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Great Panther Mining Limited (0R0D.L)

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1.0204-0.5596 (-35.42%)
As of 3:56PM BST. Market open.
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  • x
    Great Panther Mining Limited is estimated to report earnings on 11/04/2020. Zoom Zoom. You Know they will be FANTASTIC!
  • r
    We should see movement when the 3rd quarter is announce. Last quarter they reported $.04 per share. Assuming that is for the quarter, if you annualize that would be $.16 per share. Use a 20 multiplier and the stock should be $3.20. I hope they report in October. Stay for the ride.
  • j
    From the perspective of the globalist controlled banks who have done the FEDs bidding in the game of price suppression across all commodities with special interest in silver(God's metal), this is Custer's Last Stand.

    If you watch the silver charts it is obvious that they don't attempt to hide their manipulation and attacks. That's ok, because it's common knowledge today. We also know as we approach the great reset that this must come to an end. JPM will give up its top 6 silver traders, to save itself. The other 4 big banks in the fiasco are trying to cover those shorts built up over decades. JPM is giving out its recent silver horde to help his fellow banks. Unfortunately, and to our benefit, they have miscalculated just how herculean a task it would be to close out those positions ahead of the great gold and silver run to the new financial system. So to my friends in $GPL, $EXK, $SVM, $PAAS, and $ASM, all this, is a "short" window of opportunity to accumulate on the cheap, at their expense. Their insider edge is offset by our ability to openly communicate in this increasingly connected world of social media.

    The fellas would like to take down the broader markets, put us back into lockdown, clean out all non-green businesses, ahead of the elections as a preface to the push into the new world landscape. The only constant in my view in this whole ordeal is hold all things real, eliminate debt, and secure your baseline in physical metals, silver being the most undervalued.

    Buy and HOLD, and realize that to trade in and out of fiat, is like knowing you are in the matrix, and choosing to stay. I continue to swap all those newly accumulated dollars for: as they said in that star wars movie; "SOMETHING MORE REAL"..
    glta, jw
  • M
    Added a little more at 86 cents. Silver corrected 25% from the recent $29 peak. Hopefully the bull will resume and challenge $30.
  • E
    Got some more at 84.
    Turnaround story David Garafolo knows how to advise and manage companies will be a 5 dollar stock next year. Be grateful you can buy it under a buck.
  • M
    Just added some more shares at 89 cents. If we drop to the 70s I'll add again. Hopefully the 80s will hold.
  • j
    Hey - been performing DD on GPL and looking to add at .90 ish range (I think another gold dip will follow another market dip - seems to have great support there) What should I know about downsides of this stock - it looks like they love dilluting shareholders, is that accurate? What else?
  • r
    I think the management did such a great job in the second quarter, investors are waiting to see if they can keep it going in 3rd quarter. When they do we should get big jump in stock price. I feel we should be in the $4 to $5 range. Great ride
  • M
    I missed the low at .91 this morning. I guess that's ok. I've already got a pretty large percentage of GPL in my portfolio. However, if it trades in the 80s anytime this week I'll have to add some more.
  • W
    Time to leave stock market
    After president event over then come back
  • z
    Need to see silver back to $27 for GPL to show that ($) sign of a buck!!
  • A
    Crazy price for a mine producing silver at 11.
  • z
    GPL trading on fluctuation of silver & definitely not on Earnings!! ($) sign will never be permanent! Cents will be permanently stuck on !!
  • W
    12days ago I sold and regretted because this one was up.
    I am always in advance too much
    Stock market down then $ stronger
    And also vaccines coming.
    We see gold meet 1650 possibly
  • s
    When GPL Reported Last Time....Both Gold and Silver Were Trading at Much lower Prices than Today...I Say 1.50 before Next CC......GPL is so Under-Valued....
  • T
    Just bot another 4200 shares at 86. Not much, but a little.
  • j
    Yesterday, the Lead Director of Great Panther Silver (GPL), Robert Watt Garnett, sold shares of GPL for $59.8K
  • T
    The Critic
    Why are we just hovering around $1.00? Just curious if anyone sees a catalyst that will help GPL break through this glass ceiling.
  • R
    Research Historian
    Most miners fell less than 2% today, don’t understand why GPL fell so far.
    Could be that other miners fell last Friday while GPL held strong. The sale of 60k in stock from an insider is very small, maybe that person needed the funds for some reason. Still wishing that Silver has a huge night and we move past 30 bucks an ounce for Spot Silver, never looking back and GPL sails towards two dollars a share. I don’t trust anything about Wall Street, lost way too much, but I still trust the mining sector. For the most part the miners seem to be hard working good people. I watched this interview posted on investors hub.
    One-On-One with David Garofalo, Chairman Marshall Precious Metals Fund and Great Panther Mining 155 views• Aug 18, 2020
    Bloor Street Capital
    David Garofalo, Chair
    Sorry I don’t know how to post the video with David Garofalo. It is very informative. It’s from August 18th, Very positive. Please look it up.
    Good luck to all here.
  • K
    I wouldn't worry about a 60K sale. Insiders can sell shares for all sorts of reasons. It might even be part of a scheduled, planned sale program.
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