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Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (0R29.L)

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  • O
    Interesting call by a Medtronic Hugo user today. He does half his procedures on ISRG half with HUGO.
    His administrator likes Hugo as the Hugo disposables cost less than ISRG even after ISRG has been cutting price. Some challenges for MDT Hugo...
    -The doctor wears a 3-D headset- although this user reports no nausea or fatigue
    -It will require training of ISRG doctors, they cannot just start using it-
    -Not all the Hugo surgical arm tools are available yet
    -Hospitals who are interested in Hugo will need to think through the logistics of having two robotic platforms at their hospital.
    Nonetheless, Hugo is real. It is affecting the market.
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    I’ve been day trading for years and I’m so glad I finally found They’re pre-market watchlists cover all the latest market-moving news, and they don’t beat you down with tons of ads. Highly recommend!
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    Been watching this forever and finally bought a couple hundred shares last Friday at 188. Under 200 this stock is a steal.
  • O
    They say Medtronic's HUGO has a smaller footprint, costs less, and is more flexible in terms of the number of arms. Next week there should be more information after some user feedback becomes available.
  • j
    180.00 on the way
  • D
    My god, this will not stop dropping.
  • D
    I am soooo scared. ISRG places 3 net new machines per day. Hugo places 1 net new machine every 10 years. Can someone give me a hug? I am so scared of Hugo.
  • j
    next dip will be around 180.00
  • S
    People talking about HUGO, don't have any idea about robotic surgery industry.. HUGO is in clinical development for 10 years and they are still in the same stage.. ISRG robots crossed multi million successful surgeries with extremely excellent results in two decades.. they are located in Sunnyvale, California bay area and working on AI and next generation machine learning with top engineers and scientists.. They are working towards pushing the limits of technology and releasing newer versions, while HUGO still working on clinical development.. It will many many years before they even get ready to collect enough data and apply for FDA.. please be realistic of FDA approval process and lengthy scrutiny before getting approval.. even after it may take decades for wider adoption.. before that happening ISRG will release many more advanced and affordable next gen robots and crush the remaining market share left..
  • O
    When management reported the last quarter, they cited slowing in equipment sales. But this does not seem to be what other med-tech companies are saying. So, if slow equipment sales is only an ISRG challenge, that could indicate that Medtronic is freezing the market. Medtronic is selling outside the US and you can bet they are telling every customer not to buy a machine until they have trialed the HUGO. And in the US, they are surely pitching hospitals on the benefits for being involved in their trials.

    And for administrators, the pending release of Hugo gives them an excuse to wait.

    ISRG has competition now. These other players will inevitably slow growth. If only by slowing the sales cycle and possibly losing some placements.
  • d
    Don’t be afraid of ISRG. Best medical equipment company with no competition for the next 10 years
  • C
    When are they going to hook these to the inter-webs and have the best surgeons sitting at home performing surgeries in other countries like kids playing 1st person shooter videos games?
  • D
    Guys, I am so scared of Hugo. I have nightmares every night of surgeons around the world throwing away all the davinci systems and using Hugo instead. Can anyone help me?
  • F
    Can’t wait to buy this even lower.
  • B
    Buy before $350 !
  • K
    K B B
    Japan is a huge market ... 2023 is going to be another banner year for ISRG in spite of a possible global recession. My local hospital has two of them and surgeons rave all over it. ISRG has revolutionized surgeries. They may not be the best hardware or have a large footprint but those dont matter as much as the triple S that ISRG has a monster lead against the wannabee - software, support and services.
  • D
    Growth is estimated at 6.5% for the next 5 years. Stock will come down to double digits imo
  • L
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