022 ($MRVL the most recent). This shortage combined with the global expansion taking place AND the evolution of the industry's super "cycle" indicates a strong long term outlook for the industry. Who stands to benefit the most? TSM of course. Along with $ASML with their monopoly on advanced EUV that's in great demand by anyone wanting to compete in producing advanced semiconductors. $AMAT is the most diversified equipment provider. $KLAC is the dominant PDC supplier. MRVL for (5G and Data Center) infrastructure. $LRCX for memory. $ICHR and $UCTT are extreme value plays right now as well that benefit from having the companies listed above as customers. GLTA!
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    SUPER strong earning release
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    What are you scared about? It is so undervalued one and a great and unique company with absolutely great tech.
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    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone reads this will be successful in life
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    Back to $132 before XMAS
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    Perhaps this little burst to the $114-$115 level will curtail the whining on the TSM thread for a few days. I do not understand the mindset of ones who are disappointed in any stock they hold. I have a novel idea: sell your bummer shares & move on. There are thousands of other equities to own instead. Or better yet ~ grow up.
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    china won't take over taiwan, tsm is one the most important companies to usa, the west won't let them
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    $160 stock, but for political reason, got suppressed by WS big guys, tell me who can manufature the 3 nm chips, maybe Samsung can, but its behind TSMC.
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    Apple/AMD/Nvidia all shop here. TSM long. GL to all.
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    More earnings, clean emission, and tech leadership.
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    Another outstanding quarter for the world's leading chip maker. They reported last Friday that they beat revenue expectations with record sales of a 20% yoy increase for the month of September alone. They mention they see no signs of a decrease in demand anytime soon. Looking forward to the full quarter report on the 14th.
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    FAT NEW DIVIDENDS will be in your bank account Fri Oct 15, $0.49 per share (after tax)