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Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation (0QZ5.L)

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    Can’t find the right stocks to trade? I have the solution right here for free (
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    Do you guys follow ( It seems way better than all the spam on the CTSH board - The alerts have been great!
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    Experience is a hard teacher. Vade ad domum amici divitis #$%$ dicitur:
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    I been holding this stock for 15 years and it's been very good to me. But the last 4-5 years it been mostly trading in 59-64 range. I am going to start divesting if upcoming ER disappoints. The good old days appear to be over!!!
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    Why all the insider selling? Thanks for any reasonable responses. Shorts need not reply!
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    Notice a plunge commence at ~3:44 PM. Seems like a leak. SEC should investigate
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    CTSH and Infosys does the same business, Infosys is 32 PE, and CTS is 22, is CTSH a buy then?
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    this company employees purchase stocks on regular basis... this share boosts up with out market circumstances....and no short attacks... great long term investment 👍
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    CTSH should increase dividend for long term investors.
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    COGIZANT is a Buy
    Investment company aeris CAPITAL Holding GmbH (Current Portfolio)
    --> buys Equifax Inc, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp, Microsoft Corp, Alphabet Inc, S&P Global Inc,
    --> sells Tapestry Inc, Core Laboratories NV, IPG Photonics Corp, Ulta Beauty Inc, The Walt Disney Co during the 3-months ended 2021Q1, according to the most recent filings of the investment company, aeris CAPITAL Holding GmbH. As of 2021Q1, aeris CAPITAL Holding GmbH owns 21 stocks with a total value of $413 million. These are the details of the buys and sells.
    New Purchases: TUR,
    Added Positions: EFX, CTSH, MSFT, GOOGL, SPGI, ICE,
    Reduced Positions: TPR, IPGP, ULTA, EEM, EBAY,
    Sold Out: CLB, DIS,
    For the details of aeris CAPITAL Holding GmbH's stock buys and sells,go to
    Detailed information about aeris CAPITAL Holding GmbH current portfolio holdings. SEC Filings include 13F, 13D/G
    Detailed information about aeris CAPITAL Holding GmbH current portfolio holdings. SEC Filings include 13F, 13D/G
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    let's get ready for a massive sell off on May 5 th after earnings report.
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    George P
    Shouldn't this stock tank after Trump's executive order going after the H1B visa and the outsourcers? This company heavily depends on H1B visas for profitability. Plus they hired an ex HP guy as CEO to lead acquisitions but this is one of the guys who brought down HP how is he going to fix Cognizant?
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    In May 2021, the Company declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.24 per share for shareholders of record on May 20, 2021. This dividend will be payable on May 28, 2021
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    With vaccine and new president, outsourcing should soar. Solid 80-90 by year end.
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    IS CTSH in Financial Crisis? Why they delay the payment to Vendors citing COVID? Cognizent sent emails to their vendor and delay the payment to 90 days instead of net 30 days. This is actually exploiting the situation. Vice President of Procurement sent new Payment terms to its vendors indicating that they have cashflow issues. Trouble is brewing. or exploitation is happening. Publicly traded company can be better than this.
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    Reposted from Seeking Alpha
    I think the author @sa Editor Brandy Betz is expecting a lot of things in Q2 to have gone right for Cognizant with Covid, India shutting down and the Maze attack. Having some experience in the security realm and software in general, I can tell you these situations rarely go well and can be, in fact, disastrous.
    I have compiled some questions for the Q2 conference call for the analysts, followed by what I think the more reasonable answers from management likely are. 1) When did the Maze ransomware attack stop affecting customers? Answer - The impact from the attack is ongoing even into July. There has still been no attestation of our platform and so the effects are widespread including significant loss of revenue from major customers who no longer use the platform. 2) Why did the company provide no updates to investors during the quarter regarding ongoing impacts to customers? Answer - We did not understand the full impact of the issue and may have unintentionally mislead investors and analysts in the Q1 call by saying that it would be over by May's month end. 3) How many employees are still not able to work, have been furloughed or have been terminated because of the attack and the aftermath? Answer - Many thousands, and the number is increasing every day because if Cognizant isn't paying them they quit and go elsewhere. 4) What was the impact of the Maze attack coupled with the 4 hour notice shutdown in India? Answer - Thousands of employees were stranded without work-from-home equipment for weeks, making them unbillable for long periods of time during the quarter. 5) How many employees were/are being paid but were/are still not billable because the Maze attack made customers no longer trust the platform, making it doubly costly? Answer - Thousands more. 6) What have customers said about your liability for contracts which have been unable to be filled? Answer - Most of our major customers are likely looking at substantial legal and financial remedies. We don't know how great of a loss this will cause Cognizant in future quarters. 7) When do you think the platform can be trusted by major customers again with a full attestation? Answer - We really don't know, but we have tried to be transparent, if not with investors, at least with our customers. 8) How many of the major customers had to find alternative solutions, contractors, their own employees working overtime and competitors (like Accenture) to fulfill Cognizant contracts because of the attack and therefore risk the brand going forward? Answer - Many of the major accounts had significant work that was unable to be fulfilled in Q2 and will likely not be undertaken in Q3. The risks of cyber attacks from a reputational perspective are significant and we will need to spend considerable resources in Q3 both in people and money to remedy the situation. 9) Were the data and processes partitioned that were compromised? Don't the contracts you sign with customers require that separation? If it was partitioned, why did this affect so many customers? Who has taken responsibility for the security failure, and who is the cybersecurity expert in-house? Answer - We are looking at the architecture and no one, of course, blames themselves.
    My opinions are my own and different ones are what makes a market. The situation above just takes into account an average cybersecurity disaster, relatively competently managed, not even close to a worst case. My best case scenario estimate for Q2 earnings is .30, down 68% yoy. Price target $40 in the very short term. I expect numerous downgrades post earnings as analysts take down their numbers amid lost faith in management for their lack of candor. IMO looking ahead, Covid, India, slow platform attestation and the loss of significant numbers of billable employees make even a quick turnaround in Q3 unlikely and those and future quarterly numbers will have to come down appreciably.
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    Keep swimming
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    Not bashing, just stating the facts. They missed Wall St. earnings expectations & on top of that cut 2019 outlook. Basically, if you are not holding bags then hardly any reason out there now to invest in this sinking boat imo. At this point, all trading is gambling as no one knows how deep the bottom is. My small entry point is set at 50.
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    Glad I bought a few weeks ago @ 68.80. Now $74.29. Will be a long term hold........Kel
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    Price target should be atleast 110$ .... sad to see it at just 84$...
    next month earning call so it may go upto 85$ max and drop before earnings ..if results are better it might sustain above 80... lets see