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Vanguard Specialized Funds - Vanguard Real Estate ETF (0LOD.L)

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81.30+1.24 (+1.54%)
As of 03:15PM BST. Market open.

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  • M
    I always thought reits seemed over valued. Give me a 7% earnings yield and It will look good. The whole ffo thing negates that depreciation is a real expense
  • F
    Get ready, this is going much lower.
  • D
    Inflation is up, so rents will go up. properties price will go up. So real estate will keep up with inflation. In some sense retirees with larger nest eggs who can afford smaller draw down rates would benefit by sticking to VNQ than a Bond Fund.

    I think if you are a retiree with some decent nest egg, and are willing to, and can afford to, keep spending below dividends, you are better off with VNQ, VYM and such dividend producing stock funds.

    The downside is volatility. Volatility simply means the number shown as your "net worth" in brokerage account will fluctuate a lot. But if you will not be forced sell in a down market, you dont have to fear volatility.

    The financial advisors, fund managers, they fear volatility a lot. Their compensation and performance evaluation is based on this "net worth" number.
  • J
    Same price it was EIGHT YEARS ago, unbelievable.
  • b
    There is a gap on VNQ at $75 if I remember right. From two years ago. But it will likely overshoot it to the downside. $70 is likely. However REITs are incredibly oversold. I could see an October really happening. Then another leg down into the new year. That's my guess when this will hit $70.
  • M
    Why have dividends gotten so low the last 2 years? Why such a low payout? It's about 2.89% right, and they're not qualified?
  • X
    significantly undervalued, I'm adding to my long position
  • W
    CNBC was pumping this on Halftime today, it did absolutely nothing for it.
  • G
    Game of Homes
    Sell this and buy any maturity of risk free Treasury bill/bond for better yield
  • B
    Got in low 90s after many here were saying it’s going to early 2020 levels (70s). Glad I did. It’s still a good deal around 100 I think
  • B
    Why the heck does this fund keep rising when the housing markets are falling?!
  • A
    I am invested in high yield REITs, REIT ETNs, and some BDCs and CEFs. I use VNQ as the benchmark for my entire portfolio, dynamically comparing my total return statistically against that of VNQ. Its’s like VNQ hit an air pocket yesterday (April 16), and down a little more this morning. Profit taking perhaps due to recent run up, but it might be the start of a major shift out of REITs - which would be difficult to understand. I think some sections of the REIT universe are the safest place to be invested right now, with so much uncertainty facing individual investors.
  • A
    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀☀️
  • G
    Why have shares been declining more than the market the last several days? Is there any news? The dividend date is around the end of the month, have them made an announcement regarding the dividend?
  • T
    This is quietly THE best segment to invest in right now. VERY happy with recent total returns. My IRA is all high dividend funds and individual equities like this for the foreseeable future.
  • P
    I thought this fund is a good hedge against inflation, from the beginning of the year the chart shows this fund steadily dropping. I don't understand why it's going down as inflation is up over 7% and moving higher......can anyone explain as I thought REIT's would be going up not down?
  • J
    Don’t understand how real estate has stayed green for the last month with another.75% hike on the horizon and home prices wavering
  • B
    I’m just researching this fund on this app. It says the yield is “NA”. Does anyone know the dividend yield currently?
  • G
    Gary A
    History shows that often REITS lag during the initial stage of interest rate hikes however they often keep pace with interest rate increases during intervals of increasing inflation. Of course you have to consider we have the Federal Reserve attempting to induce higher rates while disinflationary forces remain in place. This clouds the possible extent of the rate cycle to some degree and therebyleaaves projections for interest rate sensitive investments with more uncertainty. I firmly believe that REITs in general, such as to be considered with VNQ or the open-end mutual fund version represent a solid buying opportunity now. To buy at or below the current price, ~72.90 as I write this post, will offer competitive market returns moving deeper in year 2018.
  • J
    is a good idea to buy this ETF at 89 for a long term investment?