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  • f
    Twlo great pricing now huge upside . Twlo isn’t going anywhere
  • P
    ridiculously low volume today 700,000 vs 2,300,000 shares traded with only an hour to go. TWLO Price under $400 for the past month is crazy. Next week TWLO will start its rise back over $400 by mid week, easy for TWLO with the $20-$25 per day moves TWLO historic patterns prove.
    Next week will be the beginning of back to new highs.
    I am not being SILLIO about TWILIO.........LOL
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    its about time a reversal of fortune........all we need is 5-6 more $22 dollar days. TWLO must hold these gains today at close. And restart up trend tomorrow.
    Hopefully the worries about tax increases on companies is opening up the rotation back to high growth stocks like tech.
  • p
    No float. Enormous moves. Positive today 💵💴💰
  • P
    The issue with stocks like TWLO, ROKU and others which have had huge run ups are sitting big profits with investors accounts. Many positions are held being bought well below $100 per share and many in the range of $30-$40 per share.
    With the B_D_N administration looking at tax increases, including capital gains could double the 20% rate to 40%...this is causing a slow and steady sell off. At theses $20 per day drops TWLO could easily hit 200 day and even break that $300 level. I worry a full market sell-off will bring TWLO down much further from there. If there is no rebound and the slide continues into next week is a big concern.
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    A new week going into a new month, and TWLO continues their $10-$20 daily drop off. This is not looking good long term, has TWLO price been inflated and manipulated. I am beginning to consider trimming this down and cut my losses. I've been buying all the way down but may have made a mistake.
  • M
    u can always buy Verizon .. PE of 11 an divvie approx 3.5% .. sleep well my princess
  • V
    First time bought TWLO at $308, let's go. I am hoping Motley puts it on their buy list this Thursday. Good for $50 upside.
  • S
    $400 here we come in April!!!
  • s
    Gone are the days of the double digit times when this forum wasn’t plagued by bots and Doug and I were the only two commenting. I have been holding this stock for 3 years and have about zero intention of selling, growth is absurd. We should easily hit 500$ in the next few months.
  • P
    TWLO easily drops $10-$20 a day when its on the down trend! But the move up is slow increments of a few bucks.
    Lets get back to $400, and then slow and steady is fine.
  • A
    I realize the whole Nasdaq is down, but why is Twilio getting absolutely HAMMERED?!
  • j
    Hard to believe that we have to go back up 41% to get to what we were after a good earnings report .
  • B
    Twilio New Buy at Jefferies, Path to Greater Profitability Seen
    By James Cone
    (Bloomberg) -- 
    Twilio has scope to significantly increase profitability on a combination of newer high-margin revenue streams and scale, Jefferies writes in a note, initiating the stock at buy with a $415 price target.
    Analyst Samad Samana says Twilio has increased revenue at an “impressive” compound annual growth rate since 2016, but even with this has still only penetrated less than 3% of its defined total addressable market (TAM) of $62b
    TAM should also expand significantly as CPaaS (communications platform as a service) use-cases grow
    Jefferies models 34% revenue growth through FY23, reaching $4.2b, and sees Twilio as differentiated in high-tech space due to its heavy focus on targeting developers
    NOTE: Stock now has 27 buy ratings, 2 holds and no sells among analysts tracked by Bloomberg, with avg. target $503.33
    Twilio fell 5% to $320.59 on Monday
    NOTE: Feb. 18, Twilio Jumps as Analysts Call It a Top Cloud Pick: Street Wrap
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    It’s been year of a near-uninterrupted rise.

    Stocks have surged hundreds — even thousands of percent. So, it’s completely normal for institutional investors to cash out their huge gains.

    These sorts of corrections are the nature of the market. But let me be clear, this is not a crash.
  • P
    Volumes very low so far today.......$320 may be the bottom....THOUGHTS?
  • K
    No one knows what is going to happen exactly. It is always the unexpected and unforeseen that impacts financial markets the most. We could go to war with some country that most of us have never even heard of...aliens could invade the planet...heck, the apocalypse could occur. Who knows? I sure as hell don't.

    But, if things stay somewhat even keel, I FIRMLY believe that TWLO is a buy and hold. In full disclosure, I do have a position in this stock. I am long at about 47 bucks a share. I could cash out right now and be completely happy. But, I think this thing has room to run, man.

    I am not the kind of guy who thinks in terms of hours and days with equities...I think 6 to 12 months...or years. I think TWLO will break 500 in 12 months. That's my bet. I do have my money where my mouth is on that bet.

    I have watched multiple interviews with the CEO and done my research. I can't find much wrong with this story. It makes sense and has good management...and a good future.

    TWLO does seem to swing up or down a lot sporadically. But, I still think the trend is going to be towards 500. That's my two cents for whatever it is worth.
  • r
    Bought TWLO aggressively on this selloff. This name goes to 500 long term. Shorts had their fun now it's time to lock in their gains. My position is double what it was prior to early February. Will buy more if the selloff continues but I'm pretty sure today is an anomaly and that we've bottomed.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Twilio is up 7.91% to 346.60
  • f
    The experts are right Twlo is a strong buy, Tech is going to dominate the next 10 year Twlo is projected to be over 1800 in five years . I look forward to these dips so much on sale . Buy hold and you will win .

    Stock like Twlo isnt meant to be short term .