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Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. (0R11.L)

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  • m
    I like the stock and held it for years. Unfortunate to be building and financing a mine in hyperinflation and that for sure has dented the share price. I'm still holding it because the next couple years look good for miners, and this one is exceptional.
  • L
    Lakota Brown
    gold up, tsx up, yet sbb down almost 10% what's up?
  • I
    Isu Vera
    Man, I think this is a bargain right now. I think I will average down. The gold's in the ground and they say they are definitely going ahead. Seems like a no brainer to me.
  • M
    Sabina Gold and Silver - 30000% upside potential

    Within the next years PPS of SBB is able to explode from alltime high to alltime high.

    At current stock price levels the company is a take over candidate.

    Do your own due dilligence.
  • D
    Well I bought 10,000 shares at $1.06 - let's see what happens - GLTA!
    There is some tremendous upside to this organization!
  • J
    sorry to much expenses going down again ...
  • L
    In another post today, I mentioned that the disappointing price action today was because John Doody, a newsletter writer with Stansberry, published an article last night recommending that readers sell their positions in Sabina. Because Doody has a HUGE readership, the market was flooded with sale orders at the open and, if the past is any guide, I expect continued volatility for the balance of the week.

    I was struck by a Yahoo news release from Sabina this afternoon in which the company said they are "unaware of any material change" which might have caused the price drop. So, I sent an email to Nicole Hoeller, Sabina's communications VP, expressing my concerns about the Doody article. Specifically, Doody has always positioned Sabina as a takeover target and because the most obvious acquirer recently committed themselves to another large venture, his optimism for Sabina has faded. Plus, he is forecasting that Sabina will need to raise some $150MM more capital then they have to fully develop the Back River project. He said he believes they will raise the capital by issuing more stock and diluting existing stockholders.

    Ms. Hoeller was quick to respond and her reply was candid, straightforward, and reassuring. Among other things, she said the company has always clearly communicated to John Doody their probable need to raise additional capital and would probably do so by issuing stock. That said, she said they are investigating various strategies that will minimize the impact on share price. Even though CAPEX would increase, she also made it clear that so would the opportunities increase for a substantially de-risked project.

    Concerning Doody's apparent disappointment that Sabina's most logical acquisition suitor has moved in another direction, she said it has never been the company's objective to be acquired. Rather, their stated objective has always been to become a solid gold producer. My takeaway from her email is that Sabina is positioning itself through the Back River project to be a major player in this space.

    My attitude is that if Doody wants to encourage his readers to sell, we should all be happy to take their stock off their hands at discounted prices.
  • A
    Fred Hickey: «This Is a Very Dangerous Market»

    "... Sabina Gold and Silver’s Back River project. Sabina’s net asset value is $900 million, using a conservative gold price. At the beginning of the year, it’s market cap was around that number, but now it’s $460 million, down close to 50%. The company has no debt, and $67 million in cash. They also have a Chinese investor with a nearly 10% stake which is a validation that these ounces are really there. This means this stock is dirt cheap, undervalued and..."

    more at
  • R
    Anyone care to guess who Sabina's strategic partner will be when they announce their project financing this month? It sure seems Barrick would be the best case scenario. They also seem to be leaning to a streaming arrangement with one of the streaming companies, WPM?
  • m
    Brokerage news said Bruce bought $1M worth of shares June 3.
  • E
    It look like SBB is volatile right now, hopefully it consolidates a little so it can create a solid floor. Remember this are just my thoughts I am no expert, that is why I read around. Talking about that check this article that I liked!
  • T
    Takeover bid coming. Who can smell it? I've seen this dozens of time over the past 20 years. Inside traders been chewing away at this for months. Once this one goes, it will be liberty gold next. Then gold standard ventures, fury gold mines and western copper and gold. Doubt any of these will be around in a year.
  • A
    Sitting on 1550 shares I believe this is going to to be a solid investment they are sitting on a 100% owned piece of land lined with gold bricks. The only downfall is the location is an a tough place to mine. my guess one of the majors will buy them out for a decent premium as metal prices keep climbing and exploration for quality finds keeps declining.
  • I
    Isu Vera
    They are all permitted and they've ordered the equipment. It's going to be a gold mine. What's not to like? I just wonder if a senior company isn't manipulated the price down in advance of a buyout bid. Hey, I have no inside info, so don't know, but this is not a vapor company. If I was in the gold business and was looking to buy, wouldn't this be an obvious target to add to my portfolio?
  • J
    I see Orion Investments has participated in 2 raises in 2022 so far, another institutional investor cant be a bad thing? The analysts ratings of $2.75-$3.75 sound very promising as well.

    One of their top holders just purchase 800K shares at $1.95 to keep their 9.9% stake.

    Seem bullish to me. what are your opinions?
  • G
    What are the chances Agnico Eagle (AEM.TO) will make a takeover for bid for Sabina now that all mining approvals are in place. It is a perfect fit for their Nunavut operations.
  • m
    Like I said a few months ago something is brewing . My guess we are bought out for at least $5.00 a share buy AEM.
  • S
    I’ll be loading the boat on this company January/February 2023

    That gold mine should be operational by summer of 2023 right?
  • D
    New drilling results announcement very soon. Results will probably show more gold and silver that will extend the life of the mine by another 5 to 10 years. This company could be a major gold producer one day. Buy this stock before it really takes off.
  • j
    ok, looked at website, lotsa new photos up, sent thx note to someplace hopefully close to backriver .... they've spent a LOT of money, 4 cement trucks?
    I get a impression vehicle maintenance could be better.
    lotsa stuff to move up the ice road but evidently getting the plant on line is moving to plan.
    I expect by 2 or 3rd quarter the photos should look a lot different.
    housing for around 250 people?