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    It seems hard to know if UA has hit bottom and will tick up, however many analysts are suggesting strong resistance due to UA supply chain issues. At expected slow growth it many be a few years or longer for UA to get back to $16 - $20 SP.
    I think UA should seriously look to merge with a stronger competitor whether Nike or someone else. The bigger companies are sitting on tons of cash. UA has a great logo and following, however has struggled from bad business decisions and wasted a ton of cash paying schools and athletes to wear their brand.
    If they sell the brand doesn’t go away they just have deeper pockets to grow the brand.
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    Stock has taken a serious hit. There are so many strong CEO's outthere, and I bet they will find someone to take UA the next step ant to a higher level. The company has improved during the last couple of years - no doubt about that, But turnarounds don't happen overnight, and it might take a few years to consolidate a growth model. However its an easy buy at these levels.
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    as part of my Portfolio I decided yesterday to load some not so big stake of UAA for the future periods in long term when things get better, so it is not a big deal if it suffer awhile, in long term 6-12 months I will hold it
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    A J
    Great entry point for longs. 10k shares added
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    in Europe on tennis courts you see more UA than Nike, or Adidas
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    If you go back one week in the news posts multiple sources were touting that Under Armour was set for a bull run. They said this stock was set for 50% upside and now today the stock has dismal earnings and plummets. This validates my approach of putting a stock on my watch list and following it for awhile before buying or buying a little bit at a time. Is it really possible all those analysts did not see this plummet coming?
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    With a new wave of downgrades and slashed price targets, who is buying UA at these levels? This can't be bought above $7.00/shr. There is no near-term catalyst and there's only bad news - bad earnings, bad product sales, existing CEO with no replacement. What is the case for buying here?

    Maybe buy a little as a speculation around $6.50/shr, which is 25% below the current price around $8.50?

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    Bill Clinton
    Frisky took over in 2017 and the stock price is basically the same in2022.
    I believe my cat could of achieved similar results while being compensated far less.
  • J
    Adding today. I like the brand
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    Paul McKinley
    UA stock price looks attractive, but fundamentals when compared to competitors is suspect. Not only did they actually lose money in 2020, but in 2021 their year ending "Ratio of Net Profits (continuing operations) to Revenue" was just 6.3% ($360 mill/$5.68 bill).

    Their competitors on the other not only posted positive earnings in 2020, but in 2021 they each demonstrated a much better "Net Profit to Revenue ration": VFC (10.0%); COLM (11.2%); Nke (13.0%); DECK (14.3%); and LULU (15.5%).

    Perhaps UA does less direct-to-consumer business, compressing margins, but it does concern me to see their "Net Profit to Revenue" lagging competitors.

    That said, I love UA products and continue to see positive future outlook
  • G
    if they dont turn things around they can go out of business ... a lot of stiff competition in their space ..i wouldn't bargain hunt here ... better stocks out there ...
  • W
    Big time roller coaster for this company the last 52 weeks. Will not have enough flexibility to adjust to all of the unpredictability in the market place. It is just too rigid of an operation right now. Throw in low brand affinity to large demo's and you have where we are.
  • J
    Been saying it for awhile...Frisk was never the right guy. Lacked ability to deliver a growth strategy. All he did was cut costs, turnover senior leadership and move away from sports to training. And they are right where they were when he started. Shame on the board for not pulling the trigger sooner.
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    Fernando Márquez
    "if you believe in the future then you will know that indeed Bitcoin is the future"..
  • R
    Wow, incredible. Here's another stock I bought for 8/9 bucks during the Covid crash and sold in the high teens. Can not believe everything is back to the covid lows so fast.
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    Since this drops big time post earning, this board starts flooding with Spam bots referring to ‘someone expert’.
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    FrIsk is a VF corp trained guy ie get profitable by cutting/heavy process ideally with predictable/low rope line growth. He is not capable of building a high growth company. Board is on the hook cause they brought this guy in. UA is fast becoming just another brand.
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    "An initial $300 million of repurchases was completed in early May through an accelerated share repurchase plan" - In other words, days before reporting earnings. Why, oh why, did they do this knowing they were going to report a crash and burn quarter?

    Then the CEO has the gall to brag about their new disciplined approach to inventory management. How about a disciplined approach to stock buybacks where you wait a week and save 25%?

    Missing earnings due to supply-chain issues is forgivable but blowing the stock buyback by not waiting until after earnings is not. That's a $75M mistake by the CEO. That is such a huge miss and waste of shareholder equity. No way the order overruns would've cost them anywhere close to that, doubt there was even $75M worth of orders canceled in the first place.
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    Why would they invest $ 500 Mil to buy back stock when they in trouble? Is that why they lower the price so they can accumulate at lower price?
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    Time to load up. The last earnings report was for the winter quarter. of course its bad, who the hell buys sports clothing in winter Jan to March. Weather is getting warmer and people wanna get some under Armour to play outdoor sports. next 2 quarters very good. Inflation is also good for this because playing out door sports is free and cheaper than a paid activity.