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    I'm out and will stay out until Looney is replaced. He's basically a Socialist taking orders from the UK gov't. He's shown no ROI on the massive investments in Green initiatives. All other oil majors have restored their dividend to pre-pandemic except BP. He doesnt care about the shareholders.
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    BP can't actually say the following publicly, but it's all true. With the new power generation paradigm of having an open market for power providers, there are huge opportunities to profit from dislocations in supply.
    Nordic power prices just hit a record high because of a lack of wind and hydro. If you have power generation to sell, you are printing money.
    This is why Tesla is getting into the power market. In Texas during the freeze, short term power prices hit 1,000x the normal rates. Tesla will sell their battery storage power at those moments and bank a massive return for providing power for short intervals.
    I bring this example up because BP is getting into the power business to not only supply green power, but all power. They want to use their trading operations to have a 100% guaranteed supply and any company that can do that will print money in those moments when power generation is reduced.
    This is being lost on the market because it's a new paradigm. We are moving away from fossil fuel world where supply has always been ready to go online with a press of a button to one that is supplied by nature and that means every year will bring moments of high energy prices and outages.
    With higher Oil prices over time the Oil division will still deliver nice profits even with less volume, but it's the trading/green division that will eventually deliver strong growth and send the stock much higher over time. BP has the expertise and investment dollars to make this a reality and yet the trading/green divisions currently get a negative valuation in this market.
    Today, BP has a market cap of only $85B. Wow, there is definitely a negative valuation placed on BP's future energy trading and green power investments.
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    UK Value investors...Look at BP much cheaper than US peers !!!
    -Forward P/E 6.36
    -Dividend $1.31
    -Dividend :5.05%
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    Future Ball
    1. OPEC + in the wake of the new variant we are going to scale back production
    2.Two weeks from now Pfizer says our vaccine holds up against new variant.
    3. New push for more vaccines.
    4. oil rebounds. Less production from opec+ = 90 a barrel mid February. = Bp 33.50
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    Reported: bp repurchased approximately 2.26% of outstanding float
    during the time frame 8/3/21 through 11/23/21
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    US alone consumes ~19m barrels per day, there is a plan to release 50m barrels from SPR, which is less than 3 days of supply. How do they expect to cool down oil market this way?
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    bp repurchased 486,327,882 ordinary shares in London
    during the time frame 8/3/21 thru 11/26/21.

    Approximately 2.40% of outstanding shares.
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    Energy usage is skyrocketing and people are ignoring why. One reason is the massive yearly growth of data centres and de-salination. Combined they already use 700 TWh or 4% of total global electricity generation.

    This stat is funny - watching 30 minutes of Netflix produces the same CO2 as 2 miles in a car. (the stat was originally stated as 4 miles, but was corrected and is accurate). Streaming requires a lot of energy at the data centres!
    I didn't go anywhere yesterday, but I watched 5 hours of streaming content. I just emitted the same CO2 as 20 miles in a gas car. Being green is difficult and so is saving energy.
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    market overreaction -folks tired of the pandemic and most have gone back to a somewhat normal life. the economy will power through this ..
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    Reported: bp repurchased 176,401,915 ordinary shares in London
    during the time frame 11/2/21 thru 11/29/21.

    Approximately 0.88% of outstanding shares
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    "OPEC+ delegates said the release of millions of barrels from the inventories of their biggest customers is unjustified by current market conditions and the group may have to reconsider plans to add more oil production when they meet next week."

    Watch oil skyrocket to 120$ a barrel
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    Clyde DeVore
    Just how long do we wait for Looney to get a brain. As long as he is in control BP will never shine again. Looney has hurt BP's bottom line and share price nearly as much as the Gulf of Mexico explosion. Look at the facts. BP is only about 25% higher than it was at the worse of the Pandemic while COP has doubled both in price and dividends. I am a long term investor with BP but If I had known where Looney was going to take BP I would have left when he was appointed as CEO.
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    Sandor Clegane
    As always, much ado about nothing. Delta strain didn't stop oil bull market, nor will others. Covid variants are to be expected for years to come. There will not be lockdowns and people already got used to live with it. We are in a long term bull market for oil as a result of under-investment in oil E&P in recent years - these are the fundamentals and they haven't changed. Every silly selloff like this is just a buying opportunity.
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    Pretty certain this fear will lead OPEC+ to pause increasing oil output. If this is a non issue there will then be a short term spike 90+
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    Natural gas price around record highs and Brent oil above $78
    and averaging above $83 in the 4th qtr., bp should be making
    a lot of money. Buybacks should be at least $1.25 billion next quarter.
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    Historical Strategic Oil Reserve Taps always rises the Point of Sale Gasoline Producers by 10%. Why? Because Oil producers have large debt balance sheets associated with drilling and harvesting OIL. So, if they don't have to drill for OIL they can give the OIL production part of their operations a break, While the Amico and BP retail consumer distributer flourish. It also signals to the market that the Demand is high. All a good thing. I see $35 by February.
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    Reported: bp repurchased 132,319,748 ordinary shares in London
    during the time frame 11/2/21 thru 11/22/21.

    Approximately 0.66% of outstanding shares
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    Reported: bp repurchased 166,858,974 ordinary shares in London
    during the time frame 11/2/21 thru 11/26/21.

    Approximately 0.84% of outstanding shares
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    bp repurchased approximately 2.13% of outstanding float
    during the time frame 8/3/21 through 11/18/21.