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  • R
    They could start by reporting financials quarterly. Maybe next they could change their name to something recognizable, like jeep.
  • R
    Buying every week.
  • D
    One post in 7 days?
    Wow, such an exciting stock!
  • o
    Did I see a Jeep Wagoneer advertised for over $81,000??? Is that a joke
    or have they found a cure for cancer?
  • K
    41 billion revenue amazing more than estimate
  • N
    Stock is falling because gas prices in Europe are going up once Russian embargo come into effect later part of this year. Then people seems to be thinking that demand for car decreases. How I wonder stock prices is doing in European exchanges. What do you say?
  • D
    What's a safe bet for a share price by the end of this year? I know they're forecasting a bit of a down year for 2022 but growing again after that. but with a valuation this cheap, how can this not go up significantly in the next year or two?
  • K
    Amazing firm real profitability I’m strongly buy.
  • R
    3.5 billion
  • D
    Stellantis' PE is about half of any other major car manufacturer - with continued improvements due to improved synergies and and Tavares' cost cutting in the next year two.
  • B
    Less than 3. "Less than 3 what?" STLA P/E. Insanely low.
    STLA is managed by the best automotive CEO of this decade, a man who OVER achieves since 2015.
    STLA's profit margin is the best in the industry, bar Benz and Telsa
  • D
    Do they have many sales outside North America. This looks like a good time to pick some of this up.
  • J
    Jimmy Creighton
    Severe cost overruns NOT identified in financials will tank this Netherlands based conglomerate
    next quarter; additionally, top management shakeup expected soon.
  • J
    Jack the Bull/Bear
    This stock is absurdly cheap, the market in general is taking lots of good stocks. The lower it goes the better it gets. I really like jeep and where it is going personally. Electric jeeps will be very popular in my opinion. Stock has a low pe and a dividend not to mention used cars are so expensive new cars will be in demand. Don't know what the market will do but obviously the market is very hostile right now even to good stocks, whatever I am sticking it out personally.
  • R
    Big money 💰 spent over in Canada 🇨🇦 today. Buying
  • G
    General Aladeen
    first time buying in today. it'll probably go down now sorry guys
  • s
    The knock against Stellantis is that they are behind in EVs. In reality, they have the EV tech. They were actually the first to use mild hybrid systems in pickups and first to have PHEV van. Jeep prototype that does 0-60 in 2 seconds. They are intentionally going slow on production of EVs because currently the profits are much better in ICE vehicles. They have a plan to ramp up and transition to EVs in a profitable way. In due time, STLA will be an EV leader. The electric RAM pickup will leapfrog the Lighting, electric Jeep Wrangler will be huge success, and so on. Iconic brands in US and Europe that can generate profits and/or be spun off to create even more shareholder value. It's a mystery why STLA stock is so cheap. Athough it's wise to be cautious and diversify, I'm all in.
  • M
    Serbia inks $200 million deal with Stellantis to produce electric cars
  • G
    It’s now or never!
  • e
    What is wrong with this CEO - maybe he should change jobs- whats his point about not enough batteries, materials sourced from weird places.

    If you can't handle it - move on. if you aren't ready - move on . Its your job to be ready and deliver product.

    Now get to work and start "delivering" EV's - or move on already.