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The Trade Desk, Inc. (0LF5.L)

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75.17+2.27 (+3.11%)
At close: 07:14PM BST

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  • S
    Selig (real)(they/them)
    Sam is short at $64 !!! Down 20% in two trading days plus interest!!! I still hodl my TTD and just bought a Contender! Fun!
  • j
    TTD going to $73 after earnings tonight !! Hold tight Sparky !!
  • d
    doc (get'r done!)
    for those interested in TTD, the first link is to a really good "deep dive" that explains what the company's all about and might help make clear why the market has been so excited by this stock. it's technical analysis comes up with a $28 intrinsic/book share value, but that typically doesn't represent market value. the second link is an analysis from another contributor who gave the stock a $71 target price a month or so ago.
  • J
    Sold 20% of my TTD @ $74.47
    Still have 80%. Did the same with ENPH the week of their earnings and it was correct.
    Now my cost basis in both is $0
  • k
    Non-GAAP EPS of $0.20 in-line,
    Revenue of $377M (+34.6% Y/Y) beats by $11.8M.

    Third Quarter 2022 outlook summary:
    Revenue at least $385 million vs. $382.3M consensus
    Adjusted EBITDA of approximately $140 million
  • H
    CPI numbers came in cool this morning. Market is moving up premarket. Combine this with yesterdays earning release adds to upwards push on TTD price. Will likely see movement from a short squeeze as well…
  • H
    Up Front Sales for Disney streaming ads are around 4 billion and for Peacock around 1 billion. TTD will get a chunk of this pie starting in December. Traditionally I think TTD was starting at 17% of total ad spend but I am guessing it is much less for someone like Disney. Even at 5-7% we are still talking a few hundred million. No wonder Jeff Green is so confident. The Disney deal should more than double their current ctv base of 100 million. I would expect Q1 2023 to be an eye opener. I would not be surprised if volume stays high between now and the end of the year because institutionals are accumulating. Would not be surprised to see pullbacks between now and then but I doubt any new lows will be tested unless the whole market tanks severely…
  • H
    Disney announced after hours. They edged netflix in total subscribers. They will be raising prices on Disney plus but will keep current price for subscribers with ads. This will happen in December. They have 220million+ Subscribers. All this after announcing their agreement with TTD last month. All this bodes well for 2023 and beyond…
  • S
    Selig (real)(they/them)
    Thank you to everyone that has shorted this over the past 3 months. Y’all paid for my new boat! Easy money!
  • S
    Sams (Banana Republic)
    Doc, you, Willy, Andrew work for seekingalpha?
  • B
    The Trade Desk is just too good of a company. It was unfairly punished by the market. This is one of the best stocks out there.
  • B
    Beef Schnitzerlin
    How long do you think it will take to fill that gap back to 55? A week, maybe 2?
  • W
    I thought this was toast? No ?
  • j
    Shorts squeeze. This will cool down by eod or tomorrow.
  • D
    TTD is the only stock I currently own that is almost at the price I bought it at :)
  • k
    Ouch shorts... "CEO says performance ‘gives us confidence that we will continue to gain market share in any market environment’ as doubts about online-ad industry grow." Back half of year will be nice too with political ad spend that is not baked into forecast.
  • s
    was anyone else taken aback by how pointedly they went after goog on the conf call? positioning against the “walled gardens” is t anything new but i thought the tone this time around was particularly aggressive
  • M
    Mark H
    Sick move. 28x sales seems steep. Don’t be scared to take a little off the table. Esp if you have realized losses already this year, and can take some tax free gains. No position here. Congrats!
  • S
    Sam ( The Sheepskinner )
    on my boat!!! Put a HUGE SHORT IN AT $64!!! more than doc and Willy's net worth !!! I'm not kidding!! I'm loving this action!!! watch and learn.... Once again... I'll show you how it's done....
  • d
    Out at $73.22. Too many times I've walked away for an hour and seen winners give back 10%. Good luck to all. Will be back when it has its eventual sell off and hope to grab bonus shares with todays profits banked.