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  • R
    Lucara has fallen from great heights because of the outrageous dividend policy .
    Lucas Lundin crippled this company milking it for dividend income when it should have been allocating to the underground development
    The share price has been devastated.
    Thomas is rebuilding the company from a well tested bottom and Lundin has retired.
    We can look forward to better times .
    The Russians will find resistance to their diamond sales as provenance has become important since blood diamonds.
    Many diamond mines have been depleted and there is a shortage of high quality stones which is increasingly reflected in rough prices.
    For the first time in years I am becoming bullish on the company.
    The core samples taken from the area to be accessed by the underground indicate that there are some very special gems in our pipeline
    Patience is required and it will I believe lead to rewards for those that are accumulating on any weakness.
  • w
    Excellent town hall this morning! I got into Lucara because I was impressed with the leadership of the company, and my appreciation grew today. While the timeframe for reinstating dividends seems to be at least 24-months (focus will be on debt-refinancing until then), the improvement in world markets, the growing potential (and genius) of Clara, and the continued performance at the mine itself are all positive signs. Additional topics of discussion:
    -no plans for a reverse split
    -Clara *could* be spun off or sold down the road if that is the best way to unlock its value
    -diamond jewelry sales skyrocketed in 2021, and prices for rough and polished stones advanced strongly; current projections use conservative estimates that could be exceeded
    -good discussion about sustainability and ethical trade; solar currently being explored, as one example of keeping sustainability goals in mind
    -Botswana earns 10% royalty on sales, plus the company pays taxes in the range of 22-55%, and employs 1200 people, 99% of them are from Botswana.

    Loved the town hall presentation with the chance to submit questions, and Eira is a sure-footed presenter, clear and direct, and knows her brief. I had lost some interest in the company over the past few months, but this may keep me around for much longer.
  • j
    About one third of diamonds come from Russia and US sanctions could lead to diamond shortages and price hikes down the line. You can read it on Business Insider. After holding this for 5 years maybe it can go up like NTR
  • m
    Excellent earnings. Follows the same pattern as other diamond miners that have reported lately.
  • F
    Town Hall announced for 11/23. Let's speculate about the talking points.

    My assumption is an overall positive conversation but nothing earth shattering:

    Continued Clara success and expansion.
    Signs diamond industry has bottomed.
    Large diamond discoveries in 2020.
    Cash position outlook based on partnerships.

    What I fear is an announcement that results in dilution.
  • r
    Does this company still pay a dividend? It says on yahoo it doesn’t, but it also says that for many other companies ?
  • A
    A Yahoo! User
    imo... you dont buy this for the div, which is now gone, you buy it because they have a mine with a history of producing very large and valuable gem quality diamonds. they are also at the beginning of utilizing the technology to do so more efficiently.. its a spec buy for sure, but the potential for them to find very valuable stones which translate into very large sums of money is great, imo.
  • L
    Clara honestly is a very lucrative and smart investment by LUC. Many companies are trying to bring the diamonds to market like gold is. but with diamonds is a very hard and different ball game. Its nice to know they are basically doubling their customers on Clara every year. Probably very big profits or at the least big volume will be moved by Clara. I wouldn't be surprised if Clara is one of the top Diamond Trading platforms. does any one know of other Clara like options out there like the Clara Platform? or do they even exist?
  • Z
    They just need to show revenue and FCF, which they will. Be patient here Bernie!
  • F
    Lucara Diamond just announced the discovery of a 998 carat rough diamond:

    Forbes 11/11/20: "A 998-carat rough diamond was discovered in Botswana in the Karowe Diamond Mine owned and operated by Lucara Diamond, a mining company that specializes in unearthing large diamonds. It could be the fourth largest gem quality diamond ever discovered."
  • W
    William Hung
    Highly recommend stock. Just got in. Insiders like it at a lot higher price how can you go wrong.
  • J
    This company is soooo undervalued. A true diamond in the rough, while ironically also being one of the finest diamond mining companies in history (perhaps they finest). I suspect there may be a catalyst coming up as a result of the business model shift last year (instead of selling in the opaque wholesale diamond market, they're getting a cut (pun intended) on retail sales of large premium diamonds via HB Antwerp and Loius Vuitton. The two super large diamonds from last year (like some of the biggest ever mined) haven't been sold yet, right? So as those two big diamonds sales come and HB sells 2020's production, we may see some surprisingly good quarters. Also seems like a great company from a community perspective, country risk ok. My guess is $2 at some point sooner than later. Nice to able to find a good company that isn't grossly overvalued for once.
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    CNBC 10.12.21: "Consumers are splurging on diamonds. Signet Jewelers just hiked its full-year outlook — again".
  • J
    Look at this stock's chart. Even Bernie Madoff would laugh at this one.
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    A Yahoo! User
    Check the recent Bloomberg article on the rough diamond market... things are very HOT right now.. debeers marked up prices by 5 to 10% then their siteholders resold those for 5 to 10% more... great news for this company.. large diamonds are also very much in demand
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    A Yahoo! User
    JoeBronx.. this co used to pay a dividend.. did u factor that into your calculations?... fyi... just proves, timing is important, as well as increasing your position at lower levels
  • Z
    Someday soon, explosive move upwards! Time is on our side. Holding a decent positoin here, 50K+ shares
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    Any update on Clara?
  • S
    how about a P/E of a number any number. after GE's reverse split it still has over a billion shares but it could get back to the Dow Jones Industrial Average someday. LUC has the same chance to get back to the TSX index at above .50 cents per share.
  • w
    Does it ever. Well run company, check out the earnings after close today. Should be good, forward steady climb after the big run up tomorrow.. Put in buy pre orders and you might be lucky to get it below 10% of todays close.